Johnston Delivers

Right on time.

David Johnston has determined that a public inquiry is not needed to look into China having embedded itself into the fabric of Canadians politics. It has been happening for so long it has become normalized. I haven't read the report but it sounds like it was scathing about the situation which is indeed alarming. How bad is it? The Epoch Times reported there are more Chinese diplomats in Montreal than all of France. 

Let that sink in. 

It's not surprising given the stupendous corruption of Quebec. But Canada too has outed itself as a naive, incompetent and corrupt place run by hacks and bums.

But Johnston gave the rope Justing needed to justify not have an inquiry. Mission accomplished. Now Justin will go out there and spin this as a witch hunt by Poilievre. 

The Liberals under this guy are if anything but capable cynical smooth operators. They know how to spin like masters.

Anyway. More to follow as I try and find time to read into this. I was more involved in POEC. There we got to see the true soul of what governs us. The Rappoteur story was just a sequel what we already know.

These people don't serve Canada's interests.

They serve their own interests. 

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