Hotez A Symptom Of The Decline In Trust In Allopathic Medicine

I don't want to spend more time than I need to with Peter Hotez. He's a tortured soul who is caught in his own dogmatic scientific delusions. I think there's something to be said of him perhaps being guilty that deep down he knows vaccines did cause autism in his daughter. 

Think of it. He devoted his entire life to the service of vaccines only to find out that indeed there could be a link between the two.

All that money, reputation and power-  gone in an instant. I guess he figures doubling down and lashing out is the only way to keep the charade going and run from his conscience.

But that's just a guess on my part.

It's a blog. Blogs are for opinions. It's still legal for now in Canada. 


It's years I don't like Hotez to be blunt. I never really much cared or had an opinion one way or another about vaccines. Like abortions, I knew the camps were divided with the usual 'anti-pro-con' arguments.

But then around 2015 things started to shift with both for me. I didn't like the rhetoric coming from the pro-sides. They talked an awful lot about 'evidence' and 'science' but I saw just as much empty and dangerous rhetoric on their side. There was no 'a-ha- moment until 2020. I evolved into my current stance. I've done nothing but read up on it and quite frankly in my off-the cuff discussions with some scientists and doctors over the years, I'm more aware and informed on the facts than they are and I think this is unacceptable. 

They just assume things are correct as they are. This is not how anything should work. As new evidence comes in, you must consider it.

But everything is polarized now to the point there is no way to bridge anything. To have a conversation and dialogue. We need a modern Peter Abelard to come in and 'fuck shit up' as it were.

Science has become way too politicized, dogmatic and arrogant for my taste.

It's a simple observation and conclusion. Scientists are humans. And humans mixed with hubris can be dangerous.

Hotez et al represent this calculus for me. 

Hotez destroyed vaccine confidence. He just doesn't realize it. Is a complete train wreck. When you have to go as far as claim that people who are not vaccinated are 'killers' and deserve to lose their right to earn a living you not only lost the intellectual and scientific plot, you lost the morality plot.

Conveniently overlooked is the fact many people who question the vaccines aren't necessarily 'anti-vcxx'. Indeed, in the context of the Covid mRNA injections, they have specific concerns about how they were tested and rolled out including through coercive measures.

Many are in fact vaccinated themselves. One can be vaccinated and decide they no longer support it as well as being 'anti-mandate'.

Being anti-mandate[ is not the same as being 'anti-vaxxer'. They're another subset within this group. The authorities created this former group. 

Here in Canada, too many Canadians remain under a deluge of sheer unethical stances supporting the Covid response which has been catastrophic. I have no doubt history will conclude as much.

They're at the end of the line. A cul-de-sac. Censorship didn't make it go away. Gaskighitng didn't make it go away. Political screeds didn't make it go away. Ad hominem attacks and appeals to authority didn't make it go away. 

You can feel him and his ilk walking backwards into a wall as the search for truth marches forward. There's nowhere to hide, Peter. There's only so much you can do on Twitter and MSNBC. 

Maybe it's time Peter Hotez steps out of his protective bubble and debate. Because that's the only way out.

Perhaps he can debate Geert Vanden Bossche?

Hotez yaps like a ferocious T-Rex on Twitter or CNN with his political screeds but acts like a kitten feigning Bambi eyes before Joe Rogan who knows how to make one see their own hypocrisy like he did with Sanjay.

Peter knows this. Sociopaths are very good at reading the room and adjusting. 

Peter will defend vaccines to the death but he will avoid the vile rhetoric he spews in front of a more neutral or even hostile audience. He's a bully and when challenged bullies are cowards.

There's only so much defending one can do with what looks to me to be failed medical products. The 'safe and effective (and its junior 'rare and temporary) claim appears to be more marketing than scientific fact.

I see way too many holes in the narrative and propaganda.

And I'm not the only one who sees it.

When they mandated and coerced people into this, that's when I began to see with clarity. They unwisely opened a Pandora's Box. They arrogantly paternalistically presumed what was best never once stopping to ask, 'what if we're wrong?' and 'is this really ethical?'

It fed my skepticism which has blossomed into cynicism. 

I'm not the problem. I'm human and have every right to be. To challenge and question. Hotez isn't my god. Nor did anyone elect him. I take care of my body way better than he ever could.

I'm not married to chemicals or pharmaceuticals. Moving forward, I will always consider more natural solutions. What people like Hotez sell is not health. It's just pill-peddling by other means.

That aside, it sure doesn't help when Saying shit like:

Let’s be clear: an anti-vaccine lobby owns the internet right now. What that means is that by some estimates, they’ve put out 500 anti-vaccine websites, so that every time you put the word vaccine into a search engine—whether it’s Yahoo or Google—you’re going to get anti-vaccine misinformation. That’s number one. 

Second, we now know it’s amplified on social media like Facebook and other forms of social media. 

Third, look at the Amazon site. It’s incredible. So my book—the good news is that it’s the highest-rated pro-vaccine book on Amazon. The bad news is that, overall, it’s ranked about twenty, because there’s nineteen other phony-baloney anti-vaccine books. So Amazon is now the biggest purveyor of anti-vaccine books.

Wait, it get’s worse. They [the anti-vaccine activists] have Political Action Committees, lobbying state legislatures, plying then with false information about what vaccines do.

The problem is, we don’t have any robust system of pro-vaccine advocacy to counter it. 

Doesn't help.

If you're still wondering how gaslighting works, this is how.

It's incredible he would publicly say this.

Peter Hotez has more power in just his lab than the whole of the "anti-vaccine" lobby.

Hotez and the vaccine juggernaut are supported by the pharmaceutical industry, powerful investment hedge funds like Blackrock, Vanguard and State Street, GAVI, BMGF, Rockefeller Foundation, Johns Hopkins, various national governments, the WHO, UN, the Clinton Global Initiative, the military-industrial complex including dark entities like DARPA, NIH, NIAID, the White House and other major organizations that make 'anti-vaccine' PACS look like Cubs. Hotez is perfectly safe at Baylor. By contrast, Dr. McCollough - a leading cardiologist and the most published in his field of specialty in the world - lost his job at the same institution for questioning the vaccines. 

Try and tell me you're the victim Peter.

If people are turning their backs on vaccines, maybe they need to honestly and critically assess their own role in this development.  Nobody likes to be told they're a menace for not listening to a scientist they don't even know. The fact we destroyed the doctor-patient privilege and informed consent while attempting to eliminate medical autonomy has done more to undermine trust in allopathic medicine than they care to acknowledge.

When you have rogue groups like CSPO suggesting psychotherapy for people who decline vaccines, you know things aren't only off the tracks, but darker forces are afoot.

There's no comparison. Hotez is Goliath. Those who challenge him are David.

While there are strong grassroots groups - which have only gotten stronger thanks to the ill-advised aggressive tactics of mass mRNA injections -  they pale in comparison. 

Peter is doing a lot of damage.

Never interrupt someone when they're in the middle of making a mistake.

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