Youtube Shooter Doesn't Fit Faux-Outrage Criteria

If there was one event that made it clear how media operates it was the recent youtube shooting.

First off, social media companies are losing the plot. On one side, they claim to be 'woke' and open to ideas but in action, they're nothing more than your run of the mill gutless corporate entities incoherently applying policy by censoring (mostly conservative) view points.

It truly is grotesque and wonders when the Institute for Justice and ACLU will offer an opinion. If they forced Christian to bake gays a cake and ruin their business in the process, I don't see why they can't enter the foray here.

Either that, and I'm no fan of anti-trust, but break them up if this is how they're going to treat people. There has to be accountability. There's no way to reach these companies which I find to be incredibly unprofessional and cowardly.

They can just shut you down. No explanation. What company does that? At the very least they have to explain their actions.

Which brings us to the youtube shooter. Yes, she was troubled as a video she published showed.

But if there's one aspect to the story I think people (especially those targeted by youtube) can find sympathy with is the claim youtube demonetized her channel thus depriving her of becoming a 'youtube star'. This was unlikely but youtube has been interfering in the right of people to chase their 'life, liberty in the pursuit of happiness' so to speak. We know youtube does this and it's a practice that has to cease.

It should trouble anyone greatly to see people pushed around like this for having an opinion.

Much noise is made about the 'greater good' (which really is just code for authoritarianism) but what good is this vague concept if, at its base root, voices are silenced?

It's irrational to me.

Don't expect the mainstream media to explore this aspect of the story with any depth (I think) probably because it's way too demure and complex. Sad as it is, it's hard to rile people up over free speech.

There's more currency in faux-outrage through narratives. However in this case, there's a problem.

Nasim Najafi Aghdam doesn't fit all the established criteria to drum up anger. 

She was a female Iranian immigrant and vegan member of PETA. 

Ouch. They can't work with that.

No marches for this one.

I mean, PETA now leads the NRA in members who actually commit a gun crime leading to injury and ultimately death.

I feel bad for this girl and her family so I won't go any further. 

Suffice to say, it would be well advised youtube, Twitter and Facebook rethink their behaviour.

It's anything but professional or enlightened.

It's not acceptable. 

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