The WHO Poses A Danger To World Health; EVs Are Not Good For The Environment

This crap has gone on far enough. 

Time to tell it like it is.

It's gone far enough because they're now talking about locking people down for climate change.

Vaccines and electric cars were never about health and the environment.

They're about power and control.

Let's start with the WHO and the perpetual pandemic.

Not a doctor puppet of Bill Gates Tedros: There are still too many uncertainties and gaps for us to say the pandemic is over."

The perpetual pandemic.

Just like the 'conspiracy theorists' warned.

They will keep this going until the next pandemic. And the next one will be a doozy both as a contagion and the response. They will go absolutely medieval on people.

If you don't follow orders next time out, watch out. We're talking camps here.

The mere fact they want to remove basic human rights and medical autonomy tells you what they have in mind.

You need to be aware of this the next time they lie and coerce you into a catastrophic 'vaccine'. Failed medical interventions are the stuff of tyranny and have sweet fuck all to do with science.

What I'd give to hear the closed-door meetings with Gates.

At this point, now we have to conclude the WHO poses a direct danger to world public health and human liberty and dignity. 

Electric cars are cut from the same cloth.

EVs should always remain a choice. Like a medical procedure.

But they don't want that. If you make the wrong choice or voluntarily choose to not go along with their demands and agenda, they will regulate, mandate and coerce you into the 'correct' choice.

This is communism by other means.

The Russians aren't a threat to us. Our dogmatic and senseless obsession with pseudoscience and hubris is.

If you choose to buy an EV good for you. Just don't delude yourself into thinking you're 'doing your part' for the environment. 

You're not.

All you're doing is sealing your own fate.

See, EVs aren't about the environment. It's about restricting mobility rights. 

Pay very close attention. Just like they're admitting the "vaccines" are causing harm (just look at what they say and read between the lines. Also notice how they suddenly stop reporting certain inconvenient stats that threaten the narrative and 'safe and effective' mantra (and that's all it is: A marketing mantra) they dictate when you can charge your car like they're doing in California and Switzerland. That's how it starts. And then next thing you know it, your city is part of a 'Smart City' project like Oxford and Toronto. 

What's wrong with that? If you're ok with a bureaucrat telling you you have 'X' amount of days to travel, then you might be an idiotic communist.

I've already discussed the inputs into the EVs are such that the overall net effect on the environment is negative.

None. And I mean none of these interventions and regulations (including carbon taxes) will do squat.

The only way is to keep you in place and eat bugs.

While Justin travels and eats filet mignon.

That's how it's going to work.


Shut the fuck up.

It's not a conspiracy.

They're doing it and it's unfolding before our eyes.

The Digital ID plan will be two-tiered.

One for them and one shitty one for the commoners.

They see themselves as heroes. Your betters.

They're zeroes and not better.

Call them out.

And this means stop buying into their bull shit.

That also means stop voting for the left-centre.

No good can come from their ideological agenda.

Live free or die.

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