Florida Supreme Court Gives Go Ahead To Ron De Santis

The FSC is allowing De Santis to impanel a grand jury as he seeks to sue pharma companies for fraud and misleading the public.

And so it begins.

Now we take the fight to them.

It will be very hard. Pfizer is a sketch enterprise that knows how to dodge the authorities like mobsters. But even mobsters get caught. They have armies of lawyers who know how to dance with the legal system. 

Florida isn't the only one. The EU has been trying to get Bourla to come in and answer questions. That's two major regions now looking at this closer. A British MP and German MP are demanding an investigation as well. We know Missouri and Louisiana questioned Fauci. 

We need more to step up. What will it take for people to understand they were LIED to and the criminals who forced them into a dangerous mRNA shot will NOT stop. In fact, they have bigger and scarier plans in place. You can't compel your way out of this. We all have to fight. This isn't about tribal politics or science. It's about, ironically, health and liberty. 

In Canada, Danielle Smith is the only one capable of doing this.

Everyone else is a gutless coward on the take beholden to the WEF. Notably Francois Legault (who isn't his own man and takes his marching orders from McKinsey and is in deep with pharma), Doug Ford who has no courage and Justin Trudeau - a literal criminal. And that's been reported. 

Now we're about to find out the level of corruption that exists in many countries. The ones that don't fight pharma are the ones most corrupt. Legault and Trudeau brought Moderna - a creature of the U.S. military-industrial complex and NIH onto our soil You think these people have our best interests at heart?

No they don't. 

Go get 'em Ron.

Make the bastards and sons of bitches pay.

Don't stop at pharma.

All of then need to pay.

And they all know who they are.

Anyone who had a hand in creating this Covid culture of fear and hysteria. 

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