Business And Virtue Signalling Is A Terrible Mix

Just a note to CEO's who are insidiously involving themselves in this irrational witch hunt of gun owners, the NRA and the Second Amendment in the USA.

I'm keeping tabs of who you are and will not do business with you.

I want nothing to do with businesses who align themselves with people like this.

Or with immoral celebrities and their fake #metoo concerns who celebrated a womanizer like Kobe Bryant on Oscar night.

So if you're MEC or rental car companies pulling this shit, buh-bye.

How bad has it gotten? Notice what Quantas is doing. 

If you're smart, and you see your competitors acting out like this, stay quiet and you'll see sales spike.

The gall and arrogance of these people. It's remarkable really.

Celebrities, academics, politicians, journalists, activists etc. calling for this, best to remember, will find a way to exempt themselves from laws they impose on you. 

Keep this in mind.

They don't give a single rat's ass about liberty, principles and most of all you're damn kids and family.

They care about their own images and control. That's it.

Good run down here at Reason.


Speaking of which, as linked above, the same people who emote and exhibit an animus. This from some irrational gun-control activist on Twitter named Shannon:

"The problem with America right now is that people are making gun laws based on emotion, not data."

Up is down. Down is up. We've reached a Kafkaesque level of absurdity. That's the entire MO of the progressive position on guns. It's not rooted in a shred of rational thought. Have you noticed some of those signs? GOP + NRA = Murder. Are you kidding me?  Or like using kids like pawns for a political agenda? What more evidence of 'emotions' than you want than that?

Riiiight. This from a side who argues it doesn't matter they make mistakes misidentifying guns and its characteristics (the same person on top posted a picture of a .22 caliber bolt action rifle claiming 18 year-olds can buy one. Big shit. A .22 bolt action is nothing and can easily be handled by a teenager. It's a small caliber used for small game hunting. 18 year-olds use far more dangerous weapons in the military but they apparently can't use a .22 to these buffoons which has never been used in any of the recent murders sprees) I own a 12 gauge shot gun which is far more lethal) and stats (as some writer has done in the WaPo this past week. I've grown tired of pasting, saving and linking them because the disingenuous tackiness of their positions are impossible to keep up with in order to debunk them) because of the 'big picture' they feel they're they see better than anyone.

Seems to me getting the characteristics of guns right is VERY IMPORTANT.

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