To Future Snitch Consultants Who Work For PHAC

I hear you're gonna monitor social media and blogs to assess opinions on vaccines.

How nice.

"In preparation for increased vaccination education, promotion, and outreach, The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) is requiring the services of a consultant to analyze the vaccine-related conversations on social media and PHAC social media initiative and campaign performance."

They plan to increase preparation? Is PHAC capable of reading the fucking room? Are they not reading the onslaught of whistleblowers and experts who were silent but no more speaking out at an increasing rate?

These vaccines are hurting and killing kids. Not ONE child should die from a medical intervention. Not one fucking child. Especially since Covid never posed an existential threat to them.

The government of Canada is engaging in child sacrifice through a combination of deluded dogma, profit and incompetence.

That's on your heads PHAC, Tam, Duclos and Justin.

Someone should send a memo to PHAC that it's over. 

Let me be clear on Christmas Eve what I think of you:

Go fuck yourself. 

You're a coward who works in the service of an incompetent agency run by sociopaths who lie to Canadians.

Now fuck off. 

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