If You Live For The Future, There Will Be No Future

I would often be told by elders to live in the present. 

I'm conservative in my outlook that means I keep an eye out for the future. I save for a rainy day. I keep things I believe have value.

But like anything in life, you must keep a healthy moderation. 

If all you do is live with an eye on the future, you will miss the present. 

Making decisions sometimes need to take some long-term vision. Like buying a house and gauging interest rates. But we can't know the future so it's best to keep that in mind when making a choice that demand long-term considerations. 

It's a balance.

And that balance is allowing yourself to live in the moment.

Sometimes this gives you more clarity than you can ask.

This is how I approach climate change.

It allowed me to assess things with a sober mind. When you look at the now, you can see the arbitrary dates set for targets are living for the future for its own sake. They don't know what the world will be like in 2030. The models they rely on are just that - models. Not set in stone. 

Entropy matters.

And we will get a taste of it.

The question is at what price and cost?

The whole climate change hysteria is an exercise in hubris, vanity and hypocrisy.

'Zero emissions' will come with unintended consequences just like lockdowns and mRNA injections will.

This we can be guaranteed.

The best approach to dealing with the environment is local and personal. Voluntary.

Anything beyond this, is punitive and counter-productive.

Carbon taxes, electric cars, and other onus regulations and mandates imposed will manage to have no impact on the environment while at the same time come at the price of prosperity and personal freedom.

Conservation is a state of mind. A belief we share the world - and universe. 

It is true many don't share this belief but a heavy handed top down approach will do nothing.

It never does.

Yet, we still do it.

Live for now.

Life is short and precious.

Living in the future in fear of what might happen robs us of smelling the roses.

A comet or meteor can hit us at any time. In fact, we're just about due.

Mother Nature and the splendid chaos of the universe guided by God will determine our fate.

Not us.

This is beyond our reach.

The climate changes. Read up on the different climate change cycles in the last 2000 years.

You will notice by a simple observation equipped with the facts will awaken you to the fact they're lying to you just like they lied about Covid and its supposed solution: The mRNA serum.

Live in the now and without fear.

The rest will take care of itself. 

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