The Left Are Fools

Looks like the buzz word for the week is 'shithole' among the pant shitting remedial pearl clutchers.

To wit: Someone told me Sean Penn Trump represents a 'threat to humanity'.


This as protestors across Iran try to topple one of the world's most hideous regimes (which Obama tried to assuage and failed miserably) and are very happy with the way Trump has supported them.

What did Obama do? Nothing. He did bull shit. That's what he did.

Obama, it's worth recalling, said Libya had become a *shitshow* and then blamed the UK for it.

A 'shitshow' he and Hillary started with their monumental stupidity in Libya that helped to unleash a migrant crisis from its shores.

At the end of the day, after all the faux-oratorical vapidness, big smiles and antiquated progressive and divisive rhetorics, Obama was nothing, in the end, but a petty and small minded community organizer.

And what of, to get back to Penn, North Korea pissing off just about everyone in the region and who Trump had a hand in getting to the table to discuss talks with South Korea.

But you won't hear useful idiots (not that there's anything particularly useful about his idiocy) like Penn draw a connection.

Trump calls a couple of countries 'shit holes'. Big deal. Everyone knows most countries are shit holes.

Tin pot dictators in the Mid-East and terrorists organizations persistently call for the destruction of Israel to be 'thrown into the sea' and nothing from the left.



Onto Trump's alleged racism - as defined by the winners on the left.


Woodrow Wilson was a racist and yet the left (well, liberal academics anyway) still ranks him among the greatest of Presidents.

If you want overt proclamations of what real racism looks like, just read up on Wilson.

Heck, they ranked Obama 12th. 12th! 

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