Canada Soliciting '50 Centers'

Are you a natural-born snitch?

Are you easily manipulated into any dogmatic piece of propaganda?

Do you have an unbalanced sense of self-righteousness?

Do you lack courage, principles, ethics and values?

Then the Canadian government has the right job for you.

'All my life I didn't know what to do with myself. I just knew if I could punish people for not agreeing with me it would make me happy like a little girl in a doll shop." 

Canada (bold mine): 

"In preparation for increased vaccination education, promotion, and outreach, The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) is requiring the services of a consultant to analyze the vaccine related conversations on social media and PHAC social media initiative and campaign performance.

The consultant will analyze vaccine-related conversations, and their participants, on Twitter and and (original text with grammar error) social media channels, including Reddit, Blogs, Forums, and News, spanning up to three years of historical data.

The consultant will analyze PHAC’s social media initiative and campaign performance, including content engagements and the campaign’s influence on vaccine-related conversation."

So. 'Consultants' (read: Peanut gallery brigade) will peruse blogs and Reddit? May as well enter people's homes at that point because those platforms are the supreme vehicles of expression.

Can't have that under Justin's Canada.

Too dangerous. 

The profile of these 'consultants' will be similar to the zealots that were dismissed by Musk at Twitter. 

No self-respecting person with any dignity or sense of integrity and commitment to the right of people to have opinions (even if wrong) would take on such a job.

Only a scoundrel and weak person would. 

You are the reflection of your government, And Canada right now is scraping the bottom of the barrel under this bunch.

This ad reminded me of China's 50-Cent Party. 

AKA 'Net Critical Monkeys'.

We know that the UN hired a bunch of bots to go out and troll Twitter. 

Now the Canadian government thinks this communist tactic is appropriate for an ostensibly free and open democracy. 

I hope people understand you can have a totalitarian-democracy. China has 'parties' and 'elections' too. 

Is that a free society?

A society that freezes people out of their right to travel or bank accounts isn't a free one.

Just in case one of those 'middle-conservatives' or delusional #IstandwithJustin Canadians is reading, I'm referring to Canada. Canada did these things.

The '50-Centers' were recruited to 'correct' counter-revolutionary sentiment among dissidents. Basically, online stooges doing the dirty work of the CCP.

In China, they refer to it as rooting out 'disharmonious' activities.

Always look at the wording and phrases. We employ the same tactics as the CCP now.

It's communism by other means. 

Welcome to Canada.

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