Half-Wit Sheila Jackson Lee Doesn't Understand Timelines

What more evidence do you want that Democrats and their allies in social media are the 'New McCarthys''?*

Why are Diamond & Silk being grilled by idiot Congressmen like it's 1926 Russia anyway? They're being treated as though they have to prove their innocence or risk being sent to the gulags by a fantastically disingenuous Lee and her diabolical scheme to try and catch D&S in a lie.

What part of 'we were on Fox on the 11th and Facebook contacted us on the 12th so we didn't lie' doesn't this moron grasp?

Scary what blacks have to go through if they dare leave the Democrat plantation.

What a horrible party the DNC is. Where the true intolerant illiberals and racists roam. They couldn't care less about the middle class and civil peace.

Just like the Liberals here in Canada.

They're just plain old ideologues and like all ideologues if you don't go along with them, they aim to destroy you.

Is the talent pool in Houston that low that they have to vote for Broom Hillary and this cretin?

D&S represent liberty. Remember that.

Stop voting Liberal/Democrat or anything left-wing until they clean their rooms.

At least in the conservative ranks you can have a rational discussion and even have a reasonable chance to change minds; or at least have them listen to your point of view with respect and openness.

Go and try that with progressives. They're be calling you names before you even get your first thought out.

Think Morneau when he called a Conservative MP a 'neanderthal'. Such is the character of these people.

I've grown quite irritated by these faux-liberals and their antics.

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