Kim Lavoie Wants To 'Normalize' Mask Wearing

The short of it?


I don't know what Lavoie - who is Canada Research Chair of Behavioural Medicine - smokes but she's way out of the element of reality and facts when it comes to masks.

I've grown tired and impatient with these people.

There is very little efficacy to mask-wearing but to behavioural quacks somehow it's something to do to combat respiratory illnesses.

The body of evidence does not support her and her ilk one iota.




Now, if she was just a grunt at UQAM spreading behavioural quackery within its halls, that's one thing.

But she's Canada Research Chair. She gets to spew this pseudoscience with Canadian flags propped behind her. This *could* have some weight. Thankfully, based on my observations going around town, few people are going to take her up on the offer. And good luck trying to enforce this with any kind of permanent mandate. This is something that a) will be expensive, b) not natural to human behaviour.

And Kim knows this. She just lacks the wisdom and courage to knock it off.

Canada has taken the pole position when it comes to 'scientism' from MAIDS, to junk studies to masks.

You name the crap, Canada is on it

Once more from the top - as I've repeated since 2020 - the evidence for community mask wearing is scant and doesn't justify any kind of social engineering or mandates.

Doing so for its own sake is damaging and pernicious to overall human health and psychology.

Let me be more frank.

At this point, I view such people are dangerous and ignorant. I see them as a threat to progress.

Scorn is what they deserve.

Nothing more, nothing less.

The Kims and Karens of this world have become tedious and tiresome.

Want to wear the mask, Kim?

Wear it.

But don't try and tell us that it's the line between survival and civilization and death and barbarism. Worse, to protect a decayed, corrupt and second-rate public health system.

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