Have A Good One, Rex

Rex Murphy has died.

I tip my hat.Big loss and the wrong time. One less fierce commentator and intellectual to enjoy during these utterly odious and absurd and dark times.

The force of his rhetoric and arguments were armed and laced with eloquence and elegance.

Condolences to all who knew him and RIP.


Of Measles And Liquid Gas

Just a quick one.

Turns out Canada doesn't mind making business deals for liquid gas.

Let's back up. A few months ago Japan and Germany came around asking for some of that sweet liquid gas only to be rebuffed by the government of Canada. But Canada then turned around and did this with Qatar. 

"Qatar Energy has recently entered into two agreements with ExxonMobil Canada to obtain LNG exploration licenses in the waters near Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada. The collaboration in education and healthcare has played a significant role in enhancing the bond and connection between the citizens of both nations. "


Look up Qatar. Then tell me how their 'values' line up with ours. Canada doesn't do values.

People are all surprised by this.

Should they though? 

This is very much in Canada's MO. Always was. That is, mercantilism never really left the colonial mindset of Canadians. Instead of just exploring and extracting the LNG ourselves and selling it on the market - you know, like normal countries would do - we decide to outsource it so that others can reap the economic benefits. Which is what happened when Qatar inked a deal with....you guessed it....Germany and Japan. Canada, recall, purchases its oil from Saudi Arabia while doing everything possible to not develop our own resources.

But then we have a carbon tax to reduce emissions. A measure that won't do anything because the basic premise of C02 driving temperatures is a false one. A monumentally foolish one. But that's not the point here. 'Zero' anything is just Marxist mumbo-jumbo nonsense. 

The point here is the head spins.

See. Canada is doing this to 'look' Green. They don't want to be 'seen' doing anything icky like selling the one thing that the world needs from us: Oil and gas. We're a natural resource based economy and the 'transition' from this is simply not feasible. 

In this way, the Qatar deal makes perfect sense. It's a head shaker for countries for sure, but here we are.

Canada 2024. Ruled by stupid people with not inner-core principles.

Not the brightest bunch are we?

And what has this gotten us?

It keeps our prosperity down (and I won't get into economics here) while ensuring we're the shittiest 'green' performer.

Ah, Canada.

Mediocre and proud of it.

Hey, as long as we're not American, right?


What happened to measles? Weren't the unvaccinated going to kill us all? As vaccine confidence and uptake continues to sink (gee, I wonder why?), the 'experts' have been falling all over themselves trying to figure out why. Of course, it's not because of their own actions and rhetoric during COVID. Nope. To admit this would mean to be humble and courageous. They've invested too much of their reputations in sticking to the failed COVID narrative and now they must sink with it. They were to foolish and cowardly to course correct.

They learned no lessons which is why they're becoming more and more authoritarian forcing medical tyranny - for our own good.

The public is having none of it and this drives the paternalist-technocrats in the medical field mad.

They act like it's all new but they damn well know the real stats.

Everything is about driving moral panics now.

Don't let them make useful idiots out of you. 

There's a fine line between informing the public and propagandizing them. And boy are we heavily into the latter. 

I'm gonna stop here lest I get into a rant about people like Andre Picard - and 'ethicists' like Arthur Caplan and his dehumanizing nonsense. 


On the Arizona abortion ruling. I haven't looked into it yet but seeing the howls from the usual suspects - especially in slow witted Canada - I'm pretty sure it's being mangled and misinterpreted just like SCOTUS's ruling on Roe V. Wade.

But I will say Quebec is the LAST jurisdiction to pass judgment on any state or province on the continent. The sheer arrogance of this place is quite breathtaking. 

We have some of the worst metrics in economics here. A second rate collapsing public health system and other poor health outcomes. We're a laggard have-not province that firmly operates on a collectivist communistic model. 

Of course they embrace things like MAIDS and late-term abortions. They swapped the Church for the godless 'secular' state.

I'll end here. 


Carbon Rebates For The Commoners; Combatting The Climate Change Phantom

It looks like the carbon tax will become the key issue in Canadian politics.

The Conservatives think they've found their winning strategy and will use it as a leitmotif while the Liberals will continue to force through an endless stream of costly programs doomed to fail thanks to the  two minor status chumps NDP and Bloc Quebecois who prop up this silly government and a feckless Canadian "media" once again running to its defence in support of the tax.

The Conservatives aren't alone though. The provincial governments of Alberta and Saskatchewan oppose the tax without reservation and are willing to fight it. Nova Scotia has expressed its disapproval while Ontario Liberals who are seeking to dethrone the beaten down Ford Conservatives have announced they wouldn't impose a tax.  Quebec, being Quebec, embraces taxes. Quebec has never a seen a tax it doesn't love. It has gone Full Metal Marxist into the Green Grift. It will be left holding a big bag of nothing for its troubles. Well, the population will. The grifters will make out like train robbers.

Above al, the Conservatives appear to have the backing of the electorate. Thousands of Canadians - including truckers and farmers - are protesting in the streets the tax. Have we ever seen Canadians this engaged mobilizing protesting one of the most unpopular governments in history? I haven't.

Of course, the geniuses running and ruling this country won't listen. They will just accuse Canadians of being victims of Poilievre lies and everyone's favourite - misinformation and disinformation.

You will listen to ONE voice of propaganda pal. The state.

Sensing he's losing the plot, Trudeau first asserted provincial politicians did a poor job 'selling' the tax. Not everyone's a natural con man I reckon. But then came a 'study' by a group of 200 'non-partisan' economists extolling the virtues, without evidence, of a carbon tax. The timing was, erm, perfect. Then the usual suspects in media picked up the 'study' and explained to the population they believe to be Pavlovian Dogs that '200 experts' can't be wrong. Just like during COVID. 

Flatten the curve. 95% effective. 97% consensus. 200 experts. 4 in 5 dentists.

It's a marvel anyone listens to such silly appeals to authority.

Let's explore this on a basic and superficial level as to why a carbon tax at this time - if ever - is foolish and won't work.

In a nutshell? C02 doesn't drive temperatures. We've known this for at least 300 years thanks to England's tenacious tracking of climate and weather. It's a known fact. Like masks and lockdowns were known in the literature to not work and therefore never recommended as well as asymptomatic people were never known to be main drivers of outbreaks, the established data showed C02 is not a main driver of temperature. 

Why, it's almost as if the same people who run the climate change industry run public health. Follow that money folks.

Right here, the story should end. Ah, but it doesn't. This is Canada A leader in quackery. A laggard in reality. A lap dog to globalist interests.

How far behind the ball is this country? The trillion dollar climate change  system change industry appears to be on its last legs. When you have politicians blaming a housing crisis very much of their own doing - Hello Justin! - on climate change, you alert even the most unconscious of normies. 

The idea of the tax is to change habits. It's social engineering. Think masks and social distancing. How did that work out? They lied about it then and they're lying about the tax too. It's to limit consumption with the idea of reducing emissions with the goal of 'Zero emissions' by 2030 or whatever arbitrary date they set without a shred of empirical evidence. Just like they did during COVID. Nothing they pimped was backed by evidence based science. Nothing. 

But we already mentioned CO2 doesn't drive temperatures (weren't we supposed to have lost the UK, NYC and Coral Reef by now?). So how can this work? It can't. Because it's not about that. It's about population control - and money. These are measures to keep you in place like a serf. Meanwhile, the shysters peddling this nonsense from Justin to Greta to Kerry to Di Caprio to  one Al Gore continue to fly around in private jets leaving 'carbon footprints' the size of the hot air coming out of their collective asses.

And notice they're not stopping at one of earth's elements that sustains life. They're going after methane and nitrogen. And if you think they're not going to talk oxygen, you're mot paying attention.

You're dealing with a cult here. A cult filled with grifters, hypocrites, useful idiots, and stupid people. 

At this rate, they're going to propose taxing the periodic table of elements. 

The government and its adherents for the tax point out that people will be getting a 'rebate' greater than what they pay in tax. If that's the case, then what's the point? In any event, do they not grasp it's tax money being recirculated? They just take it and give it back. There's no benefit whatsoever. Not in your pockets and not for emissions. And it's not 'revenue neutral'.

it's quite alarming people are buying into this scheme. It's all nonsensical financial sophistry. 

Now let's look at some data and international examples.

Canada is the 7th largest emitter per capita in the world. It's the highest in the G7. I mention the G7 because Freeland and everyone in the Liberal establishment loves to cherry pick data when convenient to promote whatever economic success they want to cheer. Well, like having the highest household debt per capita in the G7, we're the biggest emitters. We're also the 7th largest gross emitter on the planet.

Some will say, 'Well all the more we need to put in a tax. It's the cheapest and most sensible way to achieve it!' Except, there's no evidence that it will or can.

Another issue is the biggest gross emitters in the world - China, India, USA, Russia - all don't expect to tackle emissions. The next two - Japan and Germany - just implemented carbon schemes. 

Interestingly the UK, Italy and France rank 17th-19th. Italy doesn't have a carbon tax. 

The carbon emissions bar graphs look a lot like COVID restrictions graphs. That is, they show no rhyme or reason proving they actually work. 

Sweden and Australia represent an interesting case. Australia tried it in 2012 and killed it in 2015 citing it was driving the cost of living too much. They claim it was 'working' but when you look at their bar graph (link above), you notice that emissions seemed have been stable. In fact they appear to have gone down after the tax was ended in 2016.

Sweden is an even more interesting case being wa head of the curve (Canada is a laggard by comparison) having put in a tax in1991 They claim the tax is a success but when you look at their graph, emissions were already on the down trend by 1991 from the 1970s.

It's the exact same ploy they did with the vaccines in the 50s. By the time vaccine program rolled out cases were down. And then they claimed 'victory'.

The question becomes - Why pretend? 

I think they want all these things to make a difference so badly they're willing to manipulate and force data to meet any result they want.

Like COVID cases and deaths and other stats, I'd treat climate change data with a grain of salt.

We'll see if what I laid out here will be proven more correct than not.

The Magnificently Evolving Magic mRNA Vaccine

We went from '95% effective; and ''take the shot end the pandemic', to 'no vaccine is perfect it prevents death' to 'no one said it would prevent deaths but it's reduce hospitalizations' to what we have now a 'to induce an immune response' dud. 

Please keep up to date. We don't know what we'll come up next. 

Any questions?

The Experts TM.

Great Barrington Fumbles Into Greatness

The quiet pictures town of Great Barrington, Massachusetts  was given the gift ff rationalism, science And courage during a time of hysterics sinking into an irrational moral panic by three respected scientists.

How did they respond to The Great Barrington Declaration penned by Dr. Jay Bhattacharya (Stanford), Dr. Martin Kulldorf (Harvard), and Dr. Gupta (Oxford)?

With this nauseating and insufferably ignorant appeal to authority and scientism. Here, read it for yourself.

Of course, four years on both Fauci and Collins have all but admitted what they did was bunk if not shamelessly harmful. As did the spectacularly and woefully cynical Deborah Birx. But no one paid attention. Damage done.

Calling Fauci 'America's Doctor' when he never saw a single patient (like our own Dr, Tam here in Canada), is an insult to doctors. The ones who spoke out and truly cared for their patients specifically. 

The GBD was a masterwork of sane science in a time of superstition. The deniers, wrapped up in their amulets and garlic, could not see it.

Story of humanity.

Say their names. Because we don't get out of this to fix it without singling them out for accountability. Ot at least mockery.

Stephen C. Bannon, Chair

Edward Abrahams

William Cooke

Kate Burke

Leigh Davis

Of the five paddlers of 'Obey 'The Science TM" only this man Bannon remains.

The rest have moved on to spread the Good Word of Faucism and Scientism no doubt. 

Ironically, it's the very doctors who dared to speak out that the good name of Great Barrington was preserved. Indeed, kept great. 

Quebec: Just Shoot Me

Quebec is angry again.

What is it this time that got all the usual suspects riled up about language? 

The latest entity to run afoul of Quebec's linguistic warriors is the soccer body for North America CONCACAF.

No one is spared when it comes to Quebec's low self-esteem. 

The "scandal" goes something like this. Canada's head coach Mauro Biello was set to answer a Quebecer reporter in French when he was interrupted by a CONCACAF official asking him to keep it in English.

The body apologized for the incident. The issue should have ended there.

Why? Well, CONCACAF a good number of its membership are Spanish speaking countries so English is simply the governing common language. So the official wasn't technically wrong. The entire continent wants to hear what was asked and what the reply was despite Quebec's parochial disposition.

You can't go onto an international stage and start to bang on pots and pans demanding evernote bend to your sensitive linguistic demands. Literally, no jurisdiction acts like this from my experience. 

At this point into the post, I'd be accused of 'Quebec bashing'.

Except it's not. 

I'm posting out that it's one thing to make a provincial case out of language at hime but it looks hopelessly myopic on the international stage.

I checked out CONCACAF's Twitter page to see if language warriors expressed anger. Sure enough they did. And it looks silly.

The world sees that and rolls its eyes.

But in Quebec it's about 'respect'. The same people who go to Florida expecting to be served in French. I don't think it's respect in as much as its sophomoric self-absorption at this point.

The tired canards of 'we're n a sea of 300 million Anglos' and 'our language is threatened' have come out again in recent weeks. 

This fake scandal should have ended with the apology. Shit happens.

Not in Quebec. Nope. Let's blow this up. 

No sooner did this happen, it turns out there's just too much damn English in the QMJHL 

T-Shirts in English are unacceptable. It didn't stop there. Former NHLer Enrico Ciccone asked politicians to step in because there's too much English in locker rooms.

These people like in a bubble inside a bubble.

The Q is considered the weakest of the three leagues in the CHL. It's down to 60% Quebec-born players with a good chunk coming from out East and Europe. Where, you guessed it, the common language is ENGLISH.

It has nothing to do with respect but simple practicality.

Indeed, people coming here should learn the language and we should accommodate facilitating that they do. It's not easy to learn a new language. Especially a refined one like French.

The irony of course is that it's known Quebec doesn't even teach French properly in school. 

Quebec doesn't seem to understand respect is two- way. Not one. 

After the 'hoopla' the league announced 'no more English'.

Exactly how that respects teams based in Atlantic Canada and its fans no one knows. But Quebecers don't care. After all, they should just be happy they get to play in the Q is the attitude. Maybe they should consider joining the OHL? 

If I'm a parent considering a league to play in? I don't even go with the Q or even the CHL. I go the NCAA route. NCAA hockey is on the ascendancy. More importantly, you get a U.S. education where the opportunities are endless compared to Canada. Why would you restrict yourself to Quebec? The CHL isn't the only avenue to the NHL anymore.

The point is the argument of feeling 'threatened' no longer justifies these antics anymore. 

It's a form of linguistic bigotry and it's not seen anywhere in the West.

Yes, there are language laws in pockets of Europe but NONE go as far as Bill 101 (ie denying people to English language education), or Bill 96 and all it's insidious and odious punitive attacks on English. 

No jurisdiction anywhere in the West has the equivalence of a language police like the OLF.

The nationalists keep trying to find examples (Catalonia!) to defend their actions but in the end, a Quebecer can set up shop anywhere on the continent and they will be left alone. Have you seen Florida? This privilege is not reciprocated in Quebec. And this is just a fact.

Canada is officially bilingual. Some provinces have their own 'official' language laws but again, none go as far as Quebec does. They've pushed so hard, they can be viewed as human rights violations. 

But hey. 'Unique'.

Quebec's linguistic challenges are no different than anywhere else.

The difference comes with the strength and self-esteem of a culture. 

3 million Croatians don't feel threatened by 800 million Europeans. Ditto for 5 million Danes.  Or 11 million Portuguese. 

All these places have English widely present. 

But these are strong cultures. 

Quebec relies on punitive laws to protect it.

Maybe it's time to actually stand tall and protect your own language without suppressing another?

All that being said, the average Quebecer no longer wants to be isolated. I can't tell you how many times I've seen Quebecers in the States struggling to speak English. It's sad and embarrassing. My Gen Z daughter made the point that even French-Canadians 'don't want to miss out' on what's going on in the world. That means it needs to know English. It's ALL in English. By denying it here, it only further keeps them isolated. More than they care to admit. We on the other side see it everyday they're a step behind. Again. I say this not to bash but because I care and want what's best of Quebec. Alas, I don't see this ever changing which is why I'm setting things up to hopefully have my daughter leave. I see no future here. A total of seven people have left since 2020. More are talking and considering it. But this is another topic for another day.

All these laws, ironically, not only hurt our economy (the unseen) despite what the nationalists the and assert, it hurts Quebecers themselves. They look like hayseeds in foreign lands. 

This is the view from OUTSIDE looking in. The world is more connected than ever and with it the English language has become even more dominant as a common language. Time to become practical.

It's just shooting itself in the foot now. With the latest round with Bill 96, the next logical step is to ban English outright. 

It's time to just....chill.

And guess what? English is cool. 

Bad Friday: There Are No Coincidences

On Good Friday, the U.S. government as well as an army of politicians and government departments and agencies in both the U.S. and Canada, put out notices celebrating 'Transgender Day of Visibility'. 

There are no coincidences. This was deliberate. 

They just can't shut up even for one moment showcasing their Marxist arrogant and insufferable hostility towards Christianity like a bunch of pompous ignoramuses.

Justin Trudeau, the thing that wouldn't leave, chimed in with:

"Happy Easter! Whether you’re celebrating this holy day by attending church services with your neighbours, hunting for Easter eggs with your kids, or spending time with your loved ones, I hope you find joy in the togetherness that Easter brings."

Like most anything with this guy, his message gives a contrived vibe and lack of authenticity. Remember, our political rulers could barely care enough to condemn the burning down of Catholic Churches. All based on the lie that there were bodies of children in Residential Schools.

It should also be noted the lack of decorum and respect. It's spelled 'Holy'. Would it surprise anyone that he and/or his staff of sycophant dullards - along with amoral political hacks like Katie Telford - would spell it Him and God in lower case? Of course not.

These are faux-rational, hyper-secularized godless times. For a good snippet of that, just listen to the yokel-hicks in the Bloc Quebecois or any public 'intellectual' in Quebec. These people, being in such a cult, believe it. And hate you.

I remind. These went out on GOOD FRIDAY. That wasn't a coincidence. That was done on purpose.


Quote Of The Day

Award-winning journalist, Alex Newman: 

"The "human-induced climate change narrative is merely a pretext for unelected globalists to control every aspect of your life, under the guise of "saving the planet".

"The notion that CO2 is pollution is absolutely preposterous..The idea that [it's] going to destroy the planet or change the temperature of the Earth is totally ludicrous. But from a totalitarian perspective, if you can convince people that CO2 is pollution, there's no human activity that doesn't result in CO2 emissions, including living, including dying, turning on a light switch."

"Every single aspect of your life, then, if we submit to the idea that CO2 is pollution, then comes under the regulatory control of the people who claim to be saving us from pollution."

"So how are they gonna get people to eat bugs? Well, a combination of propaganda, indoctrinating children and making you very, very hungry... The goal, folks, is not to save the planet. It's not about global warming. It's not about sustainable development. It's about enslaving humanity."

"They want to wipe out small and medium sized producers, centralise food control in the hands of mega corporations in bed with the mega governments. They want to move the population into the mega cities, and ultimately bring about this Great Reset and what they call the New World Order."

Quotes from Wide Awake Media.

Climate system change. This is all it's about. That's it.

Who in their right mind could possibly think banning plastic straws and carbon taxes doesn't do anything for climate or the environment?

They've come for elements that sustain life: Carbon, nitrogen and methane. Oxygen is next.


Snap out of it. These people are quacks. 

MAGA In Canada Is Liberal Party Projection

Have you heard the news today oh boy?

MAGA is here in Canada!

But is it true?

The best way to answer this is to look at the Liberal Party's own cozy relationship with the Democrat Party of the United States of America.

Through it, you see it's part conspiracy theory and all projection.

The Liberals have become gaslighting masters. Gaslighters, in case you haven't noticed, are not nice people. They're manipulative and vindictive. Why, some may say they're evil.

Alas, the point here is not to embark on this track as it's a daily routine for them at this point. One could easily put together a 30-m montage of all the examples of Liberal MPs engaging in gaslighting. Heck, they're flat out into flame-gas lighting now. 

Dresden style.

No, let's just stick to the fact the party obviously taking its rhetorical cue from the DNC. This was apparent almost from the get-go in 2015.

Now, it's worth remembering that America's influence on our political culture and culture at large is nothing new. We've been importing American ideas and concepts almost from when this colony became an independent colony. 

We could never quite figure out how to be and become Canadian. We just knew we inhabited a land called Canada but how to carve up a national identity betwixt the empires of the United States and Great Britain? Naturally, we looked to the American and British models. While in the end, Canada spurred the American model, it could not resist being intoxicated by many of its offerings. After all, we are neighbours sharing a land mass. Ideas flow more easily that way.

The dilemma reminded me of those Miller Lite commercials from the 80s where two sides who liked the beer argued that the best part of the beer was: Tastes Great! Less filling!

For example, the plight of our magazines always struggled to succeed against the influx of American publications that Canadians naturally gravitated to. 

Our nationalism gives the impression of a shepherd always trying to herd its sheep back into being Canadians. 'Come now, Canadians. You don't want to be reading that American crap. Read Canadian crap!'

We were never bold and confident enough to just get it done. Always looking for approval from our bigger and more serious cousins. 'You do you, Canadians. Whatever makes you happy. Now get on with it, will ya?'

Low self-esteem is not a good trait.

Philosophy is another. We imported all that progressive reform stuff, Fabian and Frankfurt schools socialism as well as eugenics. Sometimes I get the feeling we took those on a little too, um, lustily.

MK Ultra in the 1950s was a CIA psy-ops run out of good old McGill University. 

Our cherished social welfare apparatus is one imported from the United States too. It's the socialist idealism by way of the progressive era. 

Very little of what we brag most about is actually Canadian in its origin. 

Unless Canada was going to forge its own clear identity, it was always going to be an uphill battle with the U.S. lying there. On our border. Staring.  We simply failed to invest in ourselves. When all was said and done, we chose to become a branch plant society and economy. We rode the American coat tails of prosperity right into the G7.

And for decades it worked. 

Our prosperity and wealth were always below the U.S. but not too much.


We've decoupled and we're heading towards Venezuela territory. A bit hyperbolic but the trends aren't good.

So with all this being said, it was in the early 2000s that the Liberals continued the Canadian tradition of importing Americans to give them some helpful pointers in policy direction.

I seem to recall Al Gore coming to town to some Liberal establishment Laurentian elite shindig up in the Laurentians around that time.

The Chretien/Martin Liberals were flexing their anti-American muscles to show Canadian 'independence'. It was all theatre. A carefully crafted one that had been set up when an earlier group of liberals under Pearson and Massey in the 1960s tried to create a Canadian identity.

Their first order of the day. Design a new flag. The Maple Leaf was the best they could do. As an uncle obsessed, a tree that doesn't exist in the West was used to 'unify' the country.

No swords. Coat of arms. Or even a harpoon. Noting badass. Just a....maple leaf. 

So Canadian.

Over the years American titans like Hilary Clinton, Larry Summers (who orchestrated, or at least laid the tracks for, the 2008 financial crisis) and Obama came to town to speak here.

All was fine there. There was no equivalence of MAGA back then. Liberals are too refined for slogans on caps. They do it the old-fashioned way. At Beaver Hall with whiskey and fine suits. 

This is where Justin Trudeau was groomed by his groomers handlers. Trudeau didn't evolve naturally into a leader - he's not one - he was installed by the Laurentian Elite. That's why he's not going anywhere. It's not his call to make. 

They're not done with him. They need more time to prep Net-Zero hound and stooge for the flappy-headed Canadian oligarch Mark Carney.

Sure. The CPC has sounded populist. Some of it is MAGA-inspired. Yes, they've been flirting with populists over in Europe. But nothing on the scale of what the Liberals have been up to for 100 years. As usual, Conservatives are stuck behind the ball reacting. 

In the last few years alone it's evident the DNC and Liberals have been aligning and merging their narrative. Where Poilievre sounds like Trump the Liberals are all Maddow-Obama-MSNBC-Hilary-Gore with a good dose of The Squad led by the Marxist AOC in their messaging 

So there you have it.

The choice isn't Conservative v. Liberal.

It's common sense populism versus woke Marxism as dictated by the United States.

Good luck. 



Quote Of The Day

 "What is the essence of this crisis?

The essence of this crisis is that vaccines have completely destroyed the minds of the bourgeoisie.
That’s literal — overvaccinated people have too much aluminum and other toxicants in their brains.
But it’s also metaphorical. There was an entire meritocratic system developed over hundreds of years of science, learning, universities, and knowledge. Everything was always getting better and better. Vaccines were a technique that appeared like a universal good, unassailable, a great leap forward for humankind. And that turned out to be a lie of unprecedented proportions (from being a savior to now being the main tool of genocide). That fact has broken the minds of a large segment of society. They wander around angry, aimless, endeavoring to get as many injections as possible to ward off their feelings of being duped; but for many they are really just trying to hasten their own demise."

Dr Toby Rogers

Prior to 2020, I didn't think much about vaccines. I treated them like any medicine. With a healthy dose of 'meh' and skepticism. I didn't think they were bad and I didn't think they were an end to a medical end. For certain diseases, sure, maybe but overall? Again, didn't go beyond that.


Part laziness and part, like everyone else, because I trusted doctors and the experts. I had no real reason to join the 'anti-vaxxer' position. I read about them and even knew quite a few. At the time, I wasn't sure if they were quacks or onto something. But again, I erred on the side of caution and stuck with the idea vaccines were mostly safe with 'acceptable' risk without ever defining clearly what that line of acceptability was.

Then came 2020 and the 'experts' forced me to the other side.

I did not like at all how they mandated and coerced people into taking a highly experimental and potentially dangerous medical procedure with no proven track record of safety or efficacy. 

I did what the 'experts', public officials, shills, and other shysters pimping for pharma. I did - horrors! - my own research.

I have some experience in research. I almost started my own research company. I love researching. I have a university degree in history and have had some of my writing published.

Whenever I heard this, I wanted to, I won't lie, punch that person in the face finding it offensive and insulting. Don't drag me down to your lazy ass, smug, ignorant, weak level. You don't want to investigate for yourself? Fine. But shut up about it. You sound like an asshole otherwise.

I grew up in the late 70s and 80s. It was an era where if you didn't think for yourself you were seen as a chump. All our guardians and teachers told us was to always 'question authority' and 'ask lots of questions'. This was the correct advice.

And moral too.

See. God gave us a brain. Our minds were endowed with his gift of critical thinking. To not exercise makes you an intellectual sloth and therefore it's a sin.

I spent a lot of hours and money reading up on not just vaccines but the history of vaccines.

I wasn't impressed with what I discovered.

There are a lot of questions that need answering the authorities won't answer them. 


Maybe because they can't. Or maybe because they know the truth but can't divulge it. I get the feeling there's a stack of evidence piled up in the back offices of the CDC and FDA in a forbidden office. 

But, as the quote notes, there's something deeper in play here. 


For some reason, vaccines have become an untouchable subject. The scientific data has come under scrutiny and it will only mount. 

Here's why. They unethically, foolishly and unwisely inexplicably decided to mandate and coerce this procedure obliterating the doctor-patient relationship and the trust it's predicated upon, medical autonomy and informed consent.


People must remain free to choose and calculate their own risk assessments. They should not lose their jobs, lose mobility rights, be barred from school or participating in sports. 

I am anti-MANDATE because this is the correct ethical and moral stand to take. 

Who in their bloody right mind thought this was a good idea? That it would come with no unintended consequences?

No one likes to be forced into anything against their will. NO ONE. It's human nature 101. Yet, somehow the 'expert' class missed this basic axiom of human nature? What about the politicians who are supposed to protect our INALIENABLE NEGATIVE RIGHTS? Just like that natural law was compromised. 

It was a spectacular blunder with serious catastrophic consequences.


They believed. 

They stupidly staked their reputations into this one product that up until 2021 had never passed animal trials posing too much of a danger to humans. Suddenly, they became 'safe and effective'. Before they came to market, recall, the ghoulish 'Goonfather' of vaccines Peter Hotez testified in a committee about the potential dangers of this new gene therapy (their definition not mine). This was when Trump was in office. Remember when Biden and Harris said they wouldn't take a vaccine from Trump?

See the pattern here? When Trump was in power, be skeptical of the vaccines. He left and bang! Take this jab or no job.

95% effective! Except, at the time, we knew the survival rate was hovering well over 99%. Who had the better odds? Pfizer and Moderna or the human immune system? Did no one find it odd that hospitals were financially compensated to put people on ventilators ($39 000) or label them a COVID death ($13 000)? This didn't raise any questions? No?

Little things like that were red flags that people should have clued in on.

Or take the highly repugnant slogans like we saw in Quebec that said 'Vaccines are liberty.' It could only be spewed by a buffoon.


God is liberty. Our freedoms flow from the authority of God.

Not effing man-made medical products. 

The authorities would have you believe that your God given immune system was inferior to a vaccine.

At best, a vaccine can match the immune system. That's why I always viewed them as a complementary intervention. Not a superior one.

But dogma has it we must believe the opposite.

This is where dogma and scientism collide.

It's ludicrous. Experts barely understand how the immune system works and have even less knowledge about viruses. Personally, I fear bacterial plagues more than viruses. Viruses don't threaten us despite the perception. 

Now vaccine rates are collapsing.

Gee, I wonder fricken why?

And no, it's not because of 'disinformation'.

It's because of the mandates. You know, the ones no officials and academics want to take the blame for pointing fingers at each other? What brave heroes rule over us.

Worse, are regular people making the claim that mandates (and lockdowns) didn't happen. A special place in hell for such cruel ignoramuses. It truly defies....bah.

That recent study of 99 million people is just the beginning. The tip of the proverbial ice berg. That's a massive gargantuan red flag. But dogma dictates, that the 'benefits still outweigh the risks'. We've pulled medicines for far less. FAR less. We're in the tens of millions harmed or killed by this shot. Kind of puts a dent in the highly dubious claim they 'saved millions' and 'prevent hospitalizations', no? 

Yet, they persist in advising people to take it. Why?


Meanwhile, in Quebec, the rubes here are celebrating the opening of a Moderna facility. The stock is off 80% from its 2021 highs. Pfizer too. The jury is out on mRNA. 

They bet on the wrong horse.

Moderna is a creature of NIH (Topol's Scripps Research receives NIH funding). NIH and Fauci's NIAID pivoted from infectious diseases to biowarfare after 9/11. It now takes its orders from the U.S. DoD and Pentagon. Together, with BARDA at HSS we get the military-medical-industrial complex. 

McGill is partnered with Moderna. McGill has its own shady historical ties to the CIA with programs like MK-Ultra.

Why should it be any different with the new frontier of mRNA?

The worst part about this disaster is the WHO, international agencies, NGOs, and well-funded groups like Wellcome Trust as well as the Gates-funded GAVI are doubling down on the 'science'. Informed consent and civil rights are viewed as nuisances that need to be circumnavigated. They want to combat 'disinformation' including memes on the Internet.

This is censorship by other means. They want full control. They don't want to be questioned or debated.

Dogma is one thing. But we're talking trillions of dollars on the table here. 

Be wary.

They not only want to dictate the terms of your health but they don't want you having a say in it.

That's as good as taking your soul.

That's why they don't want you to research. It awakens your mind and soul.

Can't have that.

The first step, ignore all fact checkers or people who claim to be 'disinformation' experts. I mean literally, ignore them. They're full of shit and misinformation. Or if you have a twisted sense of humour and want to read them for kicks go ahead. Eyes wide open. I do that from time to time myself. Gotta know what the propagandists are thinking. 

Next, is to massage your mind and critical thinking skills. It's like an atrophied muscle. It needs to be worked on. Once the tension and inflammation are released, you're free of the obstacles that prevented you from exploring different options.

It's the only way to find the truth. 

No one is going to do it for you. They're there to serve their own interests.

Protect yourself and your family.

Then community and country.

God will be with you every step of the way.


Foreign Interference: We Should Be Worried

The feckless and corrupt Canadian regime ruling Canada has managed to distract people with their announcement that they agreed to a framework for Pharmacare with the NDP, 

This adds to the already idiotic national subsidized daycare (which is already faltering. What, you thought these people are competent?) and dental (which dentists are already annoyed with) schemes.

Mote layers of useless red tape and the expansion of the bureaucracy. Leviathan's tail is whipping this nation into permanent arrested development and infantilization.

Cradle to grave. 

This is not compassion. It's enabling.

And still, remarkably, there are adults applauding 'free pharmacare'. Like I said. Arrested development. Canadians are stuck in a 1950s mindset incapable of maturing. Since when is any of this 'free'? It's paid for through taxes. Meaning, OUR MONEY. What's hard to grasp? Are we this bloody stupid and immature? I hear doctors, experts and politicians babble on about 'free' stuff as if they're teenagers at a soulless Taylor Swift concert.

Taxes erode wealth. It means less in your pockets. But hey, it's all 'free', right? 

But this is a distraction from a much more serious - and probably sinister - problem. A few years back i talked about the book The Hidden Hand and the warning of China's aggressive expansion into the domestic affairs of world governments. It alleged Canada was especially vulnerable. 

Welcome to 2024. The authors were a tax optimistic if not naive in thinking Canada would do anything about it. 

It's become apparent to me that Canada isn't a country. It's a colony beset with a colonial mindset. I always felt our national pride was superficial and flimsy but I din't realize it was so weak that our national conscience and will would allow for our country to be over taken and to let traitors have free reign. This is not a "nation of men". It's a colony weaklings and dullards. 

We're mounting no counter-attack. None. 

Just observe the actions of this regime under its goofball wannabe be tin pot despot. 

Folks, citizens of the world reading this, Justin Trudeau is precisely that. And then some.

First, they denied. The play was to let it all die down because Canadians are good to scream and then do nothing. Trudeau knows this. Wait it all out. That's how he's managed to outlast and survive a record string and stream of sleazy scandals. No leader in the West would survive such a track record because countries still maintain a level of self-dignity and pride in their lands. Not Canada. We're whores.

How can a leader display dignity when its own citizens have low self-esteem and self-dignity?

We're obedient Pavlovian Dogs. God bless the 'Covid recalcitrants' but they numbered few. A 'fringe minority' if you will.

The ironic part of that is the cockwomble who uttered it out of his mouth drenched in treacherous poison, is Justin Trudeau is the real minority here. He has a minority government propped up by a third-wheel party the NDP under its Rolex collecting Kingpin who's banned from India Jagmeet Singh. Funny how Canada seems to have its share of dubious and shady characters in our government. Duclos appears to come from a really hardcore communist background. Guilbeault is a convicted eco-terrorist activist. Rodriguez refused to cooperate with police after being pulled over for suspicion of DUI. Both he and Hussein weren't even born in Canada. I'm sure I can dig more but let's stop here.



So they denied it.

But Canadians put up enough of a stink to force Justin to have an inquiry. Like a petty Duke, he through the hot-dog-eating masses a bun and sicced the Chinese apologist David Johnston as a 'special rappateur' to look into it. 

And just as we suspected, Johnston delivered what we all knew he would. Nothing to see here.

What you'd expect from a colony of whores. Johnston didn't even regard his own reputation in taking on this janitorial role in the service of Nero-lire. Why? Why would a grown man take an arrow for such a pathetic drama queen with no inner-core principles? A narcissist who wears many hats, faces and costumes is one to be wary of, no?

If you can't see this. Do not go into a line of work that includes profiling people and observing human nature.

Alas, Johnston struck out. Womp, womp. He sacrificed his soul and didn't even get a 'I sucked Liberal cock' t-shirt.


So the geniuses at the PMO led by the deviant malignant half-wit Katie Telford and probably one of the many loser consultants they hired hatched a plan to create a sham inquiry. 

It's my guess that's how it went down. I hear Justin listen to no one but Katie, the mysterious consultants and the voices in his head that tell him he's awesome.

The sham was to bring in a third Liberal hack (recall Paul Rouleau who oversaw POEC. He 'reluctantly' ruled the regime 'met the threshold' for invoking the Emergencies Act. A Federal Court ruled na-ah. Unjustified and illegal. Ergo, Rouleau heads into the bath of whores with Johnston. Incidentally, the regime is appealing the decision because the regime doesn't respect law and order of any kind. Especially the kind that goes against it. Just like they will appeal the pseudoscience plastic ban ruling that determined it was unconstitutional. See a pattern here/ We have a rogue regime) 'Justice' Marie-Josee Hogie to hold an inquiry.

How's that going?


It's being boycotted by certain groups including Uyghurs and the Canadian Friends of Hong Kong.

They smell bull shit form a mile away. Then again, these are people who come from real countries and aren't as dimwittedly naive and apathetic as Canadians who can't see they're being mocked by their government. The regime isn't just laughing in their faces. It's spitting in their faces and laughing as they walk away.

They have Michael Chong, Hans Dong, and Yuen Pau Woo cross-examining witnesses. The Chong, Dong and Woo comedy hour. These people should be the ones being questioned. In fact, this thing is a complete sham because unless the Prime Minister sits his ass down and is questioned, it's useless. 

None of these inquiries have any merit or teeth to do anything. It's all a show. A Trudeau Vaudevillian specialty. He's a drama teacher after all. He's all about deception.

And Canadians buy it. Well, at least Toronto, Montreal and Halifax are. Other parts of the country seem to be laying off the fentanyl and see things with some clarity.

Oh. About Rouleau's recommendations. The deadline passed and the regime did exactly.....nothing.

And expect the same with Hogue.

It's already all compromised.

It's a nation with no moral courage. Its leaders reflect this.

Canada is in deep trouble. It's real.

We should be worried. 

Like, a lot.