A Message To Two Old Scared Men Neil Young And Howard Stern

Shut the fuck you sanctimonious, ignorant, arrogant, obedient, asswipes terrified of a respiratory illness with a 99.985% survival rate.

The self-righteous blathering of these awful baby boomers is nauseating.

A pair of insufferable douche bags.

As Lynyrd Skynyrd once sang, 'Well, I hope Neil Young remembers, a Southern man don't need him around anyhow.'


Who needs Neil Young? 

Question Neil: You profess to know more about Dr. Malone? If so, then debate him instead of issuing ultimatums on the Internet against Spotify. Better yet, Neil, go on Joe Rogan.

He's just about the more open and transparent interviewer out there. 

Show some real balls Neil.

Instead of sounding like a coward.


USA Superior To Canada In Two Key Areas

The courts and health care.

It's a no contest.

On the courts front, several state Supreme Court rulings have been rendered while the Supreme Court of the United States has issued also weighed in at least four or five rulings I'm aware of. Not to mention various Federal Court decisions. The vaccine and mask mandate rulings have more often than not come down on the side of the people and Constitution. 

Canada? One could only wish. We've yet to have a single ruling (other than winning an injunction on the travel bans in early 2021) in our favour. 

I don't think we've gotten out of the lower courts. Canadian judges are slaves to the narrative it would appear. In fact, all they want to hear in filings is the law and not evidence. Apparently, the government is allowed to abridge our constitutional rights. Which only confirms my long suspicion that our Charter really isn't worth much. One wrong person on power and we're in trouble.

Well, we have two very abusive charlatans. Both from Quebec. No surprise there. Trudeau and Legault. A pair of petty dictatorial tyrants who have just about broken the civil order in Canada. 

Very sobering to realize our democracy is mostly a sham at the moment.

The other area is health.

American hospitals clearly can handle the load. No more talk of 'overwhelming the system' like we do here. All our civil liberties have been eradicated because of a corrupted and mismanaged second rate public health system. We have quack epidemiologists and other scientific 'experts' calling for passports for, well, no one is sure why given there is NO justification for them.

Apparently, the Canadian social contract involves preserving a public health system while scapegoating a segment of the population who bravely exercised their right to not consent to an experimental (and largely failed) vaccine program. 

True, the U.S. hospital system seems to be frighteningly corrupted and inhumane but so is Canada's. None are offering treatments or protocols so they have both failed spectacularly to criminal levels here. 

The political system, could be a third but this is a little more complex. Suffice to say, though, again edge to the U.S. since we see far more vigorous debate and opposition to the official narrative. Here, Canadians still think March 2020 is the only viable option we're so closed off within our parochial bubbles. Only a handful of Canadian politicians have had the guts to stand up and fight for Canada. O'Toole is not one of them by the way.


Canada 0.

And oh. The United States have also surpassed Canada when it comes to hockey.


Message To Truckers: Get The Bastard!

To all the truckers of Canada and America taking a stand.

Give the sons of bitches hell! Truckers will save this country where lousy and cowardly "constitutional" lawyers and cops couldn't.  Go fuck yourselves along with the asshole media, quack doctors and politicians. 

Fuck Trudeau.



Arruda Resigns; He Can Save Quebec

 Maybe I'll adjust my hiatus to will post from time to time.

Big news.

Quebec's top doctor has resigned. Of course, Quebec leads the way in mayhem.

What does that mean?

It means the narrative is crumbling.

It means, despite my being hard on him, he has a conscience.

I had predicted last year if anyone resigns, it would be him.

You can tell he was no happy or comfortable with any of this for a while now. He probably understands the utter damage to the civil order these two psychopaths Legault and Dube are doing the civil order. They're unhinged.

Arruda is now free from the grips of two tyrannical and cynical buffoons trying to manage the narrative way from being scrutiny; from being seen as the two men who have ruined Quebec's economy and psyche.

It is unbelievable Legault is planning to further restrictions in a last gasp attempt to seize back full control. The new man - Luc Boileau - is a pharma shill and a yes man. 

I expect things to get worse but perhaps this is the beginning of the end.

NOW WE GO IN FOR THE KILL. DO NOT TAKE THE BOOSTER. Omicron is burning through with fury. Many of the cases and hospitalizations are probably flu. It's pure chaos. Quebec's public health system is in shambles. That's why we're in this mess.

These vaccines have been mostly useless from the onset and Pfizer knows it. Bourla is now on record as saying the protection has been 'limited',  Funny how he changes his tune now that a judge has ordered Pfizer and the FDA release 55 000 pages of documents. One can just surmise their product is junk The CDC is slowly walking back from their official narrative too. Bourla says a 'new' vaccine for Omicron will be ready by March? Why? By then there may be another variant (unless we can stop this vaccine madness) and Omicron will likely be long gone. What will be the point of that? Literally NO REASON to take that crap. Pharma and government will be chasing tails and WE'RE gonna pay the price.  

If you can't see this for what it is by now you need a helmet to go through life. What I'm saying to you - and have been saying since March of 2020 - is THEY HAVE BEEN LYING TO US EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. Go back. Trace the steps. Look at what skeptics and conspiracy theorists had been saying. Match it with news reports. Think about all the people of prominence who warned this was overblown. 

Truth was bound to finally prevail. Maybe we have arrived at this point. 

If we all together stand firm, this ends. NO CONSENT.

As for Arruda. He's free now. He must speak out. He must join our ranks.

His reputation was tarnished. His conscience withered. 

But he can now make amends.


My usual disclaimer: Greatest medical hysteria (and scam) in world history.


On Hiatus

After the announcement here in Quebec, I've come to accept things will not get better here. They're getting worse. My life has been thrown upside down.

It's a nightmare and never thought I'd be in this position.

I now have to focus on my family and plot my next move. And literally move.

I started this blog in late 2004. Over 12 000 posts (drafts) have been written. My traffic was never great but I poured my heart - every ounce of it - into it. I gave my best to whoever read it.

If you enjoyed it, I'm glad.

Hopefully I'll come back. I enjoyed doing this. But we're no longer living in a free society.

It's a full on dictatorship. And Quebecers are embracing it without much thought.

It's shocking. I bought a new house in a lovely town. We had hoped this was going to be our base to finish off our careers in the next few years.

This has been take away.

Time to seek our future elsewhere.

Ideally the United States. Things aren't much better in Canada. There aren't any heroes here to fight the good fight. It's a vaccine Covid gulag. You're in or you're out. Maybe there's an outside chance Ontario doesn't go this far so that could be an option. Other provinces? We'll see. But Canada isn't a first choice. 

The United States has huge issues as well but I'd rather take my chances there. The odds are against me given my options are thin and the risks high. My daughter is a teenager entering prime years. I don't want to disrupt her life unnecessarily. She's a beautiful soul I love too much. 

When they said we 'have to learn to live with the virus' they meant with QR codes and the eradication of medical autonomy and civil liberties.

I can't live this way. I can't accept this dark, cold place. It offers nothing of value - and love. 

I have to fight for my family.

You know. In the 1980s I used to rad stories about people defecting from the Soviet Union and feeling sorry for them. How hard it must have been to do that.

Now I know how it feels on some level. 

Canada has ripped from us our right to live in peace. 

And Canadians slept.

It's been a pleasure. Perhaps we'll meet further long down the road. I do so with great emotion.


It's Because It's Working

Covid (allegedly) deaths 2020:

1 941 647 

Covid (allegedly) deaths 2021:

3 475 060.

Without knowing who died 'of', 'with' and 'from' Covid. Numbers mayhem. 

What was introduced in 2021? Right. The 'safe and effective' vaccines. 

So effective, deaths doubled and Quebec is headed for a curfew - the only jurisdiction on the West to impose one.

So effective, they blame people who don't take it for the rise in *cases* that threaten to collapse all of civilization. Wonder if Bill Gates writes the memos himself. 

Legault admits it's based not on science but 'intuition;.

If this doesn't wake anyone up, let them sleep. Hopefully the more logical and sane among the normies recognize just how bad a situation this is and by that I don't mean the virus.

The government and its vaccine roll out is the virus.

When the next protest happens, you'd better show up and stop making excuses.

They promised get vaccinated and you'd get your life back. 

What life?

You call this a life?

Who died from Omicron?

Are you prepared to lose your liberty to protect a public health system politicians and the orders of physicians refuse to fix?

Again. We're heading int a curfew for MISMANAGEMENT not a virus. 

Collapse Of Reason, Science And Logic

My God Quebec and Canada lie in shambles.

So we're right back to March of 2020. Lockdowns, curfews and deferral of the school year in 2022. For three weeks they tell us. More comically, it's based on 'intuition' of Francois Legault. The same clown who fired nurses and is applying pointless measures to protect the system he never bolstered but in fact weakened. He had TWO years to bolster it and didn't. Now people are back in curfew to protect his sorry ass.

The vaccinated were promised 'liberty' and the restaurants no lockdowns. Both got neither.

You can't tell people get vaccinated 'to end the pandemic' and lock them down. It undermines the claim the claim you can 'vaccinate your way out of this' and the vaccines as being effective. 

So clearly the vaccines aren't working. No only are cases shooting up to record levels, hospitalizations are rising among the vaccinated.

The world is taking dead aim at the unvaccinated but it's not them overwhelming hospitals. Nor do the vaccines halt transmission. So we're looking in the wrong places clearly. But it's much easier to scapegoatf people, right? 

Either you kill the roll out and come up with a new game plan or expect this misery,  mayhem and madness to continue. Omicron is a mild virus which makes me wonder why are people going into the  hospital and for what medical reasons exactly? 


Daily Derp: Step Right UP! Get Your PT Barnum Booster Shot To The Moon!

I'm once again way behind so here we go. These are a bunch of nuggets worth linking to during this hysteria. It's all about sharing and leaving a digital trail so that hopefully one day the people who perpetuated these crimes and those who were complicit in them will face justice. The truth was always out there.

-Crimes of the millennium. 

- Doctor spreads outrageous lies about Covid and kids.

-Timeline of the events in this crime. 

-Climate change waste.

-Vaccine mandates not based on sound science.

-Wait. You actually thought this was about public health? NIH, CIA and Gates. What can go wrong?

-Pharma, psychology and genocide.  

-The moment the vaccines threatened our liberties and medical autonomy. 

- I have been through this before. We all have.

- Corrupt NIH/FDA/CDC.

-Athletes collapsing. It's worth noting super stars like Rodgers, Djokovic, James and I believe Ronaldo are all questioning the narrative. We need more to strep up....like now.

-Can the vaccines damage the immune system?

- Pathogenic priming becoming real? Well is it?

- Modes of redress in international law against vaccine mandates.

- The "left" are anti-human establishmentarians now. 

- It's probably nothing. Or  more guilty consciences will reveal themselves. 

- 40 places where the shots have failed to stop the spread.

-The unnecessary battle for Ivermectin. We're told the vaccines are just a tool in the tool box (no it's not. They're being coerced into people as a means to a medical end), so why not add successful therapeutics that have little to no downside? After all, it's about saving lives, right? Right?

-Taiwan: Deaths from vaccines exceeds Covid.


I keep waiting for cooler heads to prevail. Still waiting, It's getting worrisome.


Random thought:

I happen to fall in the camp of people who believe Nuremberg 2 is upon us for new crimes against humanity.This time it goes well beyond Germany. The charges are: 1) Knowingly imposing measures such as lockdowns and masks were unscientific and without merit thus costing the lives and jobs of millions while damaging the psychological well-being of millions more. 2) Rushing of an experimental gene therapy for a possible man-made virus leading to adverse events, deaths and injuries greater than all previous medical procedures in history. 3) Suppressing the dignity of rights of people and creating two tier societies through unethical and illegal methods such as green passes, vaccine passports and mandates that are an affront to inalienable rights. 3) The suppression of known treatments which led to the deaths of innocent people 4) Those charged included the national governments of, but not exclusively, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Norway, Denmark, Israel, Switzerland, Austria South Africa, Chile, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and China. Various regulatory agencies and bodies and their leaders including, but not exclusively, the FDA, CDC, NIH, NIAID, Health Canada and equivalents, and those found to be connected to, in other countries including SAGE. Academic institutions and professors and scientists active in promoting an atmosphere of fear, medical boards and international NGOs and organizations including, but not restricted to, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, GAVI, George Soros, Imperial College, Johns Hopkins, Rockefeller Foundation, independent laboratories, the World Health Organization and World Economic Forum. As well, courts and judges who refused to defend the rights of peoples everywhere. The pharmaceutical industry led by Pfizer and its officials for alleged fraud and misleading of the public. Media, both traditional and social, for purposely and deliberately suppressing and censoring opinions and facts contrary to the established narrative, propaganda and orthodoxy. Each conspiring to cynically capitalize and profit from an international health crisis. Incompetence and claims of 'we weren't aware' will not be a defence. In this day and age of where information is readily available. The pleading of ignorance and 'doing one's job' will not be a defense.


-Auditor-General is not impressed. Neither are we.

-Dozens of politicians profiting from mandates.

- What happens in the first two weeks after vaccinations?

-Omicron is not normal.

- Selling sickness. Pharma relies on disease mongering. Just like NIH.

- Citizens make fascism happen. Not politicians. 

- Who will be held responsible?

-Conflicts of interest abound in Canada.

- Passports and mandatory vaccination makes no sense.  And governments know this.

-Passports make no sense. You think? 

-BMJ calls out lame-ass loser fake fact checkers at Facebook.

- Oh look. Fauci and Francis doing what they do best: Act like bullying criminal fascists. Can anyone point to a single achievement these bums have pulled off? 

- Pfizer: More harm than good from the CCCA.

-Dr. Mel Bruchet black-bagged. This is very disturbing. 

- Some quick math on mass vaccinations.

- Bounty on your life and the Covid incentive programs in hospitals. 

- Omicron spread by young, healthy vaccinated people.

- VAERS telling a frightening story. 

- Bayer exec describes *vaccines* as gene therapy. By doing so, they violated informed consent off the bat.

-Follow the money. Please. This is the company connected to Van der Layen's husband. More here.

- You think? Gee, I wonder why?

-Breaking the Covid spell.

-BioNTech CEO Sahin is not vaccinated. Surprised? You shouldn't be.

-Time to pause the vaccine rollout and revise policy. 

- Idiot Canadian landlord in Calgary be like a Nazi.

- State of emergency and coercive medicine. 

- George Soros has blood on his hands. You think? 

-Theresa Tam must resign. You think?

-The vaccinated created Omicron. 

- Changing and winging it as they go along: "Our definition of 'vaccines' is problematic" I said our definition of 'vaccines' is.....

-Kenney's Alberta is fascistic. For public health. 

- Oh, come on! It's for your health! 

-Microwaves and brain injury. 

- Australia's prison camps. Inside the quarantine camps. Canada has camps too. By the way.

- Don't get sick.  How to reverse mRNA cell damage.

-Rath and Company serves Trudeau.

- Groups like CEDH are essential in this fight against medical tyranny. 

-There are many out there like Solidarity Movement. 

-Pandemic of the vaccinated. Unlike the unvaccinated scare, this one is provable.

- Former pharma sales rep says no to the experimental serum.

- Like Dr. Vanden Bossche, Dr. David Martin is incredibly thorough, articulate and well-sourced. They are either spectacularly right or spectacularly wrong. Right now, it looks like the former. If Martin is right about Trudeau (and quite frankly, it's plausible), I have no idea where we go from here. 

- Interview with Dr. Steven Pelech on the Iron Will Show.

-Stigmatizing the unvaccinated not justified. 

- Indian Bar Association goes on the offensive against medical officials and social media.

- Ethics and practices of pharma. Or lack thereof.

-The Socratic Academy founded by Dr. Christian et al.

- There are better ways to treat Covid.

- Canadian academics discuss cruddy Covid narrative.

-VigiAccess. After consenting, type 'Covid-19 Vaccine'.  Click on ADRs. Remove filament. Enjoy! 

-Boosters a slippery slope. You think? 

- Autopsies showing vaccines are dangerous. 

- Who are the real conspiracy theorists? Hint: It ain't people who don't wear masks.

- Equal part stupid and evil.

-Protecting the people from the perpetual pandemic.

*If you think waiting for the government and experts to *end* this, you need a booster shot for the brain.

-Media gets it wrong every single time. On purpose. 

- What is 'The Great Resert?'

- Expert has some Covid questions.  Excellent. Dr. Bhargava is her name. 

-BMJ's Dr. Doshi has always fought for truth and science. Here he questions vaccine efficacy. 

- Simple. You support vaccine passports, you're an authoritarian at heart and will be on the wrong side of history. Without doubt.

-The Fauci Dossier.

-Vaccination is state sponsored religion.

-Baber is one of the few courageous Canadian politicians out there.

-Delta, like Omicron, driven by the.....vaccinated. /cue scary music.

- UK funeral directors speak out.

Good little monkeys....