What Is Wealthsimple?

You've seen the commercials of millennials talking about wanting to 'control' their money and how much they dislike traditional wealth advisors. Wealthsimple is just a service that allows you to invest at lower costs than traditional full brokerage. At least the commercials aren't as annoying as QuestTrade. Yeesh.

The video below explains it more in detail.

I found it interesting because it highlights the incestuous nature of Canadian business (Canada Inc. or Quebec Inc.) I've made references in the past that this country is really just an 'old boys network' when you consider how things work here.

It further helps to keep in proper perspective our misplaced sense of superiority to the United States.

This video points out a reality about our economic landscape: There's just not a whole lot of choice when compared to the U.S..

Our economy is such that it's very easy for a family to control or hold influence. I've heard Canadians talk about the Koch brothers in the U.S. but have no idea about Demarais and our own wealthy elites to engage behind the scenes.

It's just worth knowing more about how things work. It's not surprising it's also part of a Liberal 'reward plan' scheme.

I don't normally link to Rebel Media but it's food for thought:

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