Great Britain IS A Totalitarian Regime Now

England has fallen.

It's no longer a question of when but now.

When a country imprisons comedians or people acting in a humorous manner as is the case with Count Dankula, you know it's game over for freedom of speech. I didn't see what was funny but he certainly didn't deserve fucking imprisonment.

The troubling part of the article was the judge stating, 'count and intent are irrelevant'. Ladies and gentleman, this is what we call an 'Anarchy-Tyranny' state. Don't bother with the criminals. Too hard and politically explosive. Let's focus on the law-abiding. Hence, why we see criminal rape gangs flourishing in England or the letting back into the country of ISIS fighters - much like Trudeau is doing here.

The prosecution and judge in this case can go straight to fuck themselves in this case.

What happened at Rotherham is a crime against humanity and all politicians and police who turned a blind eye against it for the 'good of social cohesion' if they had a shred of honour...well, let's just say their inner-soul will decide.

The British are proud of the fact their county was never successfully invaded since 1066. Unfortunately, that's no longer true. It has been invaded. By the tyrannical virus and its insistence on not cleaning up their room.

First Southern, now this.

A chilling curtain has covered Great Britain.

Oh, if you think this won't happen if Trudeau's 'vision' gains traction, think bloody twice.

That's precisely what will happen here in Canada and already has on a couple of occasions.

We need to nip this in the bud.



I fail to see how criminalizing free and law abiding people won't end well.

You may think online you are anonymous, you can create fake profiles and no-one can trace you. That’s wrong! The messages you type and send can be traced back to you. The same laws apply to online messages, images and videos. What you post now can affect you later in life.

We're in serious trouble. 


This is what it looks like.

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