Quebec Scientism

Here's some fantasy. Or malfeasance. 

Quebec is telling people if they had two shots and Covid they don't need a booster. 

Notice. They're misleading people into thinking that the primary series is still working! When in fact those suckers waned within weeks. Remind me when we first administered those? So what's the point of saying this? The body evidence is crystal clear those shots are done. What may not be done is the side effects which can manifest two to five years later. As it stands, now people are in all risk no benefit territory.

The 'tweaked' mRNAs are even less useful. Boosters were never effective. In fact, it's a pretty good suspect in the rise in all-cause mortality and excess deaths.

Mind you gardening, video games and memes. Those cause heart attacks.

Or taken another way, they're essentially telling people if you have Covid you don't need a booster or shots. Because the first two shots, remember, no good, no effective.

People are paid to say these things. People in white coats and in fancy academic offices.

Medicine and science. Quackery and corruption are in firm control.

What we call scientism.

Oh, it be real.

How to know? Next time you hear or read an MD link something so social justice.

That's one way.

Be attentive.

Lock in.

Quote Of The Day

How to treat black slaves with ›Dythesia Aethiopica. Courtesy of Samuel A. Cartwright, MD (of course):

"The complaint is easily curable, if treated on sound physiological principles. The skin is dry, thick and harsh to the touch, and the liver inactive. The liver, skin and kidneys should be stimulated to activity, and be made to assist in decarbonising the blood. The best means to stimulate the skin is, first, to have the patient well washed with warm water and soap; then, to anoint it all over with oil, and to slap the oil in with a broad leather strap; then to put the patient to some hard kind of work in the open air and sunshine, that will compel him to expand his lungs, as chopping wood, splitting rails or sawing with the crosscut or whip saw. Any kind of labor will do that will cause full and free respiration in its performance."

The beatings must continue until morale improves.

Because science! Or medicine. Or something.

Not much has changed in 170 years or so. MDs continue to be asshole as we've seen these past three years. 

Plus ca change....

This Week In 'They Lied To You'.

This side has been warning since 2020, don't do it. Don't consent  Be attentive. Listen and watch for the cues and jargon designed to manipulate. Follow the cadence and path of their moves. 

If you did so from the day they said, '15 days to flatten the curve' and 'we're in this together',  you're in a much better position to digest the scale of the crime committed against all of humanity. 

You've been surfing the wave properly. You were the eye on the mountain observing all that is below in the village.

For the normies and conformies who didn't, life is about to get disorienting. It has too. Esoterically and literally. 

You can't keep closing your eyes. The pain and suffering being caused are just too great.

You're going to have to sit and ponder about what they did to you - us.

They stole your right to choice, consent and expression.

Churches shut down and people denied the right to see dying loved ones may not be your problem, but if 'we're in this together' this swings TWO WAYS, does it not?

You can't pick and choose how you apply that opaque and stupid phrase.

Simplistic jingoism for simpletons. Are you a simpleton?

All the measures and restrictions have ruined the civil order. And that order doesn't get better until we have an honest chat about what happened.

They put you in a lockdown. They put you in a curfew. They had no right to do this. There is and never will be any scientific justification for it. Never mind ethically and legally.

They went about the rule of law for 'public safety'.

It was all based on LIES.

And Justin Trudeau continues to lie to your face without any kind of remorse. 

Are we a nation of men?

Do you not have any dignity?

We have to fix this. And soon. 

We need to reexamine science and technology and its place in a civil society. We need to put back in place where academics and scientists belong. They've gone way out of their lanes pontificating on too many issues beyond their area of expertise. I really don't need to hear an infectious disease doctor Tweet about U.S. politics or a judge ranting about Tucker Carlson.

It's funny. They're allowed to spew their own misinformation but are the first to call for censorship against people who disagree or have different opinions.

The Canadian government better start reading the damn room. The U.S. is now poised to have a reset but not the reset Justin and his pals at the WEF want. The GOP is going in and have had just about enough of the lies.

There was a vicious lie going around where it was claimed Republicans were going to ask Democrat Raskin to remove his head gear. He wears one because he lost his hair during cancer treatments. Except this never happened. In fact, live footage and recordings show the opposite. Nothing but support and love for Raskin.

Yet the usual suspects ran with it. They're so blinded by their own personal bias, they actually believed the story. They've so thoroughly believed in their own dehumanization of others - like the unvaccinated - they're all too willing to post anything without verification that colors their 'opponents' evil.

This is what we call AUTHORITARIANISM

Justin and the left have done a remarkable job of dehumanizing Canadians. So good a job, people don't see it.

In any event, the GOP is putting in legislation to stop everything. The emergency, future passports, masks, all the pseudoscientific hocus-pocus bull shit that's done nothing but divide people.

Not a single mask saved anyone. Get over yourself. You're not a hero.

You're an idiot and an asshole if you to this day still engage in such evil anti-human behaviors.

The government is the biggest purveyor of disinformation and that's a historical fact of history and the nation-state.

People are out there doing their best to get the truth out. And believe me, it's out there.

Seek it. 

The government is doing everything in its power to prevent you from exercising your GOD GIVEN right to live in peace and freedom. To explore, research and investigate is your duty as a free citizen.

Stop being trusting and naive and ASK QUESTIONS.

They're now truing to normalize the excess deaths around us. They're now using the Covid playbook and attempting to put it on climate system change. The WHO is attempting a massive power coup at the expense of national sovereignty (and of course, Canada is right there in the thick of it supporting it).

Too many MPs have confused supporting international initiatives as being the same as national interests.

This is not always the case. They've conflated the WEF agenda with ours.

We need to jolt them back into reality.

'Global initiatives' are not necessarily good for us.

Think one size fits all. 

Modern health care is, ironically, sick. It's attempting to create a 'one-size fits all' medical tyranny. Nothing proves this more than the irresponsible and aggressive "vaccine" campaign we are witnessing.

We'v known for months these mRNA shots are a catastrophe. Many of us knew from the get go this was going to be the disasters to end all medical disasters.

The 'safe and effective' mantra was the same as the jargon I mentioned up top.

A marketing ploy with no real basis in actual real data. Just manipulated studies.

It's al there. In books, journals and articles. LOOK INTO IT.

Does it make sense to you to continue to push a vaccine widely acknowledged to now be well below 50% efficacy on people despite a 99.985% survival rate?


And what we've done to kids is nothing short of an appalling and grotesque crime. Never in danger at all from Covid, we're now sacrificing their immune systems like crazed lunatics. This despite the efficacy for kids (based on shoddy and tiny trials) is below 90% and of whom 75% have already been infected in the U.S.!

This is what happens when they lie to you about natural immunity. 

Now we're about to see a bunch of poor kids get hurt or die from the shots.

All risk and no benefit.

Just benefit to Big Gates and Big Pharma.

Ok. Let me get to the point of this rant.

The U.S. arbitrarily plans to end the emergency on May 15. When asked about it, the impostor dimwitted Irish hoodlum in power said 'the emergency ends when the Supreme Court ends it'.

This is why the GOP - along with some Democrats it appears - seem to have finally understood the depth and scope of the treasonous crime syndicate in their midst.

Like Cicero once said, great republics are usurped from within.

No conspiracy. Just human nature and laws of nature.

I believe this is what's happening in Canada and the USA.

Only, where countries like New Zealand appear to actually be a robust democracy - Senators have spoken out there and in Australia - against what's going. There was enough pressure from citizens to force Ardern to resign. In the U.S, they will outlaw all the oppressive and futile tools used during Covid from masks to passports. 

No such thing is happening in Canada. Not a single Senator has said a thing. It's extremely troubling and we need to ask why.

In fact, the apathetic silence points to a failing democracy.

On the same day of the U.S. announcement, the WHO declares the pandemic is not over (even though the world population is clearly moving on) while Bill Gates, after taking all his profits, stated the vaccines, for a lack of a better term, suck.

On top of all that, now we have Pfizer on the defensive making remarkable claims (to which a criminal investigation must be openly looking into it) of self-defence and the FDA slowly admitting they have a problem. 

All stuff 'conspiracy theorists' knew already.

Just go back and read my posts since 2020.

The purpose of this blog was firstly for me to keep a close eye on things to the best of my ability so as to not lose sight of the plot. It has taken an enormous toll on me. Thousands of articles and studies later, I feel it's one of my greatest achievements in life have seen right through this dirty scandal.

Another was to hopefully have hoped people. If anything, to get them to ask questions and think.

If it saved one normie, I'm happy.

The fight isn't over.

They have great things planned.

Despite the obvious failure of everything, I saw an article where Health Canada plans to expand vaccine passports.

This is happening because there's little push back here.

The trucker convoy was important but it was isolated by the media lies Canadians all too easily swallowed.

So we need to keep the pressure up until Canadians realize their government doesn't have their interest at heart.

This is not about public health folks any more Ukraine is about 'democracy and freedom'.

This goes beyond it.

We need to seriously rethink the path we're on.


Comment Of The Day

"My wife’s parents both died in Canada during Covid lockdown. Not from covid. In order to go and provide hospice care we had to violate lockdown policy under threat of a million dollar fine and jail time. It felt very much like we were under threat by communism. We felt like kissing the ground as we got outside the border."

We need to explore these stories further. I've heard and read many such stories since 2020.

I still can't believe this happened in Canada.

Denying access to loved ones was one of the cruellest actions undertaken here and Canadians will need to face it and come to terms with the fact that when faced with a crisis, we weren't there for each other.

That's just a piece of propaganda from a government to this day that continues to defend its repugnant and futile actions.

Depriving people of being with loved ones isn't human - even under the guise of public health. It's cruel and totalitarian in nature. Worse, it was applauded by many.

A lot of bad ill-will and poor kinetic energy was created.

Absolutely embarrassing this happened. 

Canada Is An Immature Country

Roberston Davies once said Canada is a 'nation of losers'.

Boy did he nail it.

The smug, immature country club of Canada posing as a country needs to stop pearl-clutching.

The other day some shmuck MP in the NDP Matthew Greem wanted to pass a motion condemning Tucker Carlson for sarcastically making a point about Ukraine using Canada as a prop. 

And we reacted exactly as that. A damn idiotic prop.

So triggered they became, judges were lashing out with vulgar screeds. See Michel Doucet.

The point is Canadians need to get over themselves.

We take offence to the truth and the truth is the international community is seeing Justin for what he is. A tin top despot. The mocking is a result of his shameless hypocrisy and sleazy scandals.

People aren't stupid and they sure as hell don't care about the feelings of thin-skinned Canadians. 

These sorts of things should never get a whiff in Parliament. A strong and mature nation comfortable in its skin doesn't waste time doing insipid things such as going after tv personalities. 

Especially given, despite what they think, the difficult times millions of Canadians are dealing with.

It's tone deaf and arrogant.

The motion was defeated but not before Canada once again showing to the world we're a nation of Scott the Dicks.

We Were Never In This Together

Justin Trudeau remains as repugnant as ever.

The messaging of this fool has gone from stale to just outright petulance.

He keeps repeating how 'Canadians were there for each other'.

Except those who chose to decline a medical procedure and questioned the Covid narrative and propaganda.

Them he attacked with a steady stream of vitriol and hate speech rhetoric.

We all remember what he said.

And by 'being there for each other' I suppose he means those who obeyed. Those who didn't had this done to them:

-Banned from travel.

-Denied unemployment insurance after being fired for non-compliance.

-Had bank accounts frozen as a result of protesting mandates.

- Forced businesses to take loans as a result of specious and illegal lockdowns and who must now pay it back putting them in debt for something that rendered NO RESULTS.

-PHAC spied on 33 million Canadians prepping for a biomedical surveillance state.

-Provinces set up checkpoints denying entry even to family members who wanted to see dying loved ones.

-Lockdowns and curfews.

-Masks despite millions of Canadians with various medical conditions making it very difficult for them to wear one. I will never forget when a handicap man went to buy chocolate at a Wal-Mart in Manitoba and could not wear a mask due to a breathing situation was inhumanely treated by staff and security. They're hundreds of stories like this.

-Passports thus creating a two-tier society that clearly remains as the PM continues to maintain a rhetoric that keeps Canadians divided. 

On what planet are you on to think we 'were in this together'? These were cruel and unusual responses to a virus that did not threaten us. We all know Justin used mandates as a wedge for political expediency. Yet, he goes up there lies with incredulous ease to the point of it being disturbing. 

We turned on each other.

Do you remember the headlines about wanting the unvaccinated (who ended up being 100% right) to be denied health care or worse? The Toronto Star published a piece where one of its 'journalists' wanted people to die. Here in Quebec, they took the ignorance level to Def-Con infinity. 

Canada showed its true colours to me. You can pretend all you want about how 'great' a nation this is but it's dead to me. And to millions of others. Justin Trudeau is viewed as a despot around the world now. He's looking even more silly and preposterous than he already is. Only in Canada we don't seem to get the memo and read the damn room. 

Now, that doesn't mean some Canadians are the civil level didn't help each other out. But most of it was hardly in the spirit of 'sticking up for each other' because when it mattered most, Canadians consented to the vilest of psyops: Lockdowns, masks, and the segregation of fellow Canadians along medical status lines. 

It really is sickening on multiple levels. 

Unethical, unscientific, and wholly immoral at this point.

All for what at this point?

No one is talking this way anymore. But here's our PM still thinking it's 2020.

But Canadians aren't principled people. In New Zealand, the courts and citizens pressured Ardern to the point she had to resign.

There is no such thing here.

We have a bureaucracy and people who actually condone this.

'We're in this together' may be appropriate for highly principled nations or those with strong nationalist roots but it most certainly doesn't apply in Canada. 

There's nothing that binds us together anymore.

Liberty? Canadians have no concept of what it means.

Democracy? Ditto.

We were never n this together. Only the tribe who obeyed were.


Judges Misbehavin'

Michel Doucet.

You know it's bad when you know the names of the judges.

Before today I never heard of this guy but apparently, he's a judge.

But you wouldn't know it perusing his Twitter account which reads like a left-wing political diatribe.

Seems like Tucker Carlson triggered, Doucet. So much so it elected this shocking response. 

How is this permitted? Is this not beneath the bench? 

It is unacceptable to take to social media and use such language because you disagree with an opinion. Is there no damn integrity and dignity left in Canada?

And for the record, Carlson is not that off the mark. At the moment. this is a despotic country. And seeing this guy is in New Brunswick, it doesn't surprise me. New Brunswick was one of the more restrictive provinces with useless, unethical,  unscientific and pathetic mandates.

Good luck to anyone who doesn't share his views. I doubt they'd get a fair hearing. 

I don't know very many judges who take to Twitter to show their political colours but Doucet shows his 'red' bonafide quite well. By that, I mean arrogantly and without class.

But hey.

It's Canada.

Land of the smug self-righteous dopes.

There's nothing particularly progressive or impressive about Canada.

Michel, get off the far left high horse. It's a bad look, buddy.


Rouleau ruling to brief Cabinet before release to the public

You read it right.

Just when you thought we had some semblance of a democratic and transparent process distracting us from the suspicion we don't have good governance, in comes this.

The Rouleau commission is slated to be released on February 20. However, two weeks before on February 6, Trudeau and his Cabinet will have access to its findings.

Let that sink in.

Still, think this is a democracy?

I shouldn't have to tell you why this is bad.

The poor optics is the least of our concerns.

The problem here is you're giving the defence - which is what the government is in this case - a chance to spin the ruling in its favor. It will then work on its mutts and hacks in the media to convey its propaganda to the population.

A largely apathetic population that either don't care or even knew there was a public hearing into the use of the emergencies act.

So it should be very easy for the government to manipulate.

The other potentially troubling aspect is that they can attempt to influence or pressure the commissioner to change some or all of its rulings. In the interest of 'democracy' and 'population health' of course.

And if there's one thing we've learned about the Liberals, they're all about petty authoritarian politics.

Would not surprise me if staffers go in and defend the Queen. Judging by their testimonies at the inquiry, this is almost a given.

There you have it.

It's all banana republics and garbage. 

Canada isn't a country.

It's a club. 


Critical Thinking For Dummies

Scott Adams wants an explanation for how people read the whole Covid scam properly allowing them to decline the 'vaccine' which he now admits are a failure and dangerous. 

He says 'you won'.

But it never was about 'winning'.

These people just don't get it. They see this in some kind of odd Darwinian-binary calculus of 'right' and 'wrong'.

It's impossible to explain how we got it 'right'.

Many factors went into it. Different people arrived at their conclusion for different reasons.

Maybe down the road I'll attempt to make a go of it but not here. It's just too enormous a task.

But let's go with one simple measure.

They said the 'vaccines' were '95% effective'.

At that point, it was incumbent on YOU to reattach and investigate it. But people chose instead to remain in fear and follow orders from public health officials never once asking if they were competent or genuine in their orders.

The fact they pushed so hard through mandates was another red flag.

By the time the 'vaccines' rolled out, we knew the virus wasn't an existential threat (despite the deaths likely over counted). 

By April of 2020, studies were already published saying it would end up being in line with the flu. Never mind Dr. Ioannidis of Stanford (one of the most cited scientists in the world) he conducted the study. One Anthony Fauci - Mr. Sciency himself - concluded the same after his assessment of the Diamond Princess incident.

By 2021, we knew it had a 99.985% survival rate.




What's better?

Natural immunity.


When I put it this way to a friend, it was like seeing him arise from the dead.

And what about the utterly useless boosters?

Notice, that this was such a deadly pandemic that excess deaths were higher in 2021 than 2020 and now 2022 higher than 2021.

How does that happen?

Aren't viruses supposed to weaken over time?


Always have.

Gee, what other factor could be in play here?



And better speed it up because the scammers want to install a medical tyranny.

For our health.


Reject it.

One way is to exercise your brain and mind.

Covid won't kill us.

But our reaction and policies will eradicate our civil liberties.

Starring At Yuk Yuks: Justin Trudeau!

I hold no punches here.

Justin Trudeau is a clown.

A big one.

Like Bozo.

Except he's not funny.

But he thinks he is.

He also fancies himself a statesman.

Which he obviously is not.

Last week he was pandering to his Liberal base giving his spiel and pitch. In one part of the "off the cuff" speech, he attacked Pierre Poilievre.

Apparently, Poilievre engages in divisive and offensive speech.

Hm. Funny guy that Justin! Always accuse those of that which you are guilty.

We see that with the Democrats - the empire - do that all the time. They're often guilty of the scandals and crimes they accused Trump of. All in the open too. You just have wipe the fog from your spectacles and gently use a QI-Tip to remove some wax that may block your hearing.

Again. Just in case. Because it astonishes me how people are so flippant about what this government did to people. He chose for political expediency to divide people through mandates and divisive rhetoric that - to me - crossed over into hate speech. His words were repugnant. He acted like a jerk. And that will absolutely be recorded as such in the annals of history.

And he appallingly continues to do so. His underhanded, passive-aggressive, smug shots are precisely what a true statesman and intelligent leader avoids. Instead, he pours gas over it because his ego is bruised. A character trait and flaw of the quintessential dictator. The more he does it, the more they will protest - and get louder. 

I would ask for a refund from McKinsey. But that's me.

The people protesting Justin aren't mentally ill. They're angry. They see something that is being lost by this government. The Liberals are fast tracking this country into tyranny.

The usual comeback is, as Stephane Guilbeault recently told a reporter (I paraphrase), "have you been to countries with no freedom?" to which the reporter responded "I'm from Turkey and know all about it">

Stephane had no comeback.

That's because the Liberals are ideologues.

They're unprincipled and valueless. 

Stephane proved he doesn't;t care about liberty because none of them ever actually pondered it and take it fro granted. As long as we're not 'those countries" (though Canada absolutely acted like an authoritarian regime. You don't remove God given mobility rights of Canadians banning one portion of the population from domestic travel. That wasn't something they did for their health or science, that was punitive and it was disgusting. The act of petty authoritarians(, we're all good. 

As we inch more and more to a civilization abandoning all principles related to liberty (Canada is sinking into the St. Lawrence in the democracy index fund), Canadians are engaging in infantile relativism by plucking out extreme cases and comparing us to true authoritarian and totalitarian regimes. 

We're not Saudi Arabia.



Another subject Justin attacked Poilievre on was the economy.

He mocked and chastised him for telling Canadians to invest in crypto as a hedge against inflation. He correctly said had people listened, they would have  lost 'half' their investment.

It is true 2022 was a terrible year for crypto. Its reputation as a possible Ponzi scheme rose (especially after the SBM disaster scam). As a result, trust in crypto has dropped.

However, Justin didn't say crypto. He said Bitcoin. As usual, this party likes to conflate and confuse.

A good example of this is conflating anti-mandates with anti-vaxxer. The former can be both against mandates (and they have all the facts and science on their side by  the way) and be in favor of vaccination. But the government - and media - lumps everyone into one basket. Another example is someone can be for immigration but against illegal immigration. But they're often tagged as 'anti-immigration'. Want to reform education? You hate teachers. And students.

Right. The same students cowardly teachers and adults through under the bus and used as human shields during the hysteria.

You get the picture.

Just thought to make that distinction. Crypto is its own entity and you can follow some of it at Coindesk.

Politicians shouldn't be giving investment advice and Poilievre perhaps should have avoided it. At best, he could have pointed people towards more traditional avenues to hedge against the dollar and inflation through gold and silver.

However, this pales in comparison to what Justin has done.

Poilievre's "indiscretion" was a hypothetical. Very few people understand crypto let alone ran to follow his advice. 

Justin was trying to highlight how irresponsible Poilierve and how his fiscal policy make look like. 

Weak sauce but there you go. Yuk Yuks.

Now compare Poilievre to what the Liberals have actually done.

They've outspent any government in Canadian history. They have imposed two carbon taxes and others. Their lockdown measures have resulted in the inflation we're seeing and the rising interest rates used to combat it.All the while refusing to sell our natural resources to countries - like G7 partners Germany and Japan - to help get us out of this mess.

In other words, Justin's policies have dented our wealth, prosperity, and purchasing power. His policies have done way worse damage than anything crypto could.

In fact, the OECD has pegged Canada to be the worst-performing
economy for the next 40 years.

A bit of a long-term frame but still.

Canada, as noted, dropped five spots from the Democracy Index.

This is not a country on a good track.

Time to turn on The Light.

And never invite back this jester.


Stupid People Are More Dangerous Than Misinformation

The world is filled with stupid people. 

Stupid, self-entitled, bratty, people. 

Take Gerald Butts.

A train wreck of ignorant hubris litters his Twitter account.

And this is a guy that found his way into the PMO because he's buddies with another spectacularly stupid person Justin Trudeau.

Stupid is far more dangerous than misinformation.

But the two combined, well, that's toxic to the point of being a direct threat to the democracy they claim to protect.

No, Jerry.

The government doesn't 'grant' anything to humans. Negative rights are bestowed upon us under the authority of God.

Here, the faux-progressive notion that somehow rights are 'granted' is to reduce rights to a mere mortal concept. That way, authoritarians can control the flow of rights and ultimately liberty.

I don't know if it's by design here, but even that would demand some level of intelligence. Communists were clever and intelligent propagandists.

But this bunch of liberals?

They're just stupid.

And arrogant about it.

That makes them far more dangerous than the unvaccinated or truckers. 


The Magic Of Vulgar Science

The detachment of medicine from reality, reason, and science has been an interesting fallout from the Covid hysteria.

You can't go four minutes without a doctor waving flawed studies du jour around. They will cite any paper that confirms their bias and narrative and summarily ignore those that don't. Moreover, they appear incapable or disinterested in realizing medical journals are captured echo chambers rooted in pharma propaganda and junk science. 

It's fascinating watching it unfold because this is a class that's been revered and respected in society and culture.

However, these past three years have exposed major problems within the field. Trust has eroded significantly as people have become warier about what's going on in medicine. They will say it's because of 'misinformation' and 'disinformation'. 

It's not.

We all can hear, see and feel what's going on.

And it's a shame.

Medicine has gone full corporate and woke while maintaining its usual monopoly on arrogance.

For example, here's a comment I found. 

"...Medicine is quite clearly (and without even so much as a hint of shame) altogether detached from science, biology and reality in general. It now strives first and foremost to reflect wokeness and the narrative-du-jour. If you need further proof of just how highjacked it has become, my daughter is in second year med school. This year, her class was taught that proper Labour and Delivery terminology now replaces 'breast feeding' with 'chest feeding', and 'mom' with 'pregnant person' ... cause ya know, men can have babies.... So are we really surprised that the good Professor spouts utter BS? After all, he's among those teaching it. God help us."

This is what we call quackery. Or what I call 'Vulgar medicine' or 'Vulgar science'. 

When I sat to write this post, I said to myself it would be great to know what doctors are learning in school these days.

There you go. Buckle up because we're about to see woke-medicine go to a whole new level.

Medicine is reduced to one solution now: Vaccines. 

Flu. Covid. Moderna. Pfizer. Bivalent. Multi-valent. And many others. 

Those magical potions that somehow 'saved millions' and 'lowered hospitalization' without stopping tranmission or preventing infection for a virus with a 99.985% survival rate. 


Recently, the Canadian public was introduced by the CBC to 'Stroke season'.

Clot season! Heart attack season! Cancer season! 

Rabbit season! Duck season!

Avoid all this by taking as many vaccines as you can! It doesn't matter which. Just take 'em!

The claim, made by one Raj Bhardwaj, is that flu vaccines can help prevent strokes.

Who knew?  Isn't science grand?

Why the dickens is excess mortality above the average? WE DON'T KNOW but we know it ain't the vaccines! Why are people getting a stroke? WE DON'T KNOW but this study shows get the flu shot!

Gee, I remember when aspirin was a good way to prevent strokes. 

No more in Canada. The Magic Men - oops sorry People - say flu shots do the trick.


My, my how lucky we are to be living in such an advanced nation with all these magical vaccines.

Do you believe in magic?

And now we have convicted felon Bill Gates warning Australians the next pandemic is going to be worse. How does he know? How fucking useless and gutless is the media to not ask this simple but crucial question?

I tell ya.

What an obscene mess.

We're now swimming in what I call the era of 'Vulgar science'.

This is where you get studies linking coffee to climate change, flu shots prevent strokes, unvaccinated people cause car accidents and 'incubate variants' etc. 

And Canada is a world leader in this vulgarity.


That doesn't mean good science isn't being conducted. It's just being ignored and pushed aside by ideologues and politicized science.

One day it will be rediscovered and it will be safe to once again engage in sound, rational, independent science. Alas, this Renaissance has to wait a little longer. It may not even happen in our lifetime but it will. It has to.