A Cynical And Pathetic Quebec Continues To Limp Forward

As Texas becomes the latest state to drop the mask mandates and open up, Quebec despite a good situation continues to act like it's March 2020.

Here, Health Minister Dube declares 'We're very afraid' and 'it's the calm before the storm'.

What kind of leadership is this? Who talks this way scaring people in this manner? Fear is the last refuge of scoundrels and the CAQ under Legault are acting the part. 

Quebec and Ontario are a disgrace. 


Greatest Health Scare In History Part 55969697

At this point, I can't believe there are people out there who actually pay attention to what public officials say anymore. They're purveyors of FEAR. That's all they are.

And they are all CRIMINALS.

It is morally repugnant and illegal that they've managed to manipulate and extort people into thinking they need to take a vaccine - ignoring informed consent - in order to be free again.

Since when under any standard of science or governance has a virus stripped us of our rights in this manner?


Strengthen those atrophied liberty impulses.

You are NOT 'required' to do shit. These are NOT laws.  These measures are way out of bounds and are cynically broadly and incoherently interpreting and applying emergency powers disproportionate to the actual threat.

1500 cases in Canada and 13 deaths. This strikes you as a reason to take a vaccine, be quarantined and under constant threat from these obscene measures? These are crimes against humanity. No science of any kind to back all this madness up.


From the WHO:

"The repeated pandemic health scares caused by an avian H5N1 and a new A(H1N1) human influenza virus are part of the culture of fear.13 Worst-case thinking replaced balanced risk assessment. Worst-case thinking is motivated by the belief that the danger we face is so overwhelmingly catastrophic that we must act immediately. Rather than wait for information, we need a pre-emptive strike. But if resources buy lives, wasting resources wastes lives. The precautionary stocking of largely useless antivirals and the irrational vaccination policies against an unusually benign H1N1 virus wasted many billions of euros and eroded the trust of the public in health officials.46 The pandemic policy was never informed by evidence, but by fear of worst-case scenarios.

In both pandemics of fear, the exaggerated claims of a severe public health threat stemmed primarily from disease advocacy by influenza experts. In the highly competitive market of health governance, the struggle for attention, budgets and grants is fierce. The pharmaceutical industry and the media only reacted to this welcome boon. We therefore need fewer, not more “pandemic preparedness” plans or definitions. Vertical influenza planning in the face of speculative catastrophes is a recipe for repeated waste of resources and health scares, induced by influenza experts with vested interests in exaggeration. There is no reason for expecting any upcoming pandemic to be worse than the mild ones of 1957 or 1968,7 no reason for striking pre-emptively, no reason for believing that a proportional and balanced response would risk lives.

The opposite of pre-emptive strikes against worst-case scenarios are adaptive strategies that respond to emerging diseases of any nature based on the evidence of observed virulence and the effectiveness of control measures. This requires more generic capacity for disease surveillance, problem identification, risk assessment, risk communication and health-care response.1 Such strengthened general capacity can respond to all health emergencies, not just influenza. Resources are scarce and need to be allocated to many competing priorities. Scientific advice on resource allocation is best handled by generalists with a comprehensive view on health. Disease experts wish to capture public attention and sway resource allocation decisions in favour of the disease of their interest. We referred previously to the principles of guidance on health by the British National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE),2cited as “We make independent decisions in an open, transparent way, based on the best available evidence and including input from experts and interested parties.”8Support from disease experts is crucial in delivering opinion, scholarly advice and evidence to a team of independent general scientists. But this team should independently propose decisions to policy-makers and be held accountable for them.

The key to responsible policy-making is not bureaucracy but accountability and independence from interest groups. Decisions must be based on adaptive responses to emerging problems, not on definitions. WHO should learn to be NICE: accountable for reasonableness in a process of openness, transparency and dialogue with all the stakeholders, and particularly the public.9


Quebec Masks Six Year-Olds

Take a bow Legault, Dube and Roberge. The Three Stooges. 

Serial psychological abusers of children.

Today was a discouraging day. Quebec keeps falling down further down the abyss of hysteria.

Is there no excessive measure they won't undertake?

Yet, hospitalizations continue to free fall and cases (which mean nothing) are steady.

Plus the R-value is now .83.

Nothing makes sense.

Something is drastically off in Quebec.

And parents. You never cease to amaze me at how you roll over.

Every single Quebecer should be ashamed, appalled and disappointed by what the CAQ have been doing. 

Mask Mandates: "Diabolical Silliness"

The North Dakota legislature is one step closer to outlawing mask mandates calling them 'diabolical silliness'.

Indeed, what began as possibly as a 'harmless tool in the arsenal to stop the spread' has become a full blown psychosis. 

And because the bureaucracy is riddled with sociopaths and politicians exhibit classic traits of narcissism, they're all too prepared and ready to keep preying on people's fears. That goes for infectious disease doctors and physicians who are displaying a kind of misplaced God-complex demanding people are coerced into mouth amulets.

We're so pathetically arrogant and sadistically stupid we now have our children cowering in fear. 

This is psychological abuse under any other circumstance.

But stick nebulous phrases like 'for the greater good' and 'public health emergency' and we get to hide behind a grotesque masquerade of false virtue.

The narcissism laced with Stockholm Syndrome on display is something to behold.

Alas, I may as well blow against a hurricane. The stampede is in full motion now. We can but wait this hysteria out.

As Charles MacKay wrote 169 years ago in Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, "people go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, one by one.”


One by one we'll have to welcome them back.

As for the others, let natural selection sort them out. 


Nowhere To Hide From Hyper-Partisan Politics

Picked up 'The Culture of Narcissism' by Christopher Lasch on the recommendation of an American friend. When I balked worried about the introduction by E.J. Dionne he assured me it wouldn't take away from the value of the book.

But Dionne can't help himself. He has to insert the usual never-ending tiresome tribal partisan rhetoric so prevalent today.

What's a book about narcissism without attacking Trump's narcissism and the 'racism' of his base without any evidence to back it up? I saw no point in this. It was also interesting to note not a single reference to Obama's own narcissism and brand of 'progressive populism'.

He also called MLK a 'liberal icon'.

Wasn't he a gun owning Republican?

Why They Hate Sweden

The world hates Sweden because Sweden shows the monumental mistakes and blunders undertaken by most nations in the West.

That's why.

It's the same reason why Florida is attacked in the United States. 

Can't make the incompetent buffoons look bad yo. 

Stop Zooming

One year out and people still meet to Zoom.

I get it. We're trying to make the best of it.

But know what?

It's bull shit.

That's not living and each time you pretend to be 'saving lives' with the lies that have been perpetuated on you, is more power concentrated into the criminal incompetent assholes who put us in this mess.

Stop being weak and demand a return to normalcy.

Do you not notice the virus is pretty much done? I'd bolt myself if I saw just what kind  a bunch of lazy assed, easily scared and manipulated morons humans are.

Here's the origin of the lockdowns.



Trudeau And His Cabinet Should Do Us All A Favor And Just Resign

Finally the world is coming around to recognizing China is a rotten state committing acts of genocide against the Uyghurs. Next up, getting China to account for the Wuhan virus.

Parliament did the right thing to recognize it but in unsurprising move, the coward Trudeau stood with China.

The Cabinet weren't present and Marc Garneau abstained. 

They in effect showed themselves to be stooges of the CCP. Now we really know. Between the excessive Covid measures and this, Canada is in the hands of CCP sympathizers. 

Canada needs to regain its moral compass and we can start by asking this sorry bunch to resign.


Meanwhile. Trudeau has no problem attacking Canadian civil rights passing laws like a little weasel while Parliament isn't in session including the gun ban (that even the RCMP questions) and his idiotic travel ban as Tam continues to terrorize Canadians with a virus no one gives a shit about anymore.

Variants. Please.

What a sorry lot this bunch.

Canada: Sweden, South Dakota And Florida Kicked Our Asses

This message is for all Canadian public officials including Trudeau, Legault, Ford, Williams, Arruda, Henry, Hinshaw, and of course our dear purveyor of panic Mother Theresa Tam. 


As Tam and epidemiologists (who should have been ignored a long time ago) are now 'variants doom' chanting. Do you see Sweden or Iowa panicking? Do you see these places accosting their citizens at airports or handing out illegal tickets? 

We failed on so many levels it's not even funny. 

Spared of the dramatic theatre and coercive mandates, Sweden and a few U.S. states have shown the way. From day one, the UN and W.H.O. asked nations to not lock down yet that's precisely what the panicked incompetent buffoons pretending to lead the West did.

They unleashed a campaign of fear that spread faster than the virus and psychologically traumatized people - possibly permanently.

One can hope that when the dust settles and clarity reenters the conversation they will see the error of what we've done and official who pushed it will pay the price though a combination of resignation, firings and even lawsuits. 

It was a disgrace of epic proportions masking up and locking down.

History will absolutely show this was a gross over reaction and the greatest health scares in history.

We must learn from it.

The sad part is in the DNA of the state - run by psychopaths - unless there are strong safeguards against emergency powers instituted (don't hold your breath) they know they can lockdown and get away with it. 

That's the problem. We consented and rolled over like gutless fools listening to 'worse case scenarios' and believing the only way out is through a vaccine which is simply not true. Vaccines I may add, that this country couldn't get in a timely manner and sufficient amounts. 

They've set this thing up in a way that if they wanted to, they could keep this going on indefinitely. It only stops with YOU.

You let officials play on your compassion letting them manipulate you into a huge social experiment not rooted in science of any kind while telling it was and that it was for the 'greater good'.

You were played.

And in a moment of irrational fear and momentary lapse of reason, you projected your fears onto your kids; our children. You let officials mask them up and cooped them up in cages as if they were diseased little animals. You disgust me.

We were bullied and lied to by a bunch of sociopaths and incompetent clowns.

All for what turned out to be a virus with a super high survival rate. It was no plague.

The U.S. will be at herd by April and be done with. Canada, in its infinite stupidity, is prolonging the pain.

None of these measures 'saved lives'. GET THIS THROUGH YOUR HEADS.

Statistically, the literature moving forward will clearly show the trade-offs were not in our favor.

Show some damn courage Canada and spare the world the false virtue on display. 


Covid Community Action: Crimes Against Humanity

Every single one of these people should be locked up. They're psychopaths. The fact they claim and insert jargon like 'Compassionate Science' should be a RED FLAG. This is all eugenics - of a variation thereof - by other (social engineering) means. 

Now the fight begins people.

If you still think 'it's just a mask', give yourself a shake ALREADY. 

We need to unfortunately mobilize and organize just to be HUMAN AGAIN.

Covid-19 is NOT a reason to be masked up or to live in perpetual fear.


Covid Math And How The Canadian Government Is Lying

 As it stands per the table in the last post.

594 Canadians are in serious condition. Canada's population is 37.4 million.


.00001584% of the population is in serious condition.

Digest this.

Now try and tell me all this restrictions are justified.

I'm now worried something worse is at play. 

Here's another interesting thing. The Lowy Institute in Australia ranked all nations based on their Covid response. To the extent, of course, we can trust these compilations. New Zealand at #1 makes me suspicious. I don't think locking down is a winning formula and would never want to emulate them.

Sweden is 35th.

Canada 68th.

In other words, Sweden does better and worse than countries who had severe restrictions. Meaning doing nothing would have more or less led to the same results.

Canada is run by clowns. And I'm not kidding. Incompetent clowns with clown epidemiologists. 

Canada Continues Psychologically Terrorizing Citizens

As Canada continues to levy some of the most restrictive measures in North America (for once can Canada ever be a leader in anything? More on this in a minute), legal action has sprung into action. 

Hopefully those decisions fall in favour of the people as they have in several places in Europe and states in the U.S..

There's no question Quebec and Canada not only run afoul of our own Charter but UN conventions as well.

And my fellow Canadians. It had to be done because the government is not signalling they're going to pivot. 15 days to flatten the curve was a lie. If you can't see this after 11 months, get your eyes, ears and brain checked.

It's unfortunate that we have to regain our rights the government is going to secure. The big problem is the unintended consequences of all these measures will having lasting psychological impacts on citizens.

It's not a conspiracy to understand fear is indeed a deliberate part of the game plan. Leaked documents in Germany revealed fear was to be deployed in order to control the population. 

Government - a place that's supposed to represent the people and protect its rights - is a hostile actor against its own people.

It's not in the public interest because if it was we'd have inquiries into the nursing home scandals in Ontario and Quebec. All this is ostensibly done to protect the elderly and vulnerable yet until now no one ever cared about this demographic and by not calling an inquiry they only cement their hypocrisy. This is not about 'saving lives'.

We've done everything we've could to do so. We've frayed and fractured the social and economic order as well as assaulted children. Deaths are in statistically negligible territory now.

This virus will possibly always claim some lives - mostly the weak and frail - and it's unclear as to what level of deaths is considered acceptable to the government as they're too bust moving goal posts. Now with deaths indeed so low it's impossible to keep the fear narrative going, they've found another boogeyman with the variants. But notice they're already saying it's not likely to be deadly but....it will lead to infections. Notice the cycle of medical sophistry at play designed to keep us in this hysteria?

More fear equals more expansionary powers for the state.

Moving forward I wish to see:

An inquiry into nursing homes.

The re-establishment of accepted pandemic protocols prior to this hysteria.

All involved in promulgated this hysteria to be investigated for potential crimes against humanity.

We need to wrestle the medical tyranny diktats from unelected officials and demand and command public leaders to act with honourable dignity in the face of adversity. 

This is what Canadians are acting like fools over social distancing and masking themselves out of a life: 

Currently Infected Patients
32,209 (98%)
in Mild Condition

594 (2%)
Serious or Critical