Know Thy Enemies: Charlie Angus Edition

If you're concerned about the trajectory of our democracy heading into an authoritarian trajectory just take a look at NDP MP Charlie Angus's X account. 

He's among many who can be the poster child for the rise of authoritarian climate shitheads. 

Angus tabled the Private Members Bill (Bill C-317) which criminalizes speaking positively about fossil fuels.

This is how 'progressives' think they should 'progress' a country. Or in the case of Canada, a colony. 

The key component of this evil bill which promotes the scientism of "climate change" is that it calls for $1 million in fines and jail time if you dare speak well of fossil fuels.

The first question I have for despicable assholes like Angus is will he stop wearing clothes and using an iPhone because those are made with fossil fuels. Just like carbon and nitrogen are part of Mother Nature's designs but being attacked by psychotic eco-terrorists like Angus, fossil fuels are essential to our lives. 

The astonishing part about all this is the liars in the NDP and Liberals - which includes eco-terrorist felon Guilbeault - are still referring to the wildfires in Quebec and Nova Scotia as climate change when it was ARSON. 

Shameless ideological liars. 

If this bill were to pass (and it has a good chance because this regressive mindset is pervasive in three political parties who buy into this nonsense), this post could be subject to a fine - or worse.

Try and tell me Marxists aren't in the system. Ga'head. 

Now do you understand the serious trouble we're in? We're way past fighting for the environment.

We're fighting for freedom now.

Get that through your thick fucking skulls and tell Angus to fuck off.

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