Welcome To Your Justin-Great Nightmare

Evidence that the world has not seen any warming in the last 20 years and is in fact probably heading towards a cooling, is why they switched to the opaque 'climate change'.


They're using climate to install a new world order. This is not a conspiracy. It's right there out in the open now.

This is not to say the environment doesn't need protection or that humans abuse it. Rather, the point here is that shady criminals are preying on people's legitimate concerns for the environment for their nefarious purposes.

Notice how they're now fast-racking everything. Cracking down on nitrogen, EVs, digital ID, all the way to smart cities and the aim to restrict mobility. 

It's coinciding with a cooling.

They will then turn around and say, 'see?! Our policies to save the planet worked! Let's keep the social credit score and 4th industrial revolution going suckers!"

Which of course is poppycock nonsense. 

They did the same exact thing with the vaccines and their alleged eradication of certain diseases.

Chalk up another 'W' for the conspiracists. They had said in 2020 the 'globalists' were aiming for 'Climate lockdowns'.

And this time we're ALL going to be 'in this together'.

Except against the globalists. 

Because if you think Justin Trudeau or  Greta Thunberg are going to adjust their lifestyle one iota, you'd better wake the bloody up.


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