A Quick Post To Say Hello

Came back from a 3-week Rt. 66 junket two weeks ago.

Posting will resume. So much to tackle. 

For now, a quick comment on Canada. This is not a country. It's a colony. I hope to expand on this shortly.

I see the usual faux-righteous outrage have emerged again this time for the Greenbelt scandal in Ontario. Oh, where would be without our heroic 'journalists' in Canada!? 

The sheer hypocrisy and croc tears are enough to hurl vomit into the wind splattering back into the face.

Let's ignore we have the most unethical and scandalous Federal government in Canadian history - and it's not even close -  under the hapless ideologue Justin Trudeau. 

But a run-of-the-mill real estate racket? Let's act with moral outrage! I'm never eating here again!

I'm pretty sure plenty of liberals in Ontario got greased in this story as well. But shhhhh.

It's enough to make you sick all this hypocrisy. 


Also a quote form Lyndon LaRouche:

“The rates of increase of energy-flux density in the concentrations of increasing rates of intensity of power per capita, must be now be restarted, and also accelerated; otherwise, the death-rates throughout the world are now already accelerating at rates which must be identified as a global trend in planetary human genocide… The nominal trend in rising rates of genocide is not the only aspect of this threatening trend. The inability to maintain a correlated set of rates of increase of the energy-flux density of the human persons per capita, must be correlated with the falling rate of intellectual development of the typical U.S.A. or European citizen. The so-called “green doctrine” is a doctrine of practice which results in not only human genocide, but a decadence in the mental powers, and also the relative sanity, of the individual human being.”