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 "What is the essence of this crisis?

The essence of this crisis is that vaccines have completely destroyed the minds of the bourgeoisie.
That’s literal — overvaccinated people have too much aluminum and other toxicants in their brains.
But it’s also metaphorical. There was an entire meritocratic system developed over hundreds of years of science, learning, universities, and knowledge. Everything was always getting better and better. Vaccines were a technique that appeared like a universal good, unassailable, a great leap forward for humankind. And that turned out to be a lie of unprecedented proportions (from being a savior to now being the main tool of genocide). That fact has broken the minds of a large segment of society. They wander around angry, aimless, endeavoring to get as many injections as possible to ward off their feelings of being duped; but for many they are really just trying to hasten their own demise."

Dr Toby Rogers

Prior to 2020, I didn't think much about vaccines. I treated them like any medicine. With a healthy dose of 'meh' and skepticism. I didn't think they were bad and I didn't think they were an end to a medical end. For certain diseases, sure, maybe but overall? Again, didn't go beyond that.


Part laziness and part, like everyone else, because I trusted doctors and the experts. I had no real reason to join the 'anti-vaxxer' position. I read about them and even knew quite a few. At the time, I wasn't sure if they were quacks or onto something. But again, I erred on the side of caution and stuck with the idea vaccines were mostly safe with 'acceptable' risk without ever defining clearly what that line of acceptability was.

Then came 2020 and the 'experts' forced me to the other side.

I did not like at all how they mandated and coerced people into taking a highly experimental and potentially dangerous medical procedure with no proven track record of safety or efficacy. 

I did what the 'experts', public officials, shills, and other shysters pimping for pharma. I did - horrors! - my own research.

I have some experience in research. I almost started my own research company. I love researching. I have a university degree in history and have had some of my writing published.

Whenever I heard this, I wanted to, I won't lie, punch that person in the face finding it offensive and insulting. Don't drag me down to your lazy ass, smug, ignorant, weak level. You don't want to investigate for yourself? Fine. But shut up about it. You sound like an asshole otherwise.

I grew up in the late 70s and 80s. It was an era where if you didn't think for yourself you were seen as a chump. All our guardians and teachers told us was to always 'question authority' and 'ask lots of questions'. This was the correct advice.

And moral too.

See. God gave us a brain. Our minds were endowed with his gift of critical thinking. To not exercise makes you an intellectual sloth and therefore it's a sin.

I spent a lot of hours and money reading up on not just vaccines but the history of vaccines.

I wasn't impressed with what I discovered.

There are a lot of questions that need answering the authorities won't answer them. 


Maybe because they can't. Or maybe because they know the truth but can't divulge it. I get the feeling there's a stack of evidence piled up in the back offices of the CDC and FDA in a forbidden office. 

But, as the quote notes, there's something deeper in play here. 


For some reason, vaccines have become an untouchable subject. The scientific data has come under scrutiny and it will only mount. 

Here's why. They unethically, foolishly and unwisely inexplicably decided to mandate and coerce this procedure obliterating the doctor-patient relationship and the trust it's predicated upon, medical autonomy and informed consent.


People must remain free to choose and calculate their own risk assessments. They should not lose their jobs, lose mobility rights, be barred from school or participating in sports. 

I am anti-MANDATE because this is the correct ethical and moral stand to take. 

Who in their bloody right mind thought this was a good idea? That it would come with no unintended consequences?

No one likes to be forced into anything against their will. NO ONE. It's human nature 101. Yet, somehow the 'expert' class missed this basic axiom of human nature? What about the politicians who are supposed to protect our INALIENABLE NEGATIVE RIGHTS? Just like that natural law was compromised. 

It was a spectacular blunder with serious catastrophic consequences.


They believed. 

They stupidly staked their reputations into this one product that up until 2021 had never passed animal trials posing too much of a danger to humans. Suddenly, they became 'safe and effective'. Before they came to market, recall, the ghoulish 'Goonfather' of vaccines Peter Hotez testified in a committee about the potential dangers of this new gene therapy (their definition not mine). This was when Trump was in office. Remember when Biden and Harris said they wouldn't take a vaccine from Trump?

See the pattern here? When Trump was in power, be skeptical of the vaccines. He left and bang! Take this jab or no job.

95% effective! Except, at the time, we knew the survival rate was hovering well over 99%. Who had the better odds? Pfizer and Moderna or the human immune system? Did no one find it odd that hospitals were financially compensated to put people on ventilators ($39 000) or label them a COVID death ($13 000)? This didn't raise any questions? No?

Little things like that were red flags that people should have clued in on.

Or take the highly repugnant slogans like we saw in Quebec that said 'Vaccines are liberty.' It could only be spewed by a buffoon.


God is liberty. Our freedoms flow from the authority of God.

Not effing man-made medical products. 

The authorities would have you believe that your God given immune system was inferior to a vaccine.

At best, a vaccine can match the immune system. That's why I always viewed them as a complementary intervention. Not a superior one.

But dogma has it we must believe the opposite.

This is where dogma and scientism collide.

It's ludicrous. Experts barely understand how the immune system works and have even less knowledge about viruses. Personally, I fear bacterial plagues more than viruses. Viruses don't threaten us despite the perception. 

Now vaccine rates are collapsing.

Gee, I wonder fricken why?

And no, it's not because of 'disinformation'.

It's because of the mandates. You know, the ones no officials and academics want to take the blame for pointing fingers at each other? What brave heroes rule over us.

Worse, are regular people making the claim that mandates (and lockdowns) didn't happen. A special place in hell for such cruel ignoramuses. It truly defies....bah.

That recent study of 99 million people is just the beginning. The tip of the proverbial ice berg. That's a massive gargantuan red flag. But dogma dictates, that the 'benefits still outweigh the risks'. We've pulled medicines for far less. FAR less. We're in the tens of millions harmed or killed by this shot. Kind of puts a dent in the highly dubious claim they 'saved millions' and 'prevent hospitalizations', no? 

Yet, they persist in advising people to take it. Why?


Meanwhile, in Quebec, the rubes here are celebrating the opening of a Moderna facility. The stock is off 80% from its 2021 highs. Pfizer too. The jury is out on mRNA. 

They bet on the wrong horse.

Moderna is a creature of NIH (Topol's Scripps Research receives NIH funding). NIH and Fauci's NIAID pivoted from infectious diseases to biowarfare after 9/11. It now takes its orders from the U.S. DoD and Pentagon. Together, with BARDA at HSS we get the military-medical-industrial complex. 

McGill is partnered with Moderna. McGill has its own shady historical ties to the CIA with programs like MK-Ultra.

Why should it be any different with the new frontier of mRNA?

The worst part about this disaster is the WHO, international agencies, NGOs, and well-funded groups like Wellcome Trust as well as the Gates-funded GAVI are doubling down on the 'science'. Informed consent and civil rights are viewed as nuisances that need to be circumnavigated. They want to combat 'disinformation' including memes on the Internet.

This is censorship by other means. They want full control. They don't want to be questioned or debated.

Dogma is one thing. But we're talking trillions of dollars on the table here. 

Be wary.

They not only want to dictate the terms of your health but they don't want you having a say in it.

That's as good as taking your soul.

That's why they don't want you to research. It awakens your mind and soul.

Can't have that.

The first step, ignore all fact checkers or people who claim to be 'disinformation' experts. I mean literally, ignore them. They're full of shit and misinformation. Or if you have a twisted sense of humour and want to read them for kicks go ahead. Eyes wide open. I do that from time to time myself. Gotta know what the propagandists are thinking. 

Next, is to massage your mind and critical thinking skills. It's like an atrophied muscle. It needs to be worked on. Once the tension and inflammation are released, you're free of the obstacles that prevented you from exploring different options.

It's the only way to find the truth. 

No one is going to do it for you. They're there to serve their own interests.

Protect yourself and your family.

Then community and country.

God will be with you every step of the way.

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