More On Southern Detained By UK Authorities

Here's a perfect example of how the media helps to legitimize a totalitarian state.

This from The Independent in the UK:

Lauren Southern: Far-right Canadian activist detained in Calais and banned from entering UK

The former is a ploy to distract from the abhorrent action of the latter for Southern is hardly 'far right'.

Attempting to equate people like her to actual, violent Islamic terrorism that seeks to murder and destroy Westeners, is morally and intellectually incorrect and reprehensible.

I wonder. Would they deny, say, Linda Sarsour or any other progressive with despicable views into the country as a 'fundamental threat to the interests of the United Kingdom' as Southern absurdly was? Something tells me she'd sail right on through. 

Alas, we're all far right now if you don't fall into line. And to be perfectly honest at this point, I don't even know what that 'line' is anymore. I don't see anything remotely problematic with what Southern says. I may not necessarily always agree or consider her more than anything she displays intellectually, but are we not free in the West? It's just her damn opinion and that we feel threatened by it says more about us and how fragile we've become in preserving freedom of speech and expression. All in an effort to not offend Islam no less.

The way I'm interpreting this is classical liberalism (ie true liberalism) is now considered an existential threat to the West.

Which begs the question, what's left? Progressivism and its reactionary hatred for the West? 

Looks like not in the United Kingdom. I don't know who is worse between them, Germany, France, Belgium and Sweden in their commitment to being foolish useful idiots.

The Canadian government should not be silent on this. One of our own was detained under the fricken Terrorism Act!

I would further add that journalists (and I use the term loosely) like Maya Oppenheim are contributing to the state of chaos and tyranny that has overtaken Great Britain. I don't know if it's by order or plain cynical laziness, but that's not journalism. That's pure propaganda. No wonder they're dying and people seek news (ie the truth) elsewhere. People like Ms. Oppenheim have abdicated their role. 

The free press is crucial to maintaining a free society and yet they flippantly are flipping the finger at it.

Worse than all this is the gutless behaviour of the UK with sex rings operating inside the country.

What is everyone thinking? How is persecuting people (I will repeat citizens of the Commonwealth who shed blood for Britain) thought to be a good idea in the defense of the UK? Let them speak and the people will determine if it's 'too extreme' or dangerous. By doing this all you're doing is galvanizing more people.

All this is beyond creepy and troubling. One in which we all need to pay closer attention to. Are we going to see the imprisonment of people like Southern soon? One can't say this is paranoia anymore. People are being detained for their views. It's not an illogical stretch to think one of these days they will throw one in prison. We're inching our way towards it. We need to speak out against it.

When I see the Union Jack I don't see a cool, kickass flag anymore.

I see totalitarianism. 

I was planning a trip to England down the road. Not sure anymore. 

See more details about her chilling ordeal here:

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