Magnum PI Reboot Sounds Like A Miss

Big fan of the show. 

Not sure a reboot will work. And what is it with networks and rebooting all these shows?

It's lame but I guess if there's a market they'll do it.

As for Magnum PI, yeh, right off the bat the choice for Magnum doesn't intrigue. Not sure how it remotely approaches the iconic Tom Selleck in that role. Nor do I think they're going to recapture the overwhelming charm of the original cast and show. Just the banter between Higgins and Magnum alone were priceless.

No offense to Jay Hernandez but...no. It just screams Trudeauesque 'because it's 2015' diversity nonsense.

That was a moment in time. You can't bring that back.

Reminds me of the WKRP in Cincinnati reboot that flopped. The show did not come remotely close to its original and I'm guessing the Magnum reboot will suffer a similar fate.

In my view, few shows have the same kind of quirky irreverence of those classic shows. They were irresistibly charming and loaded with personality.

Why don't they just reboot The Rockford Files while they're at it?

And given the corrosive lame times we live in where political correctness is concerned, I don't expect the writing to be free of the bull shit. I expect more 'woke' lecturing than anything else.

Yes, I don't trust modern progressive writing anymore. Just look at L&O. These shows can't go a minute without injecting their progressive views into the script.

Just my take on things.

So I think I will pass.

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