The Left And Liberal Media Are Intellectually And Morally Broken.

Replying to @washingtonpost
You're doing a disservice to Kim.  Please don't equate with Ivanka.

I saw this tweet at The Washington Post gushing over some North Korean woman (what else is new with  the liberal media? It's not like they haven't fawned over murderous regimes and  figures in the past, right?) and could but nod in disapproval. They're so filled with irrational blind rage over Trump they don't care if it comes at the expense of truth or just plain proper perspective. They just have a visceral and animus hatred for him and that's that. So much so, they're willing to put North Korea ahead of him on the respect scale. What more proof does one need the media is, quite frankly, enemies of the people with their seditious behaviour? Indeed, it's a little beyond irresponsible now. It's just plain an intellectual and moral break down. A manic response to a result they can't abide by with and they will scratch, claw and lie at will if they have to.

No wonder they seek solace in the absurd from Marxism to trendy diets to specious medical remedies. God and the West simply stands diametrically opposed to their dilapidated world view.

To Susan, Ivanka is worse than any leader representing a derelict, murderous regime that starves its people. It's likely she thinks U.S. sanctions forces North Korea to act like it does.

All that's left is for some smug backward thinking progressive celebrity - hello Kimmel! - to fly over to North Korea and say all is a-otay! Perhaps sends up pictures with you holding up an exotic drink as you jack off in a place carefully selected and staged by the commies.

This is where we're at people. They choose North Korea over Trump.

Useful idiots are always in full supply. We may never reach peak derp so long as we have the progressive left swallowing whole boatloads of propaganda cum.

They don’t realize as they jerkoff in the labyrinth of their musings, it always ends up in one place: Cummunism.

As for that Nork chick that the media fawned over (because she gave Pence the stink eye see. So she's totes awesome), she scares the living hell out of me.

She looks like the sort of girl who orders an ice-cream sundae with extra cherries and then goes to a spot torture session for the heck of it.

There's something deeply creepy about her.

From CBS:

"If the murder of Kim Yo Jong’s brother occurred as believed, it’s likely the “captivating” Ms. Kim knew about it. When she’s not being celebrated by the press for giving a “deadly side eye” to Vice President Mike Pence (a Twitter comment by the Washington Post’s Philip Bump he later deleted), Kim Yo Jong oversees propaganda for the public executioners of the North Korean government.
“A key part of the North Korean system of enslaving people is total control of the media, of the information people are allowed to consume there,” says Korea expert Ethan Epstein. “She is the director of the department that oversees it. If there is the perfect poster person for the war on the North Korean people’s psyche being waged by the Kim regime, it’s Kim Yo Jong.”

The Democrat news outlets (someone called it DemOps outlets) masquerading as objective journalists (hello Katie Couric!) did their best to frame the whole ordeal as if the Norks are extending an olive branch and that we're witnessing a great moment of openness and peace.

Yeah. I vomitted too after I laughed so hard.

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