On Hillary And Russia


If you're gonna read a story about Russian collusion, make sure this is one of them from National Review Online.

How the DNC still functions and Hillary and others (perhaps even Obama) are not standing trial over this pack of deception, conceit, and outright flouting of the law is beyond me.

It's enough to make a cynic of even eternal optimists.


Anyone with a healthy skeptical eye knew the screaming the DNC and the progressive ranks was likely projection, and this article only cements this perception.

One has to ask why are they pushing this story so hard to the point of agitating for war? It can't be because of wanting to protect 'democracy' because the U.S. (and other countries to be frank) interferes in foreign elections all the time. Even less believable at this point, the notion Trump is a threat to liberty and democracy. Two simple reasons why this isn't cutting the cheese. One, because his predecessor wasn't exactly a captain of democracy and liberty. Obama (and Bush) laid the main tracks for whatever Trump is accused of doing. Two, look at the bios of the people doing all the attacking. Their profiles aren't exactly pristine; profiles in character and integrity they ain't.

So a bunch of corrupted players continue to push against a sitting President from within based on what or why is anyone's guess. I fall in the camp of projection. They have their own skeletons to hide. Trump completely derailed whatever plan they had in place and now he must pay.

Cui bono?

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