Canada Has Become A Certified Loony Bin

Justin Trudeau has taken this country into places I never and truly thought could happen here.

And not for the better.

For the worse.

A satanic, dare I say, worse.

I don't know if these people are legit psychopaths or ignoramuses or whatever but it's been one macabre and outrageously obtuse and illiberal idea, policy and law after another.

They seem to be serving other masters and not the interests of Canada and her citizens.

Where to begin?

Let's start with the fact their vaccine mandates - based on no empirical scientific evidence - triggered a trucker's protest that temporarily and chaotically froze Ottawa. They then manipulatively spun a narrative to demonize the protesters through blatant disinformation to create an atmosphere where they illegally invoked the Emergencies Act that subsequently resulted in the outrageous the freezing of assets of protestors and donators. 

Then comes gender-affirming surgeries. The problem here is obvious and indisputable. There is no evidence whatsoever these are irreversible. There's no long-term safety data (like the vaccines) about this. On the contrary, what little data now coming out is showing this has massive negative harmful permanent impacts. 

The assumption built in this bizarre ideologically driven issue is the idea that transgender kids are trapped and if they do 'come out' their families will punish and mistreat them leading to suicide. There's no evidence to support this claim. It probably happens in vanishingly tiny cases. Again, the opposite is likely happening where kids are committing suicide after surgery. It doesn't take a genius to know why. Because we're probably enabling children who need psychiatric care. 

Just to compound this social disaster, they want to empower teachers - who have no psychiatric or medical training - to make this determination without the knowledge of parents thus teaching kids to lie to their parents. This is deception and undermines the sanctity of the family. As I noted before, the family is the last institution for illiberal forces to kick down and what better way than to have children turn on their parents?

It's worth noting a vast majority of Canadians - thankfully - oppose the government's position on this. 

We now come to the ghoulish expansion of the assisted suicide program. I don't think people realize just how seriously, well, fucked up this is. I'm not sure what's driving this government to embrace a eugenics program where MAIDS is not only being offered to the mentally ill and veterans, but it appears the vaccine injured. And judging by the antics I witnessed at POEC, it wouldn't surprise me if the sociopaths in charge laughed about it. Part of this stems from the fact it will save millions from our second-rate public health system. 

The mentally ill need our help. Not to be asked if they want to kill themselves.

Ever heard of Murder Inc.? Welcome to MAIDS Inc.

There's nothing compassionate about it. In any event, we know the thin line between compassion and cruelty is thin that can easily cross over into the murderous.

We can add the eco-terrorist felon Steven Guilbeault and all his squirrelly climate change proclamations to this utter foolish nonsense. None of it is backed by true hard science. A certifiable nut job him. 

Canada is a loony bin where the lunatics are running the asylum.

Put it under trusteeship. 

For the sake of all that is humane, righteous, moral, ethical, rational, and plain old sane. 


Andre Picard. Health 'expert' for the Globe. He who holds the Order of Canada. He wrote some of the most vitriolic and anti-science verbiage lobbed against the unvaccinated. He recently tweeted about the need for empathy and compassion to be part of the health process.

Could you believe this fucken guy?

The nerve.

These people are gaslighting maniacs.

We need to distance ourselves from people like this.

He clearly doesn't know what empathy is or else he would retract what he said and APOLOGIZE.

But hey. He has that shiny little medal that confirms he's the 'expert'. He doesn't need to apologize to anyone despite being unethical and wrong.

Pathetic cowards. 


Last, the CSN union in Quebec wants a surtax levied on consumer purchases with the money going to support media.

As if that will do anything other than to steal more money from people like me who don't watch or listen to Canadian "media" let alone Quebec media. What's the fucking point? They all sip from the same sippy cup spewing the usual tedious similar views on everything from Ukraine to Donald Trump. All predictable and boring.

So people have tuned out. But it's not because they offer a crap product. Nope. It's because people are victims of disinformation and are too stupid to realize that without Taylor Lorenz democracy dies.

Journalism is important to a democracy. A free press is essential.

But we have neither.

We have a bought-out journo-class overrun by weak woke sisters. 

I'll just stop here.

The bottom line is I wouldn't pay for any news service so why would I consent to my taxes going to an entity that calls me all sorts of names?

It's the same with EVs and Teslas. Most Tesla customers are wealthy. Why should tax credits be available to them? It's plain wrong. or the CBC. Why shouldn't taxpayers not have an opt-out clause to pay for it? Let's see if an opt-out reflects how Canadians truly feel about the CBC.


How about this? FUCK OFF.



Know Thy Enemies: Charlie Angus Edition

If you're concerned about the trajectory of our democracy heading into an authoritarian trajectory just take a look at NDP MP Charlie Angus's X account. 

He's among many who can be the poster child for the rise of authoritarian climate shitheads. 

Angus tabled the Private Members Bill (Bill C-317) which criminalizes speaking positively about fossil fuels.

This is how 'progressives' think they should 'progress' a country. Or in the case of Canada, a colony. 

The key component of this evil bill which promotes the scientism of "climate change" is that it calls for $1 million in fines and jail time if you dare speak well of fossil fuels.

The first question I have for despicable assholes like Angus is will he stop wearing clothes and using an iPhone because those are made with fossil fuels. Just like carbon and nitrogen are part of Mother Nature's designs but being attacked by psychotic eco-terrorists like Angus, fossil fuels are essential to our lives. 

The astonishing part about all this is the liars in the NDP and Liberals - which includes eco-terrorist felon Guilbeault - are still referring to the wildfires in Quebec and Nova Scotia as climate change when it was ARSON. 

Shameless ideological liars. 

If this bill were to pass (and it has a good chance because this regressive mindset is pervasive in three political parties who buy into this nonsense), this post could be subject to a fine - or worse.

Try and tell me Marxists aren't in the system. Ga'head. 

Now do you understand the serious trouble we're in? We're way past fighting for the environment.

We're fighting for freedom now.

Get that through your thick fucking skulls and tell Angus to fuck off.

Small Victories

The farmers in Europe have won a small victory as the tyrants have decided to revisit some of the more controversial portion of their bills. 

But this is not enough. It's time to go in and truly and literally drain that damn swamp.

One way to do is it to get locally involved. 

Since this is all about money - and not climate - come up with ways to to make it financially enticing for politicians on the take. Find a way to shift grants away from the shyster-shit heads like Michael Mann and into true scientists with integrity. 

Another victory was when the NYSE killed the Natural Asset Contract scheme. NACs are another one of those Trojan Horses devised by the 'elites' to steal natural resources from sovereign nations. 

Again. This is temporary.

We need to weed the shit out. 

Expert Class Enabling Mental Illness

Psychologists, doctors and psychiatrists who have pushed the transgender moral panic to its limits have a lot to explain.

It doesn't take much to understand actual legitimate cases of gender confusion leading to transgenderism represents a tiny portion of a sub-culture. So why are we uprooting the civil order for this? We don't do that for many afflictions and mental illnesses. Why is that?

Can it be this is an orchestrated and fabricated political issue as part of the overall ongoing culture wars?

Does it make sense to you CPSO - which has talks open to the public only to lock their doors to the public - is out to remove Jordan Peterson's licence? If you believe this about a professional outfit looking to protect its reputation you really, really, really, really are naive and/or asleep. You're not following the cadence of what's happening at all.

What you're seeing is the removal of all free thinkers from the system and replacing them with the worst kind of mind: Indoctrinated ones that will not answer back or ask questions.

You're witnessing the entrenchment of medical tyranny run by technocrats and managerial professionals who are demanding we bow before them. There is to be no doctor-patient relationship based on mutual consent and respect. It will be a top-down authoritarian one. Why? Because in times of an 'emergency' we need to act fast and efficiently (ie brutally). We have no time for cute civil liberties and laws and people daring to challenge the established orthodoxy. PEOPLE WILL DIE OTHERWISE.

This thing about men dressing up as women claiming to be women even though biologically they're men is just about as regressive and barbaric as it comes.

It's another example of scientism dragging us into a Dark Age.

The worst part of it is the gender dysphoria surgeries the state is absolutely baking at the expense of familial bonds and rights.

It's the government directly coming into your home and dictating what your child is and you will have no say in it.

This is communism. Welcome.

Oh. You think because we have elections and MPs march to the House of Commons you're represented and have a functional democracy?


That was always tenuous and up for debate but all that ended for certain in 2020.

We're now in Lunatic World where all the Beyond Wrongers live and wield power ruling over us.

Literally? Arkham is in control.

The Lakewood shooting once again shows us that a) police knew the suspect and b) mental illness is rampant 

But let's focus on the AR-15 part.

No. The focus should be on mental illness and how we're enabling it. 

We're not helping anyone when we cut them up or allow them to live in a world of deception.

What they need is help.

Not laws that divide and serve and solve nothing.

We're creating a world where temporary confusion becomes permanent confusion. We're creating an environment where children are jumping on trends. It's easy to do so when you eliminate God from the equation.

The expert class who have jumped on this bandwagon are enablers. Some are doing so because it's lucrative. Others because they're ideologues.

The brave ones speak out and get their licenses threatened.

We've taught our kids that white people are evil, that there's no God, and that scientism is paramount and will make us all better.

This is what we call Hell on earth. 

Canadian Culture is Downstream from American Culture.

Too bad I can't trademark what I come up with. I can just hope someone attributes back. But being a tiny blog I can easily be ignored and my thoughts taken.

Over the years this blog has come up with so many terms and labels that I would later see on the Internet. People did pick up. The most recent of them was referring to Canada as Canazuela. 

In any event, it doesn't matter. I now refer to Canada simply as a colony.

Canada never evolved that much from the days when the Hudson's Bay Company reigned supreme. It's just an advanced fur trading outpost that benefitted from being neighbours with the most powerful nation in human history. It's a place beset with a colonial mindset. 

In recent weeks, the Liberals (and let's keep reminding them there's nothing liberal about this party) have taken to attacking Poilievre claiming the conservatives are importing MAGA-style extreme politics. They do this with a straight face too considering that it's been years since they've sounded exactly like DNC/MSNBC/CNN left-wing consortium. I wrote as early as 2016  that the Liberals gave the impression of being in close contact with the DNC because all of their political and social talking points sounded exactly like a Democrat bulletin. 

Both sides are doing it now but for the Liberals to single it out, well, just more projection and hypocrisy from a party led by a man who possesses those attributes in abundance.

The Liberals sound exactly like communists more and more. In B.C., the NDP showed its true commie colours at last when it claimed the government could solve the housing crisis better than the private escort. Uh-huh. Unproductive and useless bureaucrats who never held a real job will outsmart the private sector. Like how Pfizer can outwit God's immune system, right?




That's Canada in its current form under an illiberal government.


Canadian culture is downstream from American culture. Witness BLM and how it flowed its way up here culminating in Trudeau taking a knee. Or the January 6 false flag. We got the Convoy. Exact same state-propaganda rhetoric there too. This led to an end the government was looking for all along: The Emergencies Act. Or consider the sudden rise in the battle for parental rights and authority. Whence this fabricated tranny saga come? The United States. 

USA farts and Canada armpit farts.

We offer nothing but we're good at copying and sneering at the very country we import the culture war. So who's the ultimate fool in this equation?


Health Is About Money. Not Health

If you haven't figured out that it's not about patients but about MONEY, ain't nothing anyone can do for your sorry naive ass. 

In Canada and the United States, money is paramount.


Do you understand?

Remdisivit and Paxlovid are about money. Vaccines are the Mississippi River of cash cow and flow. You cannot challenge vaccines not because of the science but because it threatens their profit structure. 

Give your heads a shake already. Stop buying into all the bull shit with masks and all that crap already. 

Doctors are just as easily corruptible as any.

Covid and the mRNA shenanigans should have made this crystal clear. 

Scientism Lost

It's clear.

The scientism of the 'experts' and 'I am science' Faucists lost.

It ought to be discredited and never spoken of again.

Mother Nature and the immune system, both conferred to us by God, prevailed.

On what grounds could anyone possibly claim any of lock/shutdowns, masks, social distancing and the mRNA shots worked?

It's all in the spin. It's all they got. But the worst of these outcomes were all foreseeable and predictable. The tradeoffs, as I've been writing since this moral panic rooted in fear and ignorance, have not been in our favor. 

Reject with all your might the excuses that are flying. Excuses like 'we didn't know' and 'we did our best'> Absolutely not. You didn't do your best. You restricted yourself to a narrow protocol and didn't deviate preventing a chance at course correction. The geniuses put all their eggs in one basket and not one of them thought to ask, 'What if we're wrong?'

There's no wisdom in public health. 

Four years on I'm comfortable and confident in saying my concerns and predictions were correct. Even Sweden ended up being more right than wrong and definitely handled it better than most Western countries including the boastful blowhards in Canada.

COVID still swirls. And will always. mRNA shots are just about redundant if not useless. Mandates are gigantic unethical and politically punitive monstrosities fraying the civil order.

Still, none of these people have come close to admitting failure.

And a spectacular failure they were.

Collins and Fauci all but recently admitted how foolishly myopic they were.

Gee, who would have thought sacrificing overall public health to combat one disease that largely affects one demographic would lead to catastrophic negative outcomes?

If there was justice they'd not only lose their jobs and pensions but they'd have to answer and account for their decisions, rhetoric and actions in a court of law before a jury of their peers.

This includes Hajdu, Duclos, Tam, Supirya, Njoo, NACI, UofT and McGill experts, Freeland, Trudeau and many others. 

And wait until the vaccine injuries become too obvious even to the normies.

One can only hope the comeuppance is sufficient. 

Scientism got its ass kicked. 

Time to bring true science back. 

You Get What You Deserve

At this point, there's no reason to be upset with the Liberals. Or the NDP. Or Bloc. The three parties are conspiring to keep the country hostage - none of these parties can achieve power on their own - because they can. 

This is all on Canadians who are incapable of coming to terms with the reality that we're under lawless despotic rule. This does not resemble a democracy at the moment. It's the tyranny of the minorities. 

Slow-witted Canadians are tolerating it and swallowing whole what's being shovelled at them.

The consequence of this is a government that mocks you and shoves your face into a bowl of Jello.

I've never seen a more inept government that projects itself so defiantly and insultingly as this one does. The country has never been this divided. 

The damage is done in my view.

We got what we deserved. 

In the latest round of obscene scandals, the ArriveCan app (ArriveScam) is one of the ages. The Three Stooges that make up the hostage-taking coalition shut down yet again another committee when it was revealed to them things that shocked them. Canadians have a right to know what happened. But our government is once again not being transparent. Another example we're not in a democracy. 

Something happened and we need to know. 

What can it be?

Well. One interesting theory out there that's adding more fuel to the notion COVID was a planned event is the fact they had been working on ArriveCan since 2018. 

Of course, it can be a coincidence. But if you've been paying ANY attention these past four years, that notion is fast becoming naive and antiquated.

And yet, Trudeau continues to stand.

It says a lot about us as a 'country' than it does him. We know what he is by now.

But what are Canadians? 


Know Thy Trojan Horse

Public health crisis.

Climate crisis.

Are about neither.

It's about control.

Neither of those pose a threat to humanity.

These are Trojan Horses to installing a neo-feudal system ruled by a globalist network or powerful people. 

It all adds up to tyranny.

The Spectacular Fall Of Canada: MAIDS Murder Inc.

They were gonna kill themselves anyway and we're gonna save money for the decrepit public health system! 

"Lets' talk". The government of Canada and Bell is here to help raise awareness for mental illness.


Let's talk.

The Canadian government is sending mixed messages to its citizens. On one hand, they tell Canadians there's help for them if they suffer from mental illness. On the other, they signal they can terminate their life through the MAIDS program. 

Moreover, I read somewhere that 40% of people who had a depressive episode are on some kind of antidepressant and safe-supply in B.C. is a full-fledged human disaster.   

Big problems. take big solutions. But don't expect that from this collection of regressive barbaric dullards in power. No. Their 'solution' is a 'Final Solution'. A permanent solution to a temporary problem. 

When consulting actual professionals and experts, it was discovered that they really don't want to kill people. Especially the mentally ill since there's no way to know if the illness is 'terminal'. We're up to 60,000 killed by MAIDS with La Mort Province Quebec leading the way. 

The government responded by delaying the Murder Inc. program to 2027. Not killing it - excuse the pun - but deferring it because they realized they needed more time to indoctrinate students into accepting killing their fellow citizens. It gives them time to train them to believe it's the 'compassionate' thing to do. Turns out, there are still too many 'recalcitrant' in the medical and health profession. So the government will see to it that this is remedied once and for all. 

There's nothing compassionate or humane in Canada's assisted suicide program. It crossed over into a subject far more sinister. 

Ask yourself. Why is no country going as far as Canada? We've included the mentally ill. This is Nazi-level eugenics. Makes you wonder what's going on. Did the House of Commons not cheer on with a standing ovation a Nazi soldier?

Someone can now just be in a funk or claim they're 'suffering' and there will be doctors evil enough (knowing full well it's not a reason to do so) to kill them. Buddhists preach that life is suffering. Christians understand this very well too. Jordan Peterson warns people that there's more suffering than not in life. So get used to it and learn to cope and manage it. I believe there was a case where someone wanted to die because they couldn't make rent. Economics is now an accepted reason to apply for MAIDS.

And spare me the lies and crap that there are 'safeguards' to qualify for it. This goes straight into a slippery slope. The results are immediate and we have the stats to back it up.

Canada is Murder Inc.

The Canadian government has a different take. It believes this is a cost issue and you're expendable. 

The ironic part is the Indigenous angle to this. On one hand, the government has made Indigenous issues a key component of their policies. They consulted only Indigenous people for their perspective on death. No Jews. No Muslims. And certainly no Christians. Even though Christian doctrines have a lot to say about death. 

Even in death, we're woke.

But there's a very good chance that it's Indigenous communities that will be disproportionately negatively harmed by such a policy since various diseases and 'suffering' are high among First Nations. It's a policy that will leave itself open to charges of 'genocide' down the road. In real-time, we're seeing history play out on how bad policy can result in great harm and how we interpret it for posterity. 

Is MAIDS a deliberate 'eugenics by other means' program or is it borne from sheer stupidity and ignorance? 

Quebec Is A Lapped Entity

When Sun Life, the story goes, left Montreal for Toronto it hastened the fall of this city as Canada's business leader. The move was followed by Royal Bank, BMO and other companies relocating to Toronto making it permanently the financial boss of Canada.

And Quebec just gave it away for linguistic reasons.

No, Quebec is not a business hub of any kind. It doesn't naturally attract foreign investment. Not with a mindset that prioritizes culture - specifically language - above business. Add an unhealthy dislike of business and capitalism in general and we have what we get: A low growth, low-productive, have-not province shooting itself in the foot repeatedly.

Already Canada has a hard enough time attracting business because of its proximity to the U.S. and so relies on luring companies with tax breaks and credits. But when those things run out, it risks companies leaving because we don't have a business environment they may need.

If Francois Legault exemplifies the general outlook of Quebecers (and I think he does), there's no fixing this. This is Quebec's 'minding'. In a recent statement, Legault said Quebecers need to adjust their expectations for 'grand projects'. So we're stuck with fiddling around with roofs on dated stadiums pretending it's some sort of important project because, as one person put it, the Olympic Stadium is our Eiffel Tower.

There aren't enough face palms.

This is how that story goes. It will cost around $835 million to replace the roof. $2 billion to tear it down. Ergo, it's more 'economical' to replace the roof. Except, this is Quebec Grift City where that $835 will easily triple making it as costly as just taking dynamite to it. 

Now if we were truly a serious society committed to the 'green economy' as Legaul likes to yap on about like a good Motherweffer, what they'd do is scrap the stadium and REBUILD it according to all the new standards and codes of the modern era. Look up Allianz Stadium - home of Serie A giants Juventus. Look at the marvel of ingenuity it is. It was green before it was hip to be green. Here's Quebec's chance to actually give something for places to emulate.

Nope. Let's fix the roof for a stadium no one likes. The 2026 World Cup is in North America. Guess what? Vancouver and Toronto have games. Montreal doesn't. 

Canadians are incapable of putting money where their big-ass talk is. Chirp, chirp, chirp. Ban plastic and tax carbon instead. 

Combine this mentality with linguistic bigotry on full display (and yes, Francois you're a bigot as are anyone who cheers on your attacks on English. You're fooling no one. Europe has no such linguistic tensions and neither does the USA. Just Quebec. 

Our actions and attitudes come with real-life consequences. I guess it's better to all be collectively miserable as long as it's in French seems to be the message.

So now McGill has been attacked as the province seeks to 'Franchisize' the internationally famous honourary Ivy League institution. In other words, Quebec nationalists want to get in there, squat and ruin it like they do everything. All in French.

And CAE was recently audited to ensure they're not afoul of Quebec's onerous and unproductive language laws imposed on businesses.

If I'm those two institutions. I bolt. Spark another exodus. Let the word out more that Quebec doesn't value not only business but sane policies. As usual, Quebec demands respect and other work to protect them while offering neither to the rest of the country.

As one Quebecer put it, 'Let McGill fall'.

Imagine that. And then they get upset when we call them parochial hayseeds. Mississippi North this place.

Here's another thing that needs to be pointed out. Quebecers often scream Canada is an officially bilingual nation whenever they feel French is being disrespected. Technically, indeed. Canada is bilingual even though very little French is needed or required in most of the country but in the spirit of unity, it maintains the status (however a facade it may be). No province has declared itself unilingual.

Except one. Guess which one that is?


Quebec can't have it both ways. It can't complain about language issues while it's officially unilingual. It made its bed. So why would they care if Saskatchewan doesn't do enough French? In any event, they don't even care about the Francophone fact in other provinces. They just care about Quebec.

You have a separatist party in Ottawa that is permitted to speak French (and keep a Federal pension paid for by the very same people they want to separate from), but in Quebec, it's not permitted to speak English. Who is the more enlightened part of the country then?

Quebec has been lapped and it doesn't even realize it. 

Keeping it real folks. 



The Spectacular Fall Of Canada

One of the more eye-opening moments in what was overall somewhat of an anti-climatic interview was Putin singling out Canada for the Nazification of the West.

It's important because the interview has nearly 200 million on X alone. Never mind on other platforms.

Hundreds of millions of people saw the ovation in the House of Commons for what it was. A standing ovation for a Nazi soldier. No amount of spinning can change this. 

It's an image this country will not be able to live down. 

It's irrelevant and inconsequential that Putin is using this for his own propaganda because the fact remains it is the Liberal government of Canada that gave him the ammo to use. There's no need to call the Liberals names anymore. They disgraced the House and the party no matter how hard they and what's left of their supporters deny it.

This was not a 'no big deal' moment. It reflected in one incident the state of Canada and its spectacular fall into a farcical freak and fanatical show.

The Agenda Against The Institution Of The Family

Here's what's going on with that.

With the Christian Church (though I'm noticing a bit of a 'awakening' among some people who are at least revisiting and reconsidering Christian heritage) all decimated by the combined forces of positivists, progressives, illiberal authoritarians, Marxists and other ideologues, the last standing institution serving as an obstacle to globalist interests is the family. The family is the core of a community and country.

Snap its neck and you have control of the population. 

Guns, God, family and country. It's no coincidence these are being mercilessly attacked under various guises of 'progress'. 

Trojan Horses abound. Like 15-minute cities are a TJ for climate change lockdowns and neo-feudalism, the transgender agenda is the attempt to undermine parental and familial authority.

Who in their right mind could possibly believe it's ok for anyone - especially bureaucrats - to encourage a child into a certain behavior and life-altering decision behind the backs of parents?

Well, useful idiots for one. People with weak family bonds is another. Purely evil people shouldn't be discounted including pedophiles and other people with deviant habits and fetishes. Stupid people for sure. Of which there are many. Ideologically driven people certainly.

But to the mass swatch of sane people with a grounded moral and ethical core, it's unacceptable and dangerous. 

Apparently, kids have rights but not parents.

This orchesrtaed agenda has its roots in the UN and its push for child rights. If you want to install a 'One world government' (that's what One Health and Agenda 2030 are all about. They flat out admit it: Global Reset anyone?) AKA 'New World Order' often dismissed as a 'conspiracy theory', you do it first by smashing organized religion and then you go after the children. 

You use kids as pawns to undermine parents and their responsibilities to their children.

You cleverly usurp parental authority and slide into the hands of state authority.

Canada is a big supporter of this new agenda and Quebec in particular has accepted with especial zeal. There isn't a state with more authoritarian collective impulses than Quebec. It's a marvel it even manages to maintain any semblance of rule of law and family bonds. Quebec not only leads the charge in all sorts of pseudoscience trends it also embraces troubling policies like MAIDS. Again here, we take it to a level no jurisdiction in the West has reached.  Quebec is a horror show. In Canada, the concept of 'mature minor' was introduced. What good can possibly come of this other than more pain and suffering inflicted on the family? 

With gender-affirming surgery and puberty blockers, what we're witnessing is a barbaric episode in modern medicine decoupled from ethics - and God. It will be seen as such for posterity much like how we viewed the quackery of eugenics including the practice of lobotomy. I use the past tense because we're seeing the rise of neo-eugenics taking new form under this - and the depopulation - agenda. 

As teachers and people in positions of influence and authority move to defend children's 'rights' they're doing so while obliterating the right of parents to know because here's the core of the issue. Who will care for the child if things go wrong? Justin Trudeau? The teacher? YOU? No. It's the FAMILY. They will have to pick up the devastating pieces that may come over the long term. 

None of this is normal or backed by scientific evidence of any kind. Never mind being inappropriate and repugnant.

There's no question we're under some form of ideological attack.


About Those Sudden Deaths And Heart Attacks

Funny how everything exploded after the roll-out of the experimental mRNA shot, eh? It's almost as if, you know, an experimental drug can cause, you know, fucking problems. 

Let's unpack this medical catastrophe.

I don't buy at all the vaccines saved lives. Show me an actual cost-analysis study. Until then, The Experts TM are all talking out of their arrogant asses. Same with the dumbass politicians who staked their reputations on this medical intervention. 

No one stopped and asked, 'What if we're wrong?' Of course, not. There was no time for that. We needed to panic and the opportunists needed to make money.

I'm willing to concede they prevented hospitalizations - very early on. For about 15 minutes. Since then? Nothing. 

This little dickens we call the spike protein is a nasty piece of work. If that thing circulates in the body longer than it has to, watch out. It can wreak havoc. 

And it clearly has for millions of people.

But hey, the experts know all these adverse events aren't caused by the vaccine. They don't know what's causing it - a specialty in modern allopathic medicine despite all the fancy degrees, equipment and genius SJW babbling - but they do know it's not the vaccines.

How does that work?

It doesn't.

This is the same group that encourages puberty blockers and the cutting up of kids in an effort to defy biology and God. One day, they will look upon this madness exactly as we view lobotomies and eugenics. They will all ask - What the fuck were those retards thinking?

They weren't. Too much ka-chinging going on.

Like how hospitals are were paid $13 000 to tag a sick person as COVID (even if they weren't) and $39 000 to stick a ventilator down their throat and administer the useless and dangerous Remdisivir. But ya'll stay away from that horse paste, you hear?

We witnessed one of the all-time great crimes against humanity. So great the scale of this crime, people can't much wrap their heads around it.

And we all know who the players are. 

They're normalizing SIDS, heart attacks in kids and stokes. 

Don't let them.

If you know someone who suddenly got sick it's your duty to get to the bottom of it. Don't accept the baffled doctor's excuses. 

It's NOT fucking normal that kids are getting heart attacks. Use your damn noggins. Did you ever hear of this growing up? And if it's true, then why can't they explain why? 

Because they damn well know why.

Same with athletes. I've been following sports like cycling and soccer for a looooong time. I was subscribed to all the top European magazines going back to the 80s. I never ever heard of athletes retiring early and in their prime or collapsing at this rate on the pitch. Ever. 

But suddenly they want us to accept this as normal? Worse, the more enterprising gaslighters among them will blame it on the victim or climate change or some other excise. If a doctor had the balls to use that crap on me the urge to slap them - after a terse verbal tongue lashing -  would be tempting. 

We don't have the evidence but boy is the circumstantial evidence mounting. 

A quick word on the "we've administered billions! The percentage of adverse events is small!" line.


But in this case, the gross numbers on the aggregate are huge. We used to pull drugs off the shelf for 1 or 3 deaths. In the case of one of the flu vaccines, 25 deaths were enough to pull them after millions of doses administered. 

We always looked at the number and not the percentage.

Now we're doing the opposite. WHY?

Oh. And all these kids that are getting sick and dying? Many of those parents are going to blame the vaccine. And they're gonna want a piece of everyone's ass when they do. Wanna see anger? Never mind about 'domestic right extremists'. Nothing comes close to a parent scorned and deceived because I can promise you the excuses being thrown around won't matter.

Watch out. 

Tens of millions have been harmed. Who knows how many have died but it's surely way above 25. 

Something is drastically wrong with this picture. Scientifically, medically, ethically and morally. 

Quebec's Bill-50. Another Conspiracy Theory Comes True

Back in 2020 conspiracy theorists were busy being truth-tellers warning about endless (useless) boosters, the rise of medical technocrats, vaccine passports, and endless cycles of man-made pandemics.

The end goal is to condition people into getting used to being ordered around and into the neo-feudal concept of "15-min cities". This is not a cute save the planet create safe and clean spaces with access to important places concept It's designed to keep you in place like a serf. 

What do you think the lockdowns were for? And it worked. 

Now they have you ready to accept climate lockdowns as the conspiracy theorists said all along.

Covid was just a beta run to see how easily we'd roll over.

And boy did we roll over.  We let our fears take over and accept the most obscene, unethical and illegal restrictions dividing us permanently. It ruined our country and the civil order within it and now they have us, so they believe, where they want us.

Notice how they're upping the climate fear-mongering. A huge tell is the mysterious fires in Maui and the wildfires in Quebec and Nova Scotia. Despite the fires being attributed to arson, politicians like Guilbeault and Trudeau continue to pretend it wasn't citing it as proof of climate change. Huge red flag right there.

False flag alert. Folks. Something stinks. You just have to connect the dots.

Canada - and Quebec in particular - is the launching pad and hub for the grand globalist reset peddled by the UN, WHO and WEF. 

We're a weak compliant colony made up of lethargic arrogant and complacent Pavlovian Dogs. Fertile ground to launch the Great Reset. America is barely better. 

Quebec is the Filles du Roi in this scheme. It opens its legs wide and there's no bigger whore than Francois Legault. Either as a useful idiot or a willing participant, he's willing to sell off Quebec to the highest bidder. It's nothing personal. It's just the Canadian way. It's a colony suspended in arrested development incapable of standing up for its interests. Whatever that is anymore.

Last week Quebec introduced Bill 50. Without getting into it, it's the nightmare we feared. It's the law we never thought could happen but did as predicted by the conspiracy theorists. Quebec becomes, naturally, the first jurisdiction in North America to jump on the climate scam enshrining it into law. 

It's worth noting that NDP MP - Charlie Angus - introduced a Private Members Bill where he calls for, among other things, jailing anyone or any company speaking well of fossil fuels.

This is it Canada. This is where we're at. It's full-blown Marxism. They just don't dare to say it to your face because like all Marxists they're bloody cowards.

Bill 50 confers 'state of emergency' powers to the state to 'protect' people from climate catastrophes. 

Now. Notice that the wildfires, regardless of arson, didn't threaten us. They're presupposing climate change will intensify. Based on what? Bull shit. All manipulated data and flawed science. Michael Mann's fraudulent hockey stick theory (which he refuses to reveal the data) and the East Anglia scandal (that showed there was no global warming which shifted the narrative to safer grounds: Climate change) are haunting us and having real negative consequences on our lives.

It's destroying the Canadian economy. For example, when Japan and Germany came looking for long-term liquified gas deals, Canada inexplicably and irresponsibly rebuffed them forcing them to sign 20-year deals with Qatar.

What happens when the 'Green' revolution fails? And it will. Where does that leave Canada?

Quebec, foolishly, has bet on the wrong horse.

And once again, it's willing to entertain authoritarian measures to achieve a fraudulent objective.

We're irreversibly and incredibly trading liberty for safety and security. 


Carlson Putin Interview Exposes How Far Canada Has Fallen

I have many thoughts about the interview which I hope to hit later.

But just want to mention it now has 161 million views.

And if you're Canadian, having the country getting this kind of negative exposure on social media is something this country has never experienced.

Specifically, Putin mentioned the ovation a Nazi soldier received in Parliament with images provided by Carlson. 

Regardless of what you think about Putin and Russia or if you believe it's Russian propaganda, millions around the world see it for what it is. 

Canadian politicians applauding a Nazi.

Which it was. We gave Putin the content for using it for propaganda purposes. We're the idiots.

You can't unsee it.

What this government should have done is issue an immediate contrite apology and own it. That's how you bury these things - as unique as this is because it's never been seen in the history of Western democracies. Instead, it tried to control the narrative by laughably blaming Russia and lying about not knowing about it. They knew damn well who this soldier was. To this government, it's all about PR, consultants and communication. And they do all three badly. 

There have been many firsts with Canada under this government - none of them good - and this ranks among them along with the freezing of bank accounts.

It can't be expressed loudly and forcefully enough, Trudeau has damaged the reputation of this country. This is not a stain that can be easily removed. It's now part of our history. Like the internment of Japanese and Italian Canadians.

We need a new government.