Oh, Now They Say It

"What we're seeing right now, with policies changing in the United States, for example, swabbing everybody who's coming to the United States from China, are a little bit absurd," Kalina told CP24 at Noon on Thursday.

Kalina cited the policies on testing passengers from China "doesn't work".

"I do think that the federal government here is doing enough to prevent more COVID coming to the country," he said. "But that's in a situation where we already have widespread COVID around our entire country, so performative actions, like swabbing, tests and restrictions really won't help anybody at all."...


So where were you when the government of Canada became the first Western nation in history to restrict the right to mobility with its domestic travel ban for millions of Canadians violating basic ethical standards and human rights?



People needed sober and sane voices to speak on their behalf but were left high and dry.

Because they chose to decline a medical procedure. As is their right.

Everyone's an asshole and a hypocrite.

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