More On Italy Result

Once again, Italy finds itself in the middle of European affairs as it often has during its long, glorious, tumultuous and sometimes inglorious history.

As mentioned, the right basically won with almost 70% of the vote while the left were, erm, left to eat dust.

It's quite an incredible turn of events. It wasn't that hard to see: Persistent low growth and runaway migration forced by the EU = kinder box.

It even allowed for Russia to forge loose alliances with the right. However, this is by no means what swung the vote as this has been stewing in Italy as far as back as the 1990s. Russia's entrance is just a consequence of EU heavy handiness particularly backed by Germany.

They over played their card with the refugee migrants issue.

Italy, in short, had the balls to stand up to the EU; something the French and Germans have yet to do as well as Swedes.

Less so with the Austrians, Dutch, British and slowly even the Irish. Not to mention Central Europe.

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