United's Inhumane Act Of The Highest Order

Gee, I got two Derp posts going but i felt this story needed its own post. It made me sick to my stomach.

Basically, a flight attendant forced a passenger to stuff their puppy in the over head bin where it eventually died.

I see this as a depraved crime and United must face serious consequences. Particularly that flight attendant.

This is where we're at. Policy over common sense; over compassion.

If the facts come in and they confirm what we perceive.....but still the passenger didn't think to check in on the dog for crying out loud? It's very hard to like anyone in this story.

It's so sickening I vow to never fly United. Ever.

Is it me or is this for American Airlines CEO Bob Crandall's tone just...off?

I understand people can be insufferable and rude but who are the professionals in the end and so I'm not sure I appreciate his hyper rational reaction. Yes, get the facts in but it doesn't look good.

In any other circumstance, his bluntness would be appreciated. Not sure here. I could be wrong.

*Warning I consider the picture disclosed as graphic. It's the puppy lying motionless with its tongue sticking out in a small bag. Horrific and sad.

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