Southern Detained in the UK - Welcome To The Dystopia

I truly hope this is a misunderstanding.

If it isn't, this is majestically troubling and the Canadian government needs to stand up for its citizens.


But I won't hold my breath. This is where we're at folks. A once proud nation has succumbed to tyranny stopping conservatives from entering their country but allows for terrorists to continue to roam their streets under the guise of 'compassion', and another country led by a limp bunch of ideological SJW who I have no faith in to do the right thing.

It sounds like she's not gaining entry because she's being treated as a 'racist' (which in the UK is apparently considered terrorist) connected to people like Tommy Robinson.

Meanwhile, I'm sure England is doing all it can do get rid of violent Imams, right?

England should ask itself: Do they really want to go down this road?

Or do they want to be a shithole?

What the heck is going on in the UK? How stupid are they to do this?

This is nothing to snicker at. The UK prevented a Canadian - part of the damn COMMONWEALTH THAT SHED BLOOD LIBERATING A WAR THAT WASN'T OUR FIGHT - from entering their country.


This should enrage ALL Canadians and Americans. ALL OF US.

The United States and Canada must respond.

I'm not holding my breath. We're run by cowards now. Pathetic, weak, cowards. And it starts with Trudeau and the limp press who won't go to bat for Southern in the name of FUCKEN LIBERTY.


The Clash had a landmark album called London Calling.

Now it's London Falling. 

I swear, we're on a collision course to go and save their sorry asses again.

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