Isn't It Funny....

 ....how every major Western paper seem to publish the same exact studies and papers that conform and submit to the Covid narrative?

Ever notice that?

For example, studies that do not conform to the narratives are those that point to low efficacy of 'vaccines',  and injuries, and question the wisdom of the Covid response. We have several well-constructed - and sometimes conducted as an RCT - that point to these.

Yet, they rarely - if ever- make the papers. I'm thinking of the Johns Hopkins University meta-analysis that showed restrictions and measures had a negligible impact on Covid. There was also the largest RCT mask study ever conducted from Denmark that showed masks had a marginal benefit. Again. Crickets.


Dubious studies that show unvaccinated people spread disease (Fisman), and are at risk of more automobile accidents (Redelmeier), of masks save kids in schools (Massachusetts), that the 'vaccines saved 20 million people" and now "one million in a span of a couple of months as well as a host of articles on the rise all-cause mortality and disease attributed to climate change, all get amplified and spread across all major journals from the L.A. Times to the Toronto Star, to Le Figaro and everything in between. 

Funny that. 

Seems to me, if we truly had free and open media and journalism, it would be far more fragmented with each publication likely selecting topics and issues from a broader range. Maybe the NYT don't run with the climate change claim and decides to give an alternative view a kick.  Instead, they give the impression of collusion fostering an illusion of 'consensus'. 'How could all these papers be wrong? They all carried the story that the vaccines saved millions ergo it must be true!'

This is where destinations like Substack - and now Twitter again - become essential because those claims get challenged.

Not by quacks and extremists. But by responsible and capable people.

We need this kind of discourse or else we fall into a loop where propaganda reigns.

Because that's not funny. 

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