Virtue Signalling Should Be Classified As Mental Illness

So now we have all the little totalitarian shits losing their minds over Twitter allowing people who should never have been banned in the first place back on the platform.

And in their little backward and regressive authoritarian minds they're reacting like petulant children engaging in virtue signalling faux-righteous rages are leaving the platform.

This is actually a good thing.

It's the market self-correcting.

Those assholes can go off and no one will miss them.

Like Terry Mosher of The Gazette. Hey, Terry. Did you care that terrorists, actual racists, and pedophiles never got kicked off? Did you actually read the fucking Twitter dumps by Taibbi and Weiss?

You fucking idiot.

I'm so tired of all this immature nonsense. 

At this point, virtue signalling should be classified as a mental illness.

It's far more dangerous to the civil order than anything facing us.

'Anti-vaxxers' are bastions of critical thinking and decency next to virtue signallers.

Good riddance, jerks. You gave nothing to the discourse and advancement of LIBERTY.

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