Quebec Officially A Tyranny

Quebec and Canada, it is sad, are pulling in a very bad and wrong direction.

Quebec in particular has no democracy at the moment under siege by a leader using emergency powers for 14 months now to essentially chart a course for Quebec I believe will remain in place to varying degrees.

It may be time to move.

I look at states like New Hampshire, Florida and Texas who are essentially back to 2019 normalcy, Quebec and Canada are insisting on not doing so.

The longer these measures remain in place, the longer the chances of restoring rights dim. 

From curfews to one hour warrants, to no gatherings of any kind to mask mandates, and now the introduction of a bar code (to create a segregated society), Quebec is easily the most repressive place on the continent run by a bunch of petty tyrants. 

And it likely won't get better.

Two more developments should make people concerned but it won't. Apparently, no restrictive measure or idea is enough for Quebecers who have lost all their senses and sense of courage.

One, is the normalizing of extorting people to get the liberties stolen from them back. Few see it this way, but this is what's happening. The government is using coercion by others means to get people vaccinated. This includes the 'passport'. They also engage in ugly rhetoric and propaganda. For example, they show a young person playing basketball after she was vaccinated as if to say, take the jab and you're free.

Except you won't be because they refuse to drop the mask mandate.

The other was the minister responsible for health (now there's an oxymoron given their actions) publicly stated teenagers (the 12-17 group being targeted) don't need parental consent for the vaccine.

In essence, the Quebec government through controlling who comes into homes are undermining parental authority.

It's about as unethical and scandalous as it can get. I've never witnessed something so disgusting.

Christian Dube and Francoise Legault are weak, immoral, broken men.

Finally, a petition on the National Assembly website against the passports was mysteriously removed.

There are people, no doubt, who see no problem with any of this because Covid.

But they can't see that their playing their part in the weakening and perhaps dismantling of our democracy.

And expect Ottawa to step in. They're in lockstep with Quebec and the globalist interests. The Liberals are looking to end free speech on the Internet and bankrupting the country by encouraging lockdowns. 

The only this ends is if the emergency powers end.

The only option left is to leave when the chance presents itself.

Quebec is lost. Leave it to the Branch Covidians. 

Florida, Texas and New Hampshire and the northern Mid-West states: I salute you.

Perhaps one day.


Daily Derp: Coronaderp

I remember last some lawyer named Cass Sustein babbling about shaming people into wearing masks. He revealed himself as a weak minded cuck and asshole (sorry people who call to shame people are no better than witch hunters in my eyes).

Today I saw a truly pitiful sight and one in which encapsulates the state of our sad situation. While outside, I saw some kids in masks (not all thank God) while it drizzled rain.

This is where we're at. This is the best we've got to show at this stage of our alleged advanced civilization?

I thought about old Cass. Then I thought, maybe it's not the intelligent and informed non-mask wearers who should be shamed. Maybe it's the people who wear them outside or in their car - alone.

But that wouldn't be right. Psychopaths like Cass and public officials have psychologically traumatized them. It's these so-called influential people (they're degenerates) who are the domestic terrorists.

We need to be kind to those wearing masks in fear. But we also need to save them.

This is war.

I believe our side is much stronger spiritually, philosophically, scientifically and intellectually. What we lack in power we make up with those attributes.

Stand your ground.

This is not a war against a virus. It's something bigger. A war for our souls and liberty. 


In reading about past vaccine disasters I noticed that vaccines were often pulled with far less adverse events and deaths than what we're seeing with the Covid vaccines which I found odd.

And then I stumbled on this article in Lew Rockwell featuring a highly cited and distinguished medical expert Dr. Peter McCullough. 

For those of you following and observing the vaccine drama, you are familiar with the list and roster of reputable and top experts in their fields speaking out against. You will find these people on Rumble, Bitchute and Odysse since they've been silenced and censored on the usual social media platforms and have not been given their time and space on media networks. These names include Dr. Chunn, Dr. Vander Bossche (distinguished vaccine designer and formerly of Gave , Dr. Bhakdi (the most cited microbiologist in German history), Dr. Perronne, and several others. The list is long and growing. Each have warned against the insidiousness of mass immunization based on unproven vaccines particularly in children.

Folks, it's looking like more and more with each passing day this is one of the greatest hoaxes and crimes against humanity in medical human history. It involves Gates, the UN, WHO, the U.S. government, CDC, FDA, major media outlets and an army of experts willing to peddle misdirection as soldiers on TV.

All conspiring to force vaccines on an unsuspecting population who have not been given the straight and contextualized facts about Covid. Informed Consent and basic human rights have been tossed and ripped apart. They have created a narrative where the only way out of this health situation is through vaccines.

It's a commitment they made and they refuse to extricate themselves from it thus releasing people from their panic. 

The evil is epic.

No wonder there's talk of starting up the Nuremberg Trials again. These are indeed crimes against humanity. 


Reiner Fullmich.



At the moment, there is no transparency about the adverse events (injuries and deaths about the vaccines) in Canada. Health Canada has some information through its version of the VAERS system but it's not detailed and doesn't provide enough to provide citizens as to arm them with informed consent. 

It's all "we're monitoring don't you worry' but this isn't good enough.

The CDC in the United States has a much more detailed account - for example, it breaks down the adverse events per vaccine - but far from perfect and there are concerns of data manipulation. The European version is still much more precise. 

People at the moment don't realize one basic fact. In our haste to get to herd, we're ramming through vaccines without much information and again not contextualizing the potential hams. 

We have every right to know what's going into our bodies.

For example, thus far there have been about 4000 deaths in the U.S. reported and 7000 in Europe. That's 11 000 deaths. The odd part about this is the FDA determined in a very short amount of time that none were related to the vaccines in the USA.  In addition, there have been over 400 000 vaccine injuries! 

Just to put this into context, government has pulled back vaccines with far less adverse events. For example, in 1976 the swine flu vaccine resulted in 25 deaths after administering 45 million doses and they were pulled despite the small percentage relative to the amount of vaccinations. In 2009, they stopped vaccines given to children for H1N1 because of 700 cases resulting in narcolepsy.  

Yet, here we're seeing adverse events like we've never seen and they're acting like it's not a problem.

This is indeed a problem as many experts have warned. 

We need transparency. It's the right thing to do.

Daily Derp: If You Think It's Just About A Virus I Got Some Derp For You

It's pretty clear opportunistic snakes and rats are looking to capitalize on the Covid-19 fiasco-hysteria. This is turning out to be one of history's greatest scandals and crimes against humanity.

If you think this is hyperbole, you ain't paying attention. 

It's hard to separate what is conspiracy, disinformation, misinformation, facts, and trues n all this but if you've been a keen and astute observer staying on top of the literature and data that's been hurling at warped speed onto the Internet wires, you have a better chance than most to at least make some sense of it all.

There's just too much at play here. China and the WHO, Fauci's 'gain of function' research funding, the mystery of using PCR and this virologist Dr. Drosten who pushed it, the refusal to not administer treatments, the changing of the definitions of a pandemic (WHO 2009) and what's herd immunity (WHO 2020) which paved the way for vaccines to be the sole way out, the imposition of masks and lockdowns with no scientific backing whosoever and its odd origins, Bill and Melinda Gates and their army of foundations dedicated to population control, quantum dot dyes, micro-needles (No, they're not conspiracies, they do exist and have been used in the military (reported in 60 Minutes) and developed at Rice University and MIT through Gates funding), the lies about asymptomatic spread as a driver of outbreaks, the over counting of deaths, the focus on just case numbers, the constant shifting of goal posts and usurpation of fundamental freedoms, and so on.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Politics keeps this endemic virus going as a pandemic with no real end in sight.

We only end this when WE DECIDE to end it. The first step is to step outside your homes, declare you will not be afraid anymore, stop watching the news and their medical shills, and burn the masks.



A message to this effect by David Thunder.


The misapplication of the precautionary principle has parlayed Canada and eliminated any room for common sense.

Every time a perceived threat is observed, an immediate call for 'preventative measures' (ie lockdowns) are demanded. Nothing could be more intrusive and abusive. Imagine living life like this indefinitely? It's a form of the boy who cried wolf. It's a state of permanent panic. 

This leads to public policy without any consideration for the truth or trade-offs. It can cause significant temporary and permanent damage (mostly to the vulnerable and poor) on an on-going basis. 

It must end. This is not a way to live. All these epidemiologists and infectious disease doctors, and doctors in ICU's who are thoughtlessly espousing these views are installing an irrational medical tyranny. 

How this became a doctrine among medical experts we see on TV seems to indicate this is actually part of their training. Moving forward the public will have to find the polite confidence to tell them it's enough. And politicians, being shameless hacks with no backbone, will listen. Do not let yourself be bullied.


And now they come for NACI too.

And your kids.

There's no justification on any grounds to vaccinate children.

Not about science now. It's DOGMA.

It's medical TYRANNY.

On par with other vaccine scandals in history.

We tend to not want to believe our government can be malevolent because the government is *supposed* to be "us" and therefore reflect our values and social and moral mores.

I find it helpful to shift the characterization of our system being organized by government to that of being the state. Government gives a direct link to responsible governance and accountability to the people. We don't have governance where we're treated as free citizens. We have a state that rules over us. The ruse of the vote only gives the impression we have a say but we don't.

Just look at the last 14 months. You're now living in a quasi communist world. People want to believe it's temporary but they best be more vigilant on those thoughts because we can lose a lot if we aren't.

When it comes to health and specifically when it's connected to the pubic things can get messy in a hurry with devastating consequences. The 20th century is filled with examples of medical bureaucrats and practitioners merging with politics to form a toxic brew. Of course, the greatest example are Nazis with Megele but it happened in the Soviet Union as well and, well, in the so-called free liberal democracies of the West in places like the UK, USA and the 'peaceful kingdom' Canada. This came in various forms under the banner of progressive policies and notably eugenics. And within that heading subsets focused on vaccines. 

It's not the exception but a rule to see the sate constantly abuse people. The state is psychopathic. It's no compassion. It uses compassionate language to hide its psychopath indulgence. In a previous post, it was lined to the vaccine roll out disaster of 1976. It happened in 2009 too. One of the great forgotten medical experiments was the Tuskegee syphilis study.

Think the state wouldn't roll out vaccines if they weren't 'safe and effective'? Think again. We not only have a fascist combine of state and corporate interests merged and fused (Modena and NIH; Pfizer and other pharma giants have a literal army of tens of thousands of lobbyists while having infiltrated medical journals and keeping its powerful weight leaning on the FDA) but one in which has incorporated the medical bureaucrat. The so-called science-technocracy Eisenhower warned against in 1961.

Folks. Those 'credentialed experts' you see up there? Be very careful with them.

And if one of them ever utters the phrase 'greater good' invoke Vito Corleone's instinct when he figured out at the meeting with the heads of the families that 'it was Barzini all along'. 


Interesting patten developing. As nations increasing vaccinations, cases shoot up. So far we have not seen that with the USA and UK.

Plenty of graphs from several countries.


When you lose The Atlantic....

'policy makers have left scientific evidence behind..."

You think?

Quebec is a case study to the extent they brag about it. They admit to not having no data or scientific evidence but they 'believe' their measures are having a mystical and magical effect on things. It's straight up delusional pseudo-science ignorance.


Excess deaths by county. 


Get jabbed, be free?

Seychelles says hell no. If we keep relying on this failed strategy, lockdowns will become too easy to impose. Seychelles may be easy to overlook but this could be a troubling sign. Particularly for Canada given officials here have fully embraced all restrictive measures. They should have a hot line asking people for ideas: Got a hot idea for restrictions? Tell us! We want to know!

It's a Faustian Deal except in this case the devil didn't even bother to keep his word.

I don't believe officials or scientists know jack shit about the vaccines and its efficacy. 


"Perhaps it is because the jabs turn people into spike protein factories and the single gene PCR processes run at 35+ cycle counts are designed to flag these as positive?



Cost of lockdowns. The case and death curves were already declining before lockdown measures were put into place. The lockdowns exacerbated the problem and added to more deaths.


Asymptomatic people (ie healthy and normal people) are the new witches.


Government Continues To Promulgate Unsupported 'Superspreader' Events

We've known since last year super spreader events are a myth.

BLM protests and the Sturgis motorcycle gathering showed this in the United States.

And now we're seeing it through fans at sporting events in the U.S.


Yet the government of Canada, in total defiance of the facts and science, continues to peddle this lie. 

In condemning growing protests, did Trudeau speak out against BLM marches? Nope. He supported them.

Now Quebec will have its own example. About 100 000 people protested in Montreal on May 1. No, it wasn't a 'few thousand' as the media laughably claimed. It was big. Huge.

100k and no masks.

Let's see in the upcoming days where this goes.


Media, being who they are (shills for the government), play games. When cases are down, they focus on hospitalizations if they rise. But when they drop but cases rise, the media shifts back to cases.


Don't be played.

Daily Social Distanced Derp: End The Lockderp!

I've neglected posting here because I'm involved in other activities in doing my small part in fighting back the creeping tyranny staring us down. It has been frustrating, disappointing, shocking, appalling and rewarding all at the same time. Since my time on this journey, I've met people of excellent intellectual, philosophical and moral principles. Truth and justice is what drives us all. We will not rest until life is restored full stop. And our work will not stop then. We must work to bring to justice the people who have continued this charade and ensure this never happens again. The latter utterance is somewhat of a cliche but we must attempt to restore our sense of individual sovereignty again by not being over reliant on government who are dictated by corporate interests. Forget the military industrial complex. We now have a medical tyranny we bust beat back. We must tweak and cap emergency powers. 

No politician should have this kind of power. As we've seen, humans can't be trusted to do the right thing. Hubris and arrogance and political machinations enhancing broad and naked power and control is the game. We live in a vortex of Stanford experiments fused with Stockholm Syndrome.

We must break it.

Covid is real. The measures are a myth.

And officials don't even bother

This what the Founding Fathers exhaustively warned against. Tyranny is the default position of humanity.

It's unfolding before our eyes and still people sleep.

This is my life now.

For information on masks and lockdowns please visit my site and share.


I loathe this rhetoric of connecting 'vaccines' or 'passports' to be wanting their freedoms. Words of low minds and even lower character.

How anyone can consider and/or enter this Faustian bargain is beyond comprehension. People who do so don't value their liberty. They don't grasp they are born free. The concept of vaccines being tied to liberty should be rejected and ejected from public discourse and as a matter of principle philosophy.

When you allow the state to set the terms and parameters of what constitutes liberty as opposed to its legitimate role (where the state acts like an actual government representing the people) is to protect and secure those rights given by God's authority.

Not undermine them.


Break the grip of the epidemiologists and public medical bureaucrats.

They're not going to run the nation aground. They already have.

It is stunning to continue to hear calls for lockdowns from these maniacs.

As USA begins its journey back to normalcy, Canada is taking a troubling turn.


Aside from the draconian measures among the most restrictive in the West and definitely in North America (no, there is nothing normal or scientific to what we're doing. I defy anyone to prove to me any of these measures worked. This is all political), Canada is now looking to ram through what is regarded by The Washington Post as one of the most restrictive proposals on regulating the Internet in the West through Bill C-10. If you see a petition sign it. There are several out there. Get INVOLVED. Write your MP. It's that serious what they're doing. It's basically the end of freedom of expression as a value. Bill C-16 is another abomination that should never have seen the light of day.

The Liberal party of Canada is full blown communist.

Like the illegal (to the extent they violate the Charter) and immoral measures, it's for your protection.

Without the benevolence of our masters, we'd be at the mercy of a virus with a 99.9x% survival rate and omnipotent white supremacists.

This guy Guilbeault looks the pat of a Scooby-Doo villain while Trudeau's little beard he has going is a tip of the hat to communists and is not a coincidence.

Is Canada becoming Canazuela?


The Justice Centre is fighting the good fight but the justice system in Canada is not on the side of the people. At every turn attempts made to defend civil liberties are stymied by judges. At the moment Churches are challenging the government (remember in communist regimes God and Church are the enemy) as is the case with Pastor Coates. (who has been imprisoned. Things you see only in authoritarian regimes like China right? WRONG. At the moment Canada is among the most rogue countries in the world and far - FAR - worse than the United States who have taken a turn for the better). Sadly, the judge ordered that science not be admissible as a defence. Know why? Because the government has NO SCIENCE to back up their abuse and bullying of Church gatherings (in Quebec home gatherings are essentially outlawed).

This is domestic terrorism on the part of the state.

We are being ruled by petty and ignorant false kings.


3.5% rule. That's all we need t change the world.


Couldn't less about Gates (he deserves a fate equal to the misery he has caused humanity) but the timing of the divorce to his squeeze Melinda is odd if not interesting.


Lockdown wonderland.


Again from the top. Masks DO NOT work or 'stop the spread.'

One simple graph shows this clearly as is the case with the buffoons running Quebec (getting my digs in before Bill C-10. Should this pass, my plans to move to the USA will have to be strongly be revisited because at that point, Canada can't be salvaged I fear).

Behold Quebec's successful mask mandate.

Now look at Texas (and there  plenty of examples where mask mandates are reversed cases drop. We've seen this pattern since at least SEPTEMBER, 2020).


I have always stayed clear of issues of abortion and vaccines because to me those are private matters of those involved including doctors. It really isn't the place of the state or others to get intensely involved. Set some guidelines and move out of the way.

But these days it's almost impossible to avoid the cult of Covid. The presumptuousness of asking others if they've gotten their 'jab' is rude and increasingly impossible to avoid. The societal pressure through tyranny of the mob mounts with each passing pounding of the drum. The orcs approach.

I fear people are simply not informed about the vaccines. Just basics like these are not officially approved 'vaccines' they're not aware of. Or that once they get a booster will be required moving forward. None of this is necessary given the growing literature showing we have the natural immunity strong enough to withstand this virus.

Alas, even a discussion on these superficial issues condemns you being called a 'conspiracy theorist'. No need to say more at this point. Everyone made their play. Everyone has made up their mind.

We just have to hope the damage is limited and our freedom of conscience preserved.


Canada is a laggard. Not a leader. Slowly, the UK is opening up as is the USA. An outdoor event in Liverpool is only requiring people show negative test and not vaccination. This is a positive move in the right direction. Home antigen testing is well underway in the USA but Health Canada has only approved tests for symptomatic people but not asymptomatic. They must also prove 80% accuracy (more stringent than the PCR I bet). You would think they'd approve one for asymptomatic people since they're the alleged boogeymen scapegoated by the government.

It can do much to relieve a lot of stress and angst.

So why is Health Canada dragging its feet on this?


The Canadian Civil Liberties Association on the grave erosion on civil rights.


'Gain of function' fiasco in the making starring one Dr. Anthony Fauci?


A call to halt the vaccines.

We MUST NOT vaccinate the children. This is a crime.

Plenty of prominent scientists from around the world have spoken out on the vaccines. Some of these people are at the top of their craft.


Salk Institute: Covid a vascular disease.


'Super' immunity in Vo, Italy. 


T-Cells matter.

And will save us.


Inoculate yourself against the fear mongering. 


Message For Doctor Jonathan Reiner

 This Tweet encapsulates the superstition around masks.

It reads from one Doctor Reiner (who apparently appears on a fake news channel called CNN):

"Vax on. Mask off. That’s how it works."

How about this doc? Vax off. Mask off. 

Another doctor (a cardiologist) who peddles lies about masks. I find it ionic that those who demand we follow the science about the vaccine completely ignore the facts and evidence on masks not being effective.

Another irony is this doctor has a platform on CNN and Twitter to push his opinions on vaccines and masks (and yes, those are HIS OPINIONS) but at the same time he demands Joe Rogan apologize for his comments he made about healthy young people not needing to take the vaccine.

He has every right to express that opinion. And quite frankly, it's logical and a fair one to make. Why are we planning to tax children? To get to herd? Yeh well, I'm not accepting the WHO's reclassification of what constitutes herd immunity. They changed it at the height of this hysteria which is suspicious (don't forget they changed the definition of a pandemic back in 2009) on its own. We went from a mix of natural immunity and vaccines to just vaccines.

Not buying it.

That's why they need to get to the kids to achieve their numbers.

Plenty of reputable experts (censored and ignored) have warned against this as being unwise and never been done before.

I don't accept that the only way out is a vaccine. It's part of an overall strategy but not a panacea and it's irresponsible if not criminal to push it especially given the uncertainty of these new 'gene therapy' approaches. 

Maybe Reiner should apologize for extortion and spreading misinformation about masks.

As for Rogan, he clarified to shut these idiots up and was glad he somewhat held his ground. 

The bottom line is he has a RIGHT to say it regardless of the size of his audience. The idea that he must apologize because he has a big audience is condescending paternalism. Reine thinks so little of people he thinks they can't form their own opinions and just blindly follow Rogan.

So in this fight, and for reasons noted here, it's Reiner who owes the apology for being a sanctimonious twat. 


Just How Pathetic Is Canada?

My God, this keeps getting worse and worse.

Several states average 3000 cases and they're moving along nicely with most of their lives functioning again.

None of those states have been overwhelmed.

Yet, here in Canada we need to send in the military into Ontario?

Worse, in Nova Scotia where there are a whopping 96 cases?

Just how shitty is this country and its health care system Canadians insufferably brag about?

What the heck is going on?

Ask Yourself

Why are they so intolerant of an opinion? Why are they so committed and desperate to not let people know about treatments or people who question the vaccines?

They frame opinions as if they're a mortal threat to our health but nothing is further from the truth. In fact, stiffening opinion is dangerous.

If the science and truth is on their side, then why the attacks?

Makes you wonder what they're hiding. 

It's funny listening to the same people who used to mockingly say 'you got that from the news? or 'you believe politicians?' ' have fallen into lockstep with the media and political narratives. One minute, Big Pharma is an enemy, the next an ally and friend.

It's remarkable and astonishing how quickly people suspended critical thinking and just followed orders.

And that's exactly what they're doing. Following orders. 

Maybe it's the masks clouding their judgment and polluting their brains.

Something hasn't added up right since March of 2020. 

I'm sticking to my gut.

Don't Be Bullied Into Silence

Bullies and psychos from Akham run amok in our society. 

From the Heritage Minister of Canada (I forget his name. The guy who looks like a Scooby-Doo villain. Which is appropriate given he's an eco-fascist) wanting to essentially criminalize speech and punish websites, to social media censorship to a locust of low-IQ mid-witted busy bodes and bullies looking to cancel anyone they disagree with.

All these people are poison to the human experience.

A recent example of faux outage nonsense is Joe Rogan suggesting healthy people and kids shouldn't get vaccinated.

This raised the ire and anger from the pearl clutching 'I never' brigade including the usual suspects like David Frum. He was in his usual sanctimonious cunty mood when he found the time to bash Rogan and his listeners. 

Let's take a moment to recall Frum is the neocon, neoliberal loud mouth'd shnook who pushed the Iraq war. A Canadian war hawk is a chicken hawk I say.

I don't see the problem with Rogan's opinion for a number of reasons. First off, because free speech. Don't like it? Don't listen. Fuck and die. 

Next, he has a popular format with a wide array of interesting guests. Several of his interviews actually added to the civil and public discourse. More than Frum and whoever his followers ever did. There have been many really thought provoking conversations and more often than not, Rogan doesn't interfere or offer his opinions thus allowing the guest more time to shine. As such, he created a massive audience and has earned the right to speak out every once in a while. That's his right. He owes no one anything. Fuck off and die. 

Second, the science backs him up. Never in the history of vaccines have we mass immunized a HEALTHY society with experimental 'vaccines' (or gene therapy or whatever the drug pushers call it) with ZERO long-term data. 

If this doesn't draw some amount of questions or concern, then this is troubling. 

Children especially aren't in danger of the disease nor are they vectors of it. The only reason to vaccinate is to accelerate the pace to herd immunity. Oh, the other part of the equation that leaves people perplexed is the idea that natural herd immunity is not a thing and the only way out is through a vaccine for a coronavirus. 

You don't need to be an infectious disease doctor to be an informed citizen with valid questions and concerns. This insidious and dangerous mentality of 'shut the fuck up and listen to the 'experts' and you betters' should be REJECTED. 

The Frum's of this world bark orders and wax false intellectual diarrhea portending to be gatekeepers of some kind. Don't you ever dare question the experts and gatekeepers.

They're never wrong. Nope. Doctors are always right. Just look at Nazi Germany and the eugenics movement. Or disastrous vaccine campaigns. Doctors used to believe blood letting worked and sacrificing children to the gods would pacify them. 

Yeh, I'm going to listen to Moderna and Fauci. A company who never brought a product to market now connected to a highly unethical and lying scumbag like Fauci.

My advice - which is sound and true - is to not let yourself be bullied by people who look to cajole you into silencing them for 'your own good'. These people couldn't care less about you. Remember that. Be your own fountain of information and be confident in your own critical thinking skills. 

If anything, we're not questioning the authorities hard enough

I know. Hard to believe Dave. 

Sure. Whatever you say Dave.


One other thing, Dave and your ilk...

Fuck off and die. 


Anderson Cooper is the host of Jeopardy!? 


I haven't watched TV but came across a headline - surprise - screaming outrage about a contestant (this is all getting stale and tiresome) - and saw Cooper as host. 

This timeline. 

I See Fallen Nations And Psychopaths

Once upon a time, the music from the 1950s to the 1980s and somewhat into the 1990s often asked we 'question authority' and warned not to take politicians at face value. They sang of teenage angst and defended, above all, a value long lost: Freedom.

Instead we get 'protest' songs from Jagger and Grohl talking about getting a jab or youtube videos of people covering and desecrating a beautiful Leonard Cohen song about....the jab.

Indeed, what has happened to us?

See, while the culture wars gnawed at the periphery of our differences, we could all rely that at our foundation we all agreed in liberty. We all accepted to not cross a line in the sand that attacked and eroded our freedom of speech and expression.

This line has been eviscerated now. All bets are off. Lunatics from Arkham run the asylum personified by Kamala's disturbing and cackle and giggle. 

I don't recognize my country Canada anymore. I don't recognize - and no longer wish to recognize - my fellow citizens. They've all but abandoned their sense  of duty in defending their personal rights. They've swallowed whole this obscene narrative and now find themselves pushed into a corner where officials are extorting them to get the liberty stolen from them back.

A jab is not a 'passport to liberty'. A person or official who utters this phase is on the level of a drug pusher or criminal mobster. A psychopath. The CDC's recent mask recommendations are but from an organ filled wth psychopaths led by a wretched and unethical man. A liar and incompetent who ruined the lives and psyche of not just Americans but Canadians as well since the CDC's influence reaches well into this pathetic country equipped and armed with its own band of clowns. And these morally bankrupted miscreants running the United States at the moment along with their pals in the despicable media are just pouring gasoline onto the pain and chaos. 

Since when do we negotiate OUR RIGHTS? I understand a good number of people have willingly knelt before false gods (I trust the science as they say) and false virtue wrapped up in amulets in the form of toxic masks and relinquished their rights without a fight. But to the rest of s, there is no greater fight left to wage.

We look in the mirror we think we see a hero but in reality fallen angels are staring back at us.


"It is possible that lockdown will go down as one of the greatest peacetime policy failures in Canada’s history.”

This blog has called the Covid-19 fiasco the 'greatest medical hysteria in history' since April of 2020.

And I stand by this.

Good to see literature starting to back this claim up more and more.

That quote in the title is from Professor Allen of Simon Fraser University.

This madness has to stop somehow.

There is ZERO proof any of this hygienic theatre and lockdowns coerced on the people of the West had any measurable or meaningful impact. But we do have mounting evidence of the destruction it has caused.

We will remember the leaders who did this.

Hopefully they will be made to account. 

These same irresponsible criminals are also pushing vaccines. 

How bad is it in Canada?

Bad enough for a cop - some guy named Michael Callaghan - is going after TWO elected officials in Hillier and Sloan and  a Church for daring to exercise their rights.

Maybe the officer should piss off the Ontario Reopening Act and follow the CHARTER.

This is happening across the country where officials and police are trampling on the Constitution and pissing all over it.

None of this obscenity happened in the United States. They stopped much of this idiocy.

But Canada continue to lose its sense of justice and morality. 

I didn't leave Canada.

Canada left me.

Canada Is A Joke That Has Lost The Plot

Canadian officials continue to inexplicably and hysterically impose draconian orders during this health crisis to the point I've lost all respect for this place. Why respect something that doesn't respect you?

Looking at the United States, I feel like I'm East Germany. I didn't take Canadians to be such weak minded people to the point they cheer on a police state to 'protect' their health. You can protect your health without having to obliterate CIVIL LIBERTIES my fellow Canadians. This idea you have to suppress a virus by opposing rights is very much in the same vein as basic communist, fascist or Nazi (take your pick) tactics. No, public health does NOT trump HUMAN RIGHTS.

Shocking how Canadians can't seem to grasp this basic tenet we fought for over centuries.



Ontario has called in the military. They can't handle the surge. Incompetence breeds disasters. 

This is what you get when you put in charge public health officials. They're not trained for these sorts of challenges. The military is and should have been leading the charge from the onset. Instead, we got nonsensical and impractical measures imposed upon us while no rights were preserved. That's how physicians think. By their nature they're myopic. All efforts must be poured into one thing and one thing only: Coronavirus. It doesn't matter what the trade-offs are. If we kill five people and destroy businesses and civil liberties to save one person then it's all worth it to them.

It's irrational and irresponsible to a person of sound mind but not to them.

And so it is, Ontario is panicked. Panic, panic, panic.

It's funny. Ontario is seeing similar cases to Texas and Florida - which are wide open - but can't handle the wave while those two states are doing fine. We no longer hear about 'overwhelming the system' in America.

But it remains so here in Canada. Worse, they're putting people on VENTILATORS. It was discovered during the fiasco in New York you don't do that. What's going on in Canada!?

Just who are these people in charge? Do they not READ and OBSERVE what happened elsewhere?

What a stinking, bloody mess. And a direct result of poor - outrageously poor - leadership from all levels of government. In the meantime, provincial officials continue to harass businesses and Churches sending goons in to intimidate people.


Canada now features on several U.S. media and alt-media channels. We've become, as is custom, a punch line. A joke.

And a  failure.


A Couple Of Blunt Facts; Of Magic Flu And Gates The Pusher

No: The masks didn't stop the flu or slow the spread of Covid. Stop being an idiot. 

Cases are dropping in Quebec because it's SEASONAL. Not because of the abdominal measures. 

No: Bill Gates is NOT your friend or cares about you. Tread carefully.

He's a high school drop out and a convicted felon. He's buying up farmland (he's behind all this 'Beyond meat' plot) and peddling vaccines (often with devastating consequences) like a street pimp and pusher while forcing a move towards a cashless society as a means to control. He also wanted to block the sun. Do look that story up.

His favourite mediums and methods to help sell his personal propaganda? Obviously, his 'Foundation'. Show me a charity funded by a billionaire and I'll show you a narcissistic criminal. The World Economic Forum (under a miscreant named Karl Schwab who looks like Dr. Strangelove) and media. He hands out millions like heroin to junkie journalists. 

Oh, and that stupid sweater.  WEF, pharma, media and Gates teaming up. What could go wrong? 

It's all image and facade. A charade he's creating. 

Bill Gates is Mr. Burns and he's your neighbourhood pusher. 

Pills are good.