The Charter Is Our Achilles' Heel

The Ontario Superior Court upheld mandatory vaccine passports this week. 

I'm going to jump ahead here and comment despite the actual decision not being released yet. I will proceed and assume the usual formulaic 'reasonable because pandemic' drivel that usually comes with these decisions. If this isn't the case, I will revise this post which is basically based on numerous rulings that have already come down against the people. 

When passports were first introduced, I saw them as yet another test by the government and the 'nudge' quacks testing to what degree people would be obedient just like the masks were a test. We failed on both counts miserably. However, we felt that not only would the facts, data and actual data vindicate us (it has as clearly the mRNA shots are complete abject failure no matter what junk science studies come out at 'opportune' times attempting to prove otherwise with audacious claims of 'millions saved'. With a vaccine that doesn't stop transmission, doesn't prevent infection and has a very short life in its ability - and even that's debatable - to reduce 'severe disease) the courts would surely step in and set things straight.

We had everything on our side. We were armed with the truth through science along with conventions, constitutions and charters clearly protecting citizens' medical autonomy. 

It has not turned out the way we had hoped. All these years of being told and taught we live in an advanced free society went up in flames in my mind. How naive of us to believe hero judges and lawyers would keep in check and even reign in state-sponsored government tyranny and even hate speech that divided a country. 

Now I can't look my country in the eye anymore. I have little respect for it and no trust in it. 

We move one step closer to this divisive, unethical and anti-scientific measure being enshrined into permanent law.

In the current state this country finds itself in, you can bet this will happen.

And we're all going to pay a price for it.

How is this even possible in Canada? Are we really going to discriminate along medical status line? How could any self-respecting expert or medical professional possibly stand silent? They know full well it goes against all ethical standards. 

So why is this happening?

Why are the courts have been so steadfast in their stubborn support of futile and failed Covid measures?

Many of these lawsuits are being filed on constitutional grounds.

As such, you're only as strong as its construct and wording and fickle public support.

What we've learned is not only is our Charter (as I argued over 25 years ago in university political science classes) weak in its structure leaving it open to government abuse with little protection for its citizens, the public has shown little concern for the erosion of their civil liberties (and even the vaccinated lost their rights because whether they like it or not or refuse to see it in this way, but they were coerced into a medical procedure without informed consent and were lied to every step of the way) and the civil order. The country is more divided than it's ever been.

All because people have lost trust in our Charter. It's not what we thought it was.

In the U.S., the people have the final say. Here, the government does and the courts are deferent to it.

So where does this leave us as a free people?

In a precarious state.

There's no question Canada is the weakest of all democracies with one of the least robust constitutions.

It doesn't help when organizations set up to defend our rights come armed with rubber forks at a knife fight. For example:

"JCCF has argued that rapid tests could have been offered at the door to facilities as an alternative for the unvaccinated."

The least you could have done is give us some ointment after punching us in the face! This was a cop-out argument. You don't beg your abuser to give you options. You demand PROOF for their actions causing harm. In this case, they didn't seem to have argued the SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE backing these stupid passports.

We're going to bungle our way into tyranny with incompetent lawyers.

The only way it is through legal reform and strengthening of the Charter. The latter is next to impossible without a philosophical awakening among Canadians and the fact Quebec is not a province that lends itself to a natural ally of liberty. Those are two massive hurdles to overcome without a brutal fight.

Usually, in mature nations, these are issues settled through revolutions or civil wars.

Canada, if it comes around to ever doing it, will approach it in its usual timid half-assed way further diluting the process through the illusion of compromise which further weakens our commitment to anything principled.

Alas, we are an unprincipled, valueless, and indifferent society living in unearned comfort and delusional arrogance.

This likely won't; get solved - if ever - in m my lifetime.

Except to watch Canada further slip in democratic index rankings and perception as a free country moving forward.

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