Mansbridge NDA Scandal And Its Cover Up By The CBC; Are Newspapers Colluding To Control The Narrative?

It's been alleged hush money was paid to some women who Peter Mansbridge romped around with (high five!). Nothing out of the ordinary right?

Except it was paid by the CBC with taxpayer dollars.

Here's where I get all goofy and demand to know why and why this isn't being properly investigated. Suffice to say I have little faith in journalists looking into this because to Canadians Mansbridge for some reason is an untouchable god.

To me, he's just a guy on a screen.

It's worth noting to Canadians he read the news. Is he really worth losing integrity over? Would the media really jeopardize its professionalism and ethics and dignity for one guy?

And I sure as hell don't appreciate our money being used to cover his sins up. He made his bed. He's a big boy. He was compensated with a nice salary (again on our dime). Time for him to pony up with his own money.

Like an honourable man would.

Privatize the CBC.

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