Gun Control: Mark These Words

As people take to the streets demanding more gun control (why Canadians are marching is baffling given we already have strict gun control), it's probably appropriate to mention a cautionary tale of how slippery slopes can become realities.

Back in the 1980s (when Sting was asking if the Russians loved their children and when spoke of Reagan much like they do Trump), the anti-smoking campaign was reaching its over-zelaous stride.

When people asked and wondered if it would eventually expand into the private sphere, the nannies assured us it would not be the case and to think this was to be paranoid. and that we should all shut up and trust them.

As Otter once told Flounder after wrecking his brother's car, 'You fucked up you trusted us!'

It was only natural once the rates of smoking went down (never mind it wasn't really an epidemic and if anyone cared to fricken notice, the cool kids weren't really into it garnering much respect among their peers. But you can't build a moral panic on such nuanced facts of reality) they would have to keep the pressure up because now they had jobs to protect. Too much had been invested so it was time to do exactly what people worried about: Ban smoking from public spheres. First up were the restaurants and entertainment venues. Once that was conquered, it was time to find open public spaces like parks. Darn it! Winning is too easy! We can't call it a day, we have mortgages to pay!

Now the inevitable, the slippery slope has reached its end as it were, as legislators go after private spaces such as cars...where children are present. Because if there's one thing bureaucrats care about is you and your children. Children are the single most effective tool and pawn of a scoundrel. A perfect emotional ploy to play on your guilt. 'Listen, we don't care what you do in your spare time in your private property. It's just that there are kids involved and, well, we can't have that. It takes a village after all..."

We could outright ban smoking but the government is, erm, addictive to the taxes and so that's a no-go. Heck, the nanny-state and anti-tobacco lobby could reach .01 usage and they'd still probably look to burn tobacco road 'just in case'.

And so it is with gun control. It's not that hard to see the shtick at play. Has anyone noticed how fast they mobilized? My guess is they waiting for these incidences to happen and then attack. The Church attack in Texas was useless to them because it was thwarted by an NRA member. The massacre in Vegas was also not useful because there was no 'face' to exploit plus it remains enshrouded in mystery for the most part. But Parkland. Bingo. It has the one ingredient necessary to tug at the emotions: Children.

Never mind Parkland was a text book example of law enforcement spectacularly failing at multiple levels that could have seen the perpetuator apprehended long before his heinous and deprived act.


The goal is ostensibly to get 'gun control'. Of the 'common sense' variety of course. I mean, who more to dictate terms of common sense than....teenagers, right? We all know how stable they're undeveloped minds are, right? So let's throw billions of dollars at them, stick a camera in the faces, as they shout emotional slogans (because teaching them proper critical thinking works against the narrative and doesn't serve the adults exploiting them) astroturfing their poor souls.

'Common sense' is a term the left loves to use as if they're the only rational people in the room. It's a cheap play off another term I learned to hate and accept as evil 'changing habits'. As in, 'a carbon tax is merely to encourage people to change their habits.' Despite the overwhelming fact taxes are inefficient and rarely achieve the 'changing habits' objective.'

Mostly because it's unrealistic and serves the 'elitist class' who tend to look down on the average citizen. They just won't shut up and listen to their betters, always voting against their interests'.

If you haven't noticed this reality has become all to apparent, you're not paying close enough attention.

It's not about 'common sense' nor is it ever about 'changing habits' or caring for your kids. Nor do they have statistics on their side.

It's about power and control.

To put the masses in their place.

Rich, progressive, urbanites want a gun ban. What do they care anyway? It won't impact them one way or another (try banning wine and Starbucks though) because they generally don't own guns or even understand why anyone would want to own one. I just read an article where the author mocks people who in his words 'brag about shooting for sport' (like I do with skeet). At this point, this is where you hear 'it's not true. I own a gun' or 'we just want to ban assault weapons'.

This is where you have to call out the bull shit full stop.

I'm hardly a gun nut (I own a couple of hunting 12 gauge shot guns, but I understand what's at stake here. One is liberty and the other is truth.

Both I argue gun-control advocates don't have on their side. Nor do they have integrity. They're willing to sacrifice millions of Americans with mental illness at the alter of big government to satisfy their irrational craving for blood.

Let's call this now for what the end game is. In the end this is about full gun confiscation. The rhetoric has already shifted towards that. We see articles about the example of Australia and that 'it's time to abolish the 2A'.

Don't believe a single word their selling.

If the 2A falls, the 1A will follow.

Mark these words.

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