Starbucks And Philadelphia Police Chief: Woke Leadership


What have we learned about Starbucks and Philadelphia Commissioner?

That they have no qualms throwing a poor young girl under the bus.

What a disgraceful fucken scene.

Well. I guess Starbucks is off my (growing) list of companies I won't do business with. Bunch of disloyal and gutless cowards run that company.

What a sad spectacle of false leadership.

First we had 'eh was just buying Skittles' (he was not); and then we had 'Hands up' (which he didn't have up) and now we have 'they were just waiting for friends.'

Horse. Shit. Like any sane and responsible person, if the owner of an establishment asks you to leave, you fricken leave. And if the cops are called in and ask you to leave, you better damn leave or accept the consequences of your ignorant defiance.

And this gentleman is correct: White liberals are killing America.

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