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The world is filled with miserable narcissists blinded by their own sense of faux-righteousness.

Some guy named Charles M. Blow - oh look, a black power identity politics writer for the New York Times. Give me a 'Tip toe to the window' Pepe chant! -  claimed Pepe Le Pew perpetuates rape culture.

I want even bother dissecting the spoof and plot because it's just too stupid. 

When you go after a cartoon character no longer part of contemporary character and created decades ago, I think the problem lies with you.

This dogmatic woke parasite infecting people's remedial minds is on a tear.

I have no idea how you stop it except to mock the people who push this disease.

It won't stop. The Flintstones, Bullwinkle and Rocky, The Jetsons....whatever...these sociopathic cranks ain't gonna stop.

You've been marked for death. 

The New York Times perpetuates hate culture. How's that?

Charles. Shut up and get a life and a real job.

That's the only way I can respond to these stories now.

Oh. And follow all this sickness to its logical end.

Nothing is safe or sacred through the lenses of narcissistic righteousness and critical theory.

Not even the Sistine Chapel. Mark my words, it's coming.


Masks Of Narcissism

Are 'wokism' and 'maskism' the natural end point of the 'unconstrained vision' of philosophy?

Rousseau, Owen, St-Simon, George Bernard Shaw, Godwin, Condorcet, the Fabian society, early 20th century progressives right up to critical theory are examples of such a vision.

A vision that seems restless and always at war with itself and outside itself. Constantly seeking 'what ought to be' without ever know what that ought to be. 

There are no end points. Just a vision without much of a theory.

If this is accepted, then it's no surprise what we're seeing these days. It's the unconstrained vision gone awry. A fundamental premise of this vision was reason. After all, it finds its origins in the 'Age of Reason' during the Enlightenment and the philosophes.

But really all we did was switch now dogmatic power for another; that is Church power for state power. 


A contraient view is far more restrained and prudent. It is less dramatic preferring to let life unfold naturally to arrive at a 'just society. It possesses a less cynical long term view of man. The unconstrained vision is less patient and trusting of man. It can't wait for wisdom to unfold.

The unconstrained vision has given us the war on the Muppets and the cult of the narcissist and rampant virtue-signalling and a revival of sophistry.

It abandoned the reason part (though still claiming to be 'following science') and has let emotion take control.

It has become a series of endless philosophical contradictions that can't possibly sustain itself but can be incredibly dangerous to society. 

A framework that envisions a world where only 'experts' are capable at reason leaving a society vulnerable to social policy in the hands of intellectual authority figures. 

Not exactly a group known for humility and common sense.

For example, how can they claim to have 'consensus' and 'love science' if they accept there are 72 genders? Or bizarre spins and notions of anti-racism now spreading in academia like wild fire. Masks have taken its own perverse place at the seat as it's being taught - sans preuves - of its alleged effectiveness. 

For more on constrained and unconstrained visions read Thomas Sowell's 'Conflict of Visions'

Biden Didn't Get His 100 Day Mask Mandate So He Settled For War

Biden wanted people in masks for 'just 100 days'. Come on man. Soon he began saying beyond 2021. 

He got it to be enforced on Federal lands but 16 states have since rescinded the mandates.

Seeing this is probably a pipe dream now, Biden decided to bomb Syria. After four years of Middle-East peace, the USA under the Democrats have revved up the war machine once again. Arab nations are extremely concerned. They were given a framework to a stabilized region under Trump with Iran kept in check and peace deals with Israel. The Democrats have come in and ripped that up.

Notice the moral contradiction here. Wear a mask, save lives. Drop bombs....profit?

The evil and corruption we've seen since 2020....

Quebec's Behavior Not Surprising

Canada's weakest link is the 'notwithstanding clause' in the Charter. It was an 'opt-out' clause devised as a concession to placate Quebec.

In hindsight, what Canada should have done is refuse and let Quebec go as a matter of principle because the clause not only diluted our rights it practically rendered moot making the government and not the people as final arbiters of our inherent rights. 

Consider it Quebec's gift to North America. Just read how a judge ruled against a plaintiff here to know how the province views civl rights and privacy

Guess which region in North America has imposed the most severe restrictions on the continent?

Quebec doesn't respect civil liberties. How can it given how it views rights judging by its actions?

Quebec always chooses the collective over the individual and as such it makes liberty secondary. You can't be both collectivist and free at the same time. 



This is a powerful message to police.

Politicians are making fools of you. They've destroyed our civil liberties. Why would you play your part in this assault on liberty?

Quebec Is An Outlier


Medical Crooks Abound

 Follow the money with the vaccines.

It shouldn't surprise anyone if the alarmism on display from public health officials is ridden with conflicts of interests. 

Dr. Eileen De Villa is the new face of panic driven rhetoric about Covid. The 'people's doctor' as the Toronto Star described her in a propaganda puff piece, is just your run of the mill medical shyster.

She has the city of Toronto in lockdown while - KA-CHING!

They're all looking to score off the vaccines.

It's pretty amazing people still buy into the lie. 

They're all crooks and they're all criminals.

They will lie about masks working and they will lie about the true extent of the threat because it promotes fear and fear means more jabs and more jabs means more champagne bottles popping for the pill popping doctors. 

They found their recipe. 

The only way out of their medical tyranny is to STOP listening to them. 


Reminder: Quebec Is A Black Mark In Canada

Remember, Francois Legault put this province in an unprecedented curfew - a first in Canadian history for an over blown hysteria called Covid-19.

Take a bow sir.

Do a pirouette if you must. Make your pathetic victory dance to the lap dogs in the media. Howl to the wind! 

A man of liberty he claims but has Quebecers under house arrest.

And mask children not because he's a man of morals and science. 

But because he can. 

Such an ego. Bigger than a black hole.

And he lies. Oh does he lie to a population. But they still throw roses at his feet. Give us more suppression sir! It is you and only you who can stop this virus! 

Go to him media. Bow. Kiss is little toes. Gutless journalists playing a secondary role in a terrible play can do no better. Now go shine shoes.

You ask about educators? Ha! You think unions care for children? They called for this mask compulsion. Police are all too glad to abdicate their duty to the Charter and follow illegal decrees like good little soldiers. Must protect those pensions! Children and rights be gone! 

Just doing their jobs, eh?

Where are the damn heroes in Canada? Where are the lions? 

What did you expect from a country with a Maple Leaf as its symbol? A nation so aimless in its false virtue it can't even see the saps they've become. 

The curfew was supposed to be for 30 days. It has been over 60 now. It's what disingenuous cowards do.

Sting people along with lies.

What of their body language? Isn't it obvious? They're clowns. Observe them. They know they're deceivers playing politics.

Do you not see? Are you this sad in fear? Atrophied minds are not a way to live in a democracy.

Oh this is a democracy? Not anymore it is. And it will only regain its integrity if these men face justice. 

He's 'c'est moe le boss' type we've all seen. One big Dunning-Kruger effect with a massive ego.

Yes, my North American friends, I concede.  We are a black mark on a country. His cognitive dissonance is such that while he has Quebecers trapped, he talks about freedom. 

I never thought I'd witness such a despicable nightmare.

And by that, I don't mean the virus.

This man is worse than the virus itself.

Quebec is rewiring the psyche of Quebecers. The consequences will linger for years.

How will they get away with this?


Masks Were A Test. We Failed. And There's No Way Out: SAY NO TO HEALTH PASSES

They got us right where they want you. 

Now you're a slave to a health pass to just get your life back.


Notice how much evil oozes out of IBM. It comes smiling for the greater good but don't be fooled. It's sinister. 

For a stupid, shitty virus with a death rate below the flu that does not kill people under 60 and even people who are 75 and healthy beat it.

They prepped you like little sheep you are with the masks. Then once they got your little panicked asses sufficiently scared they extorted you with a vaccine.

And you thought it was going to be the end of that?

The variants and masking of children should have been enough for you but it wasn't. You're too self-absorbed in your own pathetic narcissistic fears.

You are IDIOTS who weren't paying attention. 

The end game was the pass. That's the Patriot Act to 9/11. 

Except here, all they had to do was scare you into thinking transmissibility was in of itself a danger to your life and that YOU posed a threat to the community as an 'asymptomatic' spreader.

Don't you see?

They're criminals. 

They don't care about you or your health.

They care about what you represent as means to more power and control.

Are you going to finally fucken wake up?


Francois Legault Continues His Reign Of Irrational And Anti-Science Terror

Legault has turned Quebec into a pariah.

Quebecers don't see it - apparently - but he has.

This province has the most excessive measures of any region in North America and among the worst in the West. Montreal is the ONLY major city in the west to still not permit in-house dining AND is the only city in the continent in a curfew. 

Cases and deaths have dropped everywhere on the continent and yet these buffoons  - and other brains dead clowns who support them mostly in media and some pundits - think our numbers dropped because of curfews.

It's worth mentioning in Nature a study shows - and there several like it - measures have a limited life span before they revert to limited impact. For example, you could see a drop in something but its effectiveness is limited - perhaps within two or three weeks - and bound to have no impact. So we may have seen cases drop during the curfew but now we've plateaued. Now what? 

Legault has this province running in direct opposition to UN and WHO conventions. Quebec literally undertakes measures that run against the grain of data and science! 

Today he obscenely double down on masks on kids - saying he 'believes' they work. I don't care what he 'believes'. I want to see him PROVE it and tell the public where he's getting his information - while not being able to explain why he has kept this stupid curfews in place.

The mask phenomena is something to behold. What was considered to be the weakest of the NPI has become the first line of defence. To believe masks work is to be ignorant and to enforce it is to maintain fear. There is nothing humane or compassionate in compulsory mask wearing. Compelling people - let alone children - into them is wrong on numerous levels as noted many times on this blog including the terrible message it sends, the fear factor and the potential harmful impacts including concern given they're made with carcinogens like polypropylene.  

Legault is just doing this because a) he can and b) he's probably an asshole.

Quebec may think itself proud and advanced, but they're a laughing stock and a pariah.

We're everything no one should ever emulate.

We're not a model. Do you see anyone copying us?

Of course not.

Because we're a laggard.

Mississippi North.

The Spain of North America.

And that's the damn truth. 

All I asked when this madness began was Quebec not become the worst place. I would be happy with middle of the pack.

Instead, I got the my worst nightmare.

We became 'that guy'. 


A Cynical And Pathetic Quebec Continues To Limp Forward

As Texas becomes the latest state to drop the mask mandates and open up, Quebec despite a good situation continues to act like it's March 2020.

Here, Health Minister Dube declares 'We're very afraid' and 'it's the calm before the storm'.

What kind of leadership is this? Who talks this way scaring people in this manner? Fear is the last refuge of scoundrels and the CAQ under Legault are acting the part. 

Quebec and Ontario are a disgrace.