We Need Blood Pressure Pills To Guard Against The Shameless Disinformation And Corruption Of Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are terrible for my blood pressure. 

It's getting to be impossible to keep up anymore.

A couple of things here I need to quickly comment about.

One, is the Liberals/NDP have rammed through Bill C-11 without the crucial amendments requested by the Senate. This signifies the Canadian government under Justin is indeed out to ultimately censor what Canadians view on the Internet. Otherwise, if it was just a bill to 'modernize' the act then why do they need certain aspects of it that will hurt Canadian content creators? This unnecessary bill heads back to the Senate. I can't recall the Senate even being put in such a situation. It's definitely earning its stripes and now they face arguably its toughest challenge yet. Will they hold the line for Canada?

Two, a corrupt bully will continue to corrupt bully. Canada's inability to reprimand and reign in Justin Trudeau's wholly anti-democratic behaviour means he will continue to mock this 'country'.

Why country in quotations?

Because Canada isn't a country. This much we've learned for certain during Justin's reign of ideological mischief. Canada is a concept rooted in a colonial mindset.

Even the PM called this a 'post-national state'. 

So when you demean the country and dehumanize its population (and we'll get to that in a second), it becomes very easy to mock it with your antics.

The latest? He has appointed DomInic Leblanc's sister-in-law as ethics commissioner. Optics means nothing to this party. Recall David Johnston was named 'rappoteur' to tell us there's nothing to see about Chinese interference in our elections.

How corrupt is this government? It's infamous at this point

This government is riddled with examples of banana republic peels. It's an entity of shameless, bullying, remedial, creepy clowns.  Listen to this. It never ends.

I know this is a way to distract from the government's terrible governance - we shouldn't forget it's a minority government which derives its 'mandate' mostly from Toronto - but we're firmly entrenched in Cape Cringe now. I was going to write about the German AdP party and its many factions. I will just say, these two idiots are misleading Canadians about Christine Anderson. I'm currently gathering information about the party and its affairs in Germany through a contact there. See, when I hear Liberals rail like this, I do my own research and investigation because I automatically assume they're lying. I have no trust in them whatsoever. It's all pure politics with them. No integrity, courage or honesty whatsoever. For example, Gerretsen, who I linked to, is good at attacking people but he's not good at taking it blocking responses on Twitter. 

Tsk, tsk, Mark. /wags finger.

It's a deluge of disinformation (did you know the BBC has a Disinformation Editor? Ironic given they're so good at it) from the government. 

A couple more examples, I got a glimpse of Justin lecturing about flat earthers, Even that he can't get right spreading disinformation about them. They didn't 'spring out of nowhere'. The Flat Earth Society has been around since 1956. 

He's attempting to set up a straw man where he correlates the 'anti-science' of flat-earthers with 'anti-vaxxers'. Doing so he continues to drive a wedge between Canadians to further an ideological agenda. 

His explanation was sophomoric as it was condescending. He clearly didn't take the time to read about the history of society. But that's irrelevant. The point is we live in an open and pluralist society.

Well, I thought we did. 

Who will be targeted next by Justin Trudeau? 9/11 Truthers? People who don't believe the U.S. landed on the moon? There's no shortage of people to scapegoat. How about Church goers? Christians? 

Justin is trying to set things up so that there's only one source of information, The state.

Know what we call this?

I'll leave it to you to imagine.

Anyway. While he talks nonsense about how 'sciency' he is, his government peddles puberty blockers and the unscientific transgender agenda while funding Drag Queen camps. 

Let that sink in. 

Last, the sad and tragic murder of Paul Schroeder in Vancouver. 

Notice Justin and Jagmeet have yet to comment on it. Gee, I wonder why?

Well, first off. He's white. No matter whether he had a minority wife and child. He's white No victimhood points to score off him. Second, the alleged suspect appears to be Indian. His weapon of choice was a Kirpan. 

A double whammy no-no for Jagmeet. He has to steer clear of that one.

Justin is always ready to spew his mouth off whenever there's am alleged crime against a minority before the facts are in. Remember the story of that Muslin girl years ago in Toronto when she claimed a man walked up to her and pulled her hijab off in a park? Justin was screaming within minutes of that story. Within a day it was proven to be a hoax.

Justin doesn't care about you or your family or your religion.

He's an ideologue. Get that through your heads.

Learn to think like an ideologue. 

For instance, it wouldn't surprise me if the liberal/NDP establishment blamed the VICTIM."Why did he confront a visible minority? Was he being racist? This is why we need to invest in fighting against disinformation! His ignorance killed him!


A Trick To Help You

If the lips of Western leaders - I'm looking at you Justin, Joe, Sunak and Macron - are moving they're fucking lying. 

The sooner you come to terms with this, the sooner you will see the reality for what it is.


Of Tales Told By Idiots

"A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing."  Macbeth. William Shakespeare.

I was reminded of MacBeth's famous quote following Lady MacBeth's death. 

I will appropriate it and affix it to Justin Trudeau, Mark Gerretsen and part of Joe Biden's speech in Parliament.


Because these tales are told by idiots who are filled with faux-righteous rage that in the end signify nothing. 

The first one by Gerretsen is the most galling of them all. Since when is it to challenge a fellow MP to a fight outside? How did this not trigger a sharp rebuke by the Speaker? The Speaker is always ready to scold conservatives the second they 'act up' but a Liberal acting like it's the 19th century calling for a duel at sundown is ignored? This is a call to violence is it not? Gerretsen not only looked like a fool but is one.

Here's Justin spewing empty fury at a protestor.  It's worth noting, he did the same thing during the campaign trail in 2021 as he attacked Canadians for exercising their rights and declining to take the shot he was pushing hard for.  Unproductive hate speech and divisive rhetoric oozed from his tyrannical lips.

While not fury, it does fall into the empty vacuous realm housed by ideologues. Progressives pretending to achieve a manufactured quota filling their ranks with mediocrity is a type of success now.

War In Ukraine: The Ultimate Act Of Shameless And Treacherous Hypocrisy

I've already made the case on several occasions that the main culprits and agitators of this war is the West.  But let me summarize it briefly as a reminder.

The essential facts are the U.S. orchestrated the Maidan Coup in February of 2014 ousting an elected leader sympathetic to Russia. This sparked Russia to annex Crimea (always a hot spot in the region) from Ukraine. Since the disintegration of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, the West has slowly been encroaching on Russia's sphere of influence courting Ukraine to join NATO in violation of a treaty whereby Russia requests NATO not do so as well as Ukraine violating the Minsk agreements as they continued a bombing campaign in the Donbass region of Eastern Ukraine. All along Russia asked the agreements be honoured and to this day are requesting for peace talks which have been rejected by the United States (and Canada).

Why? One of the main reasons is the United States does not want Russia controlling the natural gas and oil supply in Europe which could lead to a strong partnership with Germany. Ukraine serves as the perfect pawn in a proxy war to keep that from happening. As well as the callous reality that this appears to be a massive money laundering operation. Ukraine is a quasi-democracy with 37 biolabs run by the U.S. and Western partners which the Russians see as threat.

NATO at its borders is perceived to be the final straw by Russia. Do you blame them?

With this, it's not hard to see we're the belligerents.

With these facts, remind me again how we're fighting for democracy 'over there so that we don't have to do it here' as Joe Biden recently said in the House of Commons during a visit to Ottawa?

Anyone who buys the 'for democracy' bit has to go boy a bridge somewhere. 

At the moment, the 'democracy' we're fighting for imprisons journalists, has banned opposition parties and is shutting down Churches (allegedly for being aligned with Russia) while parts of its 'military' contains actual Nazi battalions who act accordingly as Nazis do. 

But this is not where the hypocrisy ends.

China is forming an alliance with Russia (and pay close attention to the BRICS who are attempting to form their own global alliance against U.S. hegemony and the West) agreeing to, among other things, help to arm Russia.

Are we really prepared to go to war against these two powers? 

As I've said in the past, this is not a war the West can possibly win. Imposing sanctions is not going t achieve anything while it can be argued the United States military is at its weakest point in its history given the leadership and lower standards driven by ideological considerations. Curtly, Russia and China don't fear American wokism and the Wests false-righteous virtue. 

Russia will no be broken by sanctions. History matters here. This is the country that defeated two of the mightiest armies in history with Napoleon and Hitler. Not necessarily by shrewd traditional military tactics and strategy but by sheer force of attrition and patience.

If there's one thing we in the West don't possess it's patience.

The China angle complicates things further.

American and Western business have forged business and commercial ties with China. A good number of American politicians (Biden and McConnel for example) have business interests with China. The same goes for Canada. Our Laurentian elites, in fact, are far more embedded within the Chinese matrix than we think. The CCP is firmly entrenched in our politics with scant a concern expressed by our political classes and citizens.

I recently saw a CPAC segment where they asked Canadians what they thought politicians should ask Biden to deal with. They mentioned the usual issues from climate change to Roxham. 

No one mentioned China meddling in our political process and affairs. Something that has a DIRECT impact on our sovereignty as a nation.

Don't deal with this, you can't deal with other issues of concern as a free nation.

There's little doubt the China problem is real and deep. So much so, there's concern it could very well be too late to deal with it as this has been a going concern for decades now. From Pierre Trudeau to Brian Mulroney to Jean Chretien (who claims it's not a problem) to Stephen Harper to Justin Trudeau (who admires China's 'basic dictatorship). All these Prime Ministers 'served' Canada while double dipping with a communist state.

American businessmen profited off World War II funding both sides of the war. The same thing is happening here. We 'fight for democracy' in Ukraine against Russia and China but continue to do business with China which is aligned with Russia - a country we impose sanctions on.

This is what I call the acts of treacherous shameless hypocrites.

And it will be our sons and daughters who will die for this racket. 


Trade Offs: Fast And Furious And mRNA

I recently read "I'm from the Government and I'm Here to Kill you" by David T. Hardy. This is not a review of the book (though I highly recommend it to see how as long as there's no accountability, government agencies will keep repeating the same misguided ideas and policies that often fail and result in violent assaults and deaths on American citizens. It's a journey into how sheer corruption, incompetence, deception, and misplaced grandiosity in the government leads to tragedies like those seen at Waco with the Branch Davidians. The book investigates how the justice system is set up to protect the government however badly they behave.) but I wanted to single out a paragraph I think serves as an interesting analogy with what we're witnessing with the (failed) mRNA COVID mass vaccination program. 

"Ultimately, 2040 firearms were transferred to the cartels, mostly to the Sinaloa drug cartel. At least count, 389 had been recovered in the United States and 276 in Mexico, the latter mostly at crime scenes. The current, count of deaths inflicted by cartel gunmen in Mexico using Fast and Furious guns is sixty-nine, including a police chief and two policemen. How many American crimes the Fast and Furious guns figure in is unknown, but in 2011 alone these guns were used in eleven deadly offences."

Fast & Furious was a disastrous and ill-conceived gun-running operation undertaken by the (chess-playing) Obama administration. 

The idea was to get guns in the hands of the cartels so as to capture the bad guys. Or something to that dumb effect.

It was a spectacular mess. 

According to sources and witnesses presented in the book, the people in charge were more than willing to sacrifice lives for the program.

And sacrifice lives they did.

Showing the sociopathic nature and depravity of an unchecked bureaucracy that knows it can get away with literal murder.

Sound familiar?

Look at those figures. 2040 end up in the hands of the cartels. Only 600 are recovered. 69 killed (that we know of).

Remember this whenever they claim "X-million lives were saved by the vaccines'.


But how many were injured (both temporarily and permanently) or died from the shots?

The number of lives saved is often based on mathematical models and as such isn't reliable. But whatever the claim, it must be assessed with the trade-offs.

When we do conduct a cost-benefit analysis we see a negative trade-off.

Yet another failed government program is the result. 



Want To See Fascism In Action? Canada Edition

I don't know what people think when they hear the word fascism but it's not that complicated a concept to grasp and see.

Fascism, as defined by its creator Benito Mussolini (a socialist), is the merger of state and corporate interests.

Mussolini (and Hitler's Nazis) then used violent and murderous street thugs (reminiscent of Crassus during the Roman Empire) known and black and brown shirts to help win and consolidate power. 

We rightly see both Benito and Adolf as repugnant violent figures. We've been conditioned and programmed to believe there's no way liberal democracies could possibly ever fall prey and victim to illiberal forces. We're the good guys, are we not?

Except the literature of the period from Hayek to Orwell to Wells to Lewis is littered with warnings that it can and will happen hear. 

And it has.

We're just too apathetic and deluded with an inflated sense of righteousness to see.

I remember in the 1980s when I began to follow politics and current affairs it being said America was a 'fascist state cloaked as a democracy'. So this notion has been around a long time.

And without getting into details about the USA, it sure looks that way. If you're thinking thank God it's not the case in Canada, you'd be wrong. 

If anything COVID blew the lid off the illusion, it's that we're a free and democratic society.

We are in name only. But if your population won't be vigilant in protecting its core values and principles, forget it. 

Justin Trudeau believes Canada is a post-nation state with no identity. To Justin, nation-states pose a threat to the international order. He also has been marinated in the tales and ideology of communism. His father was an admirer of Mao (and a close friend of Castro) passing off this lineage to junior who said he 'admired the basic dictatorship of China'.

Apples. Trees. 

Just like Mussolini (and his father before him) was a socialist thus permitting him to create an illiberal ideology, the same can be said of Justin Trudeau. 

Aside from some of the most severe restrictions and mandates in the West for COVID (Canada was the only country to impose a domestic travel ban and the province of Quebec had not one but TWO curfews), Justin unjustifiably (Rouleau was wrong to rule otherwise) imposed martial law against protestors (the Trucker's convoy) resulting in the most punitive action against the right to assembly by freezing bank accounts ever seen in the West. 

Read that. TWO illiberal actions that were blatant violations of civil liberties as prescribed in both the Charter and Bill of Rights were a first in the West. 

We continue to learn from the fall out of such irresponsible actions that set a terrible precedent for our democracy. 

I asked if you want to see fascism in action. I set up the narrative here explaining how the conditions were ripe for fascistic behaviour (authoritarian or despotic if you prefer to make yourself feel better) Justin engages in.

He has an illiberal pedigree.  That manifests itself in the refusal to answer questions without any respect for transparency. He sets up kangaroo courts first as we saw with Rouleau and now with Johnston to create the veneer of transparency knowing what the outcome will be.

He learned well from the illiberal forefathers he admired. 

Let's take it up a notch. You can see these actions but you need to see them for what it is. Whenever you hear 'private-public partnerships' that's the merger of state and corporate interests. 

Here's another example. The RCMP sharing data with foreign intelligence on protestors.

Shouldn't the RCMP and law enforcement be protecting the rights of citizens? 

Instead, we have police, banks and government merging to conspire against the will of citizens and their right to assemble and exercise their right to free speech (which is also under attack by Justin Trudeau through illiberal Bills like C-11).

Seeing the pattern here?

Oh. Mussolini and Hitler had those thugs and camps.

Well, now that police have abdicated their responsibilities to the people (they continue to arrest pastors and religious figures), the aforementioned dictators had their coloured shirts, while ours are BLUE.

We did have camps. By dividing the country along vaccination status and setting up quarantine 'hotels' Canada was ONE step removed from full-on camps (Australia had them).

It is true, we're not quite at the level of Germany and Italy from 1920-45.

But we're swimming in those waters.

And with the disturbing revelations that our Canadian leaders turned an indifferent blind eye to CCP interference in our system of governance, Canada is slowly detaching itself from its liberal democratic roots.

This is where we stand as I see it.


Pay Attention

If you're planning an exit strategy from Canada, you're not paying attention.


Quote Of The Day

 A sane person to an insane society must appear insane.

Justin Continues To Divide Canadians

Justin Trudeau now has a new punching bag. Flat earthers.

Lately he's been attacking them while grouping them with 'anti-vaxxers'.

This has gotten so bizarre as to continue my suspicion he's mentally unstable.

I don't see the point of this.

We live in an open and pluralist free democracy. You have to take the good with the bad. If we're going to play this game, we're going to find all sorts of people to scapegoat for their beliefs.

This is what makes Justin not only a failed leader (of which he never was) but a repugnant individual who needs to resign.

Enough already Liberals. You look and sound like sorry bunch of hacks and ignoramuses beating this drum. 

I've never seen so much divisive rhetoric in my life coming from Liberals and Democrats in the U.S.

Justin Trudeau is acting like Westmount white trash. 


Walk Away Johnston

Not a good look.

Why would you let Justin expose you for the shill you really are?