Upside's Fake Food Is "Safe For Human Consumption"

Upside - with a (wink) pre-approval stamp from the FDA - says its lab-created chicken is safe to eat.

This is so stupid that I've had enough of this nonsense.

It's bull shit. 

What's going on in the world by our psychopaths in government is they're shutting down farms in order to create a fabricated fake food industry for the environment.

Like the vaccines, these foods are going to be bad for our collective health. 

We've pushed this green crap too far now.

Lives are directly being hurt.

We're at the point we have Nitrogen Ministers like in Holland. What's next? Carbon Ministers? 

This is all just so anti-human stupidity.

Science is not taking us to a better place. It's taking us to a dystopia.

What the Canadian and Dutch governments are doing to the their farmers are crimes. The Dutch are forcing farmers to sell their farms through Mafia-life tactics. 

Like what they've done during the Covid response.

Unconscionable behaviour.

Our governments are doing this for our benefit.

Remember this. 

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