They Want mRNA In The Food Supply

Rumours have been swirling that the government and The (Mad) Science TM want to vaccinate animals.

And now plants.


How is any of this legal? Ethical? 

We're now at the point where we can say, 'be worried'. Scientists are doing more harm than good. 

We should be asking ourselves why do they want to put mRNA into us so badly? We know these gene editing injections don't prevent infection or stop transmission. So why are they committed to getting a 'needle in every arm'? Is there something in the 'vaccines' that permanently alters our immune system? What are they not telling us? With evidence coming in pointing to this being a massive human experiment with the U.S. military as the point man and guard, would it surprise anyone? 

I'm sure the shills from McGill will come in and 'splain to us how this is all safe and effective and that Bill Gates now being the largest owner of farmland in the world is nothing to be concerned about. 

Bill Gates. Hm. Big drug-pushing pimp for vaccines. Biggest Farmer Brown in the world. Hm.

The WEF wants people to eat bugs, be poor and happy. 

Gee, I don't understand the connection.

What can he possibly be up to? 

What's 2+2 momma? 

Mother, should I trust the government?

Doctors baffled.

I'm baffled!

Did you hear? They're testing mosquitoes to vaccinate. The little fuckers now represent a double threat!

"They're like flying syringes" as one mad scientist put it. 

Listen up, normies.

The entire premise the theory of vaccination rests on is a sham. A fraud.

Go read into it. The 'anti-vaxxers' were right.

And it's not 'anti-vaxxers' explaining this. It's scientists and medical professionals.

There's plenty of literature on how the industry has manipulated data and committed fraud to give a false image of their god. The entire presumption vaccines works rest on a lie.

Greatest lie possibly in world history given the situation I reckon.

Step one. READ. There are several books on the subject that explain in detail with HEAVILY SOURCED material 

The time has come to take this war to them.

Putting chemicals and vaccines in our food supply is obviously filled with the dangers of negative unintended consequences. It's like putting Tylenol in everything.

If this doesn't strike concern if not fear in you, you're truly lost. You have no respect for your own body.

Your own sovereign right to live your life as you see fit.

That's not being selfish. That's called agency. God's will.

Selfishness is allowing scientists to arrogantly explore this ghoulish nonsense. 

They want to put that shit in everything. They believe. 

And are wholly out of the minds out of control.

Only we, once engaged, can put a stop to this.

Vaccinating lettuce and spinach to protect us against pathogens is sheer lunacy. 

We survived as a species for thousands upon thousands of years. These diabolical quack serums were only put into mass use in the late 1940s!

How did we survive all those years? Ask yourself.

The marketing of this shit has made us believe we can't live without them.

I'll take that bet.

I bet we can.

Not only that. 

I bet we will become instantly more healthy. 

Break yourself free of this vaccine slavery.

Protect your body, your family, your community and your country.

It's time. 



Please allow me to indulge my inner Alex Jones (who finally met his match with Ye it appears) for a split lipid nanoparticle second.

Bill Gates is a vaccine pimp, correct? He's also the world's biggest Farmer Brown, right? The WEF wants us to eat bugs, to be poor and happy, no? 

Scientists want to use mosquitoes to vaccinate people. 'Flying syringes' as one madman scientist put it. 

Now they want to put that shit in everything including livestock and plants.

They're now assaulting farmers in Holland and Canada. There's talk they want people to 'register' their home gardens. They may even do bad gardening outright - for climate change of course.

My math is decent but this all adds up to: What the hell? 

There's some kind of plan in play and I don't want to play.

Maybe it's too late? The outcry should have happened long ago. The mad scientists are far ahead on this track and well-funded and protected. 

If these mRNA serums wane and don't stop transmission or prevent infection, then why do they want to put a 'needle in every arm' so badly? What's in these things? Is there something in them that permanently alters our immune system? With rumours that the U.S. military is the point guard in all this, would it surprise anyone that there may be more to this story?

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