Canadians Need To Stop Looking At Trump And Focus More On Trudeau: The Buzzkill PM

We're at a point Trudeau can't go a week without bringing into question his leadership abilities.

So unacceptable it's become, I don't recognize this country anymore.

Canada is not a major player on the world stage which is why it's crucial our leaders present themselves in a manner that projects Canada in a strong and positive light.

Under Trudeau I can't possibly believe anyone would think we're getting this.

It's that bad.

It upsets me personally now and I'm hardly nationalistic in my posture. I want so much more for this country and we're simply not getting it with this bunch in Ottawa. Keystone Kops is what they are.

Go watch them in Parliament. Try and tell me they know how to project a proper vision for this country. They clumsily and cynically refuse to answer questions during Question Period like Ive never seen.

If you're wondering why I'm being so hard, you're not paying any attention. And if you are and see no problem, then I can't but disagree.

With Trudeau, all we have is an ideologically driven buffoon tying to pass his decisions off as 'progressive Canadian values'.

No, they're not.

He's become an international meme onto himself and with it, has lost credibility.

It's a shame because I can't help but be cynical. For example, he just named a woman as Commissioner of the RCMP. I have no idea what her credentials are but given the way he thinks, is it a stretch to think it came at the expense of more experience or deserving candidate who were male? How is this fair to her?

I don' think it is because trust in his decisions is non-existent.

And just in case you haven't seen enough of his muppet shenanigans and faux-SJW meowing, just watch him here in action as a female cadet officer collapsed behind him.

I ask. Is this how a leader should respond?

Of course not. The first thing he should have done - and really, most would do - is go and check on her. Just like a coach does for his athlete.

He displayed an awkward lack of compassionate judgment.

Instead, he gave a strange grin as if he was thrown off and went on giving his lame speech. At the very least, he should have shown some class and waited until she was led off before continuing.

To me, this showed a lot about his character. It's exactly at these most unscripted moments we see the real worth of people (not always I admit since circumstances can impact certain decisions). Who could forget Trump retrieving a peaked cap for a Marine that had been pulled off his head because of hight winds? That was instinct at that moment.

In one move, I saw more from Trump than I ever saw from Obama.

No wonder the military adores him while they were at best lukewarm with Obama.

No wonder. If it walks and quacks like a duck....and Obama made it a habit of hanging out with creeps and miscreants like Farrakhan, Ayers and Wright just like Trudeau with his love for Castro and the Atwal scandal.

These people are not patriots. Simple as that. And for his questionable behaviour, Obama keeps getting rewarded from rich book deals to now Netflix interested in doing a show with the Obamas. I may seriously cancel my Netflix.

Canadians have no business calling Trump a 'nut' or making fun of him. That guy is putting his country first and the results are speaking for themselves. Even CNN - noted Trump antagonizer - have to report the fact his administration created a stunning 313 000 new jobs in February. Meanwhile, black unemployment keeps dropping while Americans are getting money deposited in their accounts because of the tax breaks. You know this is real when a) the NYT attempted to lie about it and had to retract and b) the best they can respond is 'yeh well it's only crumbs'. Still more crumbs than the community organizer could ever offer Americans regardless of race or creed.

The sense of smug superiority is completely misplaced.

I'm not particularly impressed with Canada at the moment. It's very hard to feel pride with such an arrogant bunch of do-littles.

I can't be alone in this.

2019. Please. Do the right thing. Vote the bums out and put an end to this vapid charade.

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