Sciency Is Fun; But It's Not Science

I was at a book store last night and waltzed into the science section. There, I saw a book by Bill Nye; a "New York Times bestseller'. by an engineer on TV. Then, I saw another pop culture figure in Neil De Grasse Tyson. No peer reviewed papers to speak of to justify the reverence but publishers know where they can make a buck off those who don't know the details.

These men, and others like him,  aren't what you think they are.

Let's keep it straightforward and real. I'm not a scientist, but I don't like scienticians preying on people's ignorance. There's no such thing as 'settled science' anymore there's no such thing as 'balanced' or 'hate' speech. There's just science and there's just speech.

If one is in tune with the course of history's flow, they'd know this. They'd understand science is just an endless journey waiting to be discovered and uncovered by intuitive minds. To preposterously claim it to be "settled" is to shut down curiosity; to find truth. To further suggest people be imprisoned for it crosses over into the fanatical no different than witch hunters who accused people of being witches. The "proof" used is no more adequate than the methods used to determine if someone was a witch.

Does anyone think all we've discovered to this point is "settled"? Of course not. We've been scientifically observing earth with any mathematical and reasoned thought since the Ancient Greeks, while our understanding of the universe only began fielding serious questions after Copernicus, Galileo and the Catholic Church kicking into high gear only in the 20th century! Eventually, we'll probably improve upon or maybe eve abandon what we know up to now.

Quantum physics is the next frontier and to think 'climate' science "settled" despite it being rooted in the aura of Mother Nature is astonishingly simplistic filled with misplaced human hubris. Not to mention betrays how science evolved in the West.

Scale of things. Perspective. Context. Consult it.

Don't let emotion drive the intellect.

These people aren't rationalists or gatekeepers of our Western intellectual and scientific heritage.

They're shysters selling a narrative.

Know the game. 

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