The Progressive War On Western Truth, Values, History And Science.

Hyper-shrill articles like these constructed to tug on emotions do more to drive people like me to drink than alcohol (and tobacco) companies. If I have to watch one more left-wing politician, talk show host, sports coach, celebrity, or talking head quiver and cry on the god damn TV like a bunch of  illiterate, smug, faux-self-rigtheous nanny-sissies, I will take to a full bottle of Eagle Rare on a daily basis. How can anyone stand listening to these morally and intellectually bankrupted chooches jumping up and down screaming off the top of their lungs demanding we submit to their social engineering bull shit?

Those nefarious corporate studies. Out to get ya I tell ya. Always making you smoke, eat chocolate, drink coffee, gas up, take vitamin GMO pills (it's a joke) more. Etc, etc.

As opposed to the government version of propaganda - which kills far more. Consider the left's irrational opposition to nuclear energy. To me, this is probably one of the most destructive position they hold in their entire arsenal of cherished ideals. More like scientific illiterate stupidity.

But they are effective at distorting reality and the truth though. Just look at all those 'men' in skinny jeans holding up signs speaking 'truth to power' during all those marches and protests. So much anger. So little intelligence. So much ignorance. All in one march.

They've managed, along with the media, to paint conservatives as fire-breathing deniers and beasts of anti-science all based on projection.

The more Bill Nye acts like a jack ass the more I realized:

Conservatives are not just more responsible and reading scientific journals and reports (with a health dose of skepticism), they're also far more adept at reading and interpreting financial statements. Have you listened to some of the nonsense that comes out of a progressive's mouth when it comes to finance, business and economics? Makes you wonder who played such a cruel joke on them. Saving your money, for example, is considered 'white privilege'. Tell you what kid, if you don't save your money, you're in for a major surprise. Not only will you find the world doesn't reward non-savers, it makes you a ward of the state. 'Working hard' is also another phrase they must remove since in an fabricated world of 'equality' everyone must work at the same pace. You know, like in defunct communist regimes.

When the liberal government in Canada looked to tax more passive income, they were in effect destroying the average person's chance at achieving wealth. 

Pretty soon, they'll consider innovation to be racist.

Even in literature, once so held dearly to liberals, conservatives offer far more interesting opinions and interpretations of landmark works. No wonder. Progressives outright reject Western culture dismissing it as, what is the term again? White privilege or some other pish-posh made up term or phrase. How can they offer anything of value on such subjects when they've essentially rejected them?

And where does that leave old world liberals?

Do you find it normal the furious pace the left and government are on to curb and control our habits? You can't do this because environment, you can't do that because obesity. You can't own this because why would you? You can't be free to use this because crazy people. You must be taxed because climate is ever-changing. You must give us your income because welfare.

It's obscene and immoral at this point.

Just look at California. It's completely unhinged (servers can't give out straws folks. Think about the lengths and depths Californian Democrats have gone. So thoroughly entrenched the corrupted minds are, they seek to nit pick) and if it does split into two or three parts it will be entirely as a result of decades worth of progressive Democrat policies that bludgeoned the people to practical and metaphorical death.

All of it. They won't be able to blame conservatives for this one. They'll try by making up shit and spinning so hard in sophistry enough to induce vertigo but the truth is there.

It's all communism by other means.


"Governments can use fiscal policies to regulate the prices and consumption of potentially unhealthy products. However, policies aimed at reducing consumption by increasing prices, for example by taxation, might impose an unfair financial burden on low-income households. We used data from household expenditure surveys to estimate patterns of expenditure on potentially unhealthy products by socioeconomic status, with a primary focus on low-income and middle-income countries. Price policies affect the consumption and expenditure of a larger number of high-income households than low-income households, and any resulting price increases tend to be financed disproportionately by high-income households. As a share of all household consumption, however, price increases are often a larger financial burden for low-income households than for high-income households, most consistently in the case of tobacco, depending on how much consumption decreases in response to increased prices. Large health benefits often accrue to individual low-income consumers because of their strong response to price changes. The potentially larger financial burden on low-income households created by taxation could be mitigated by a pro-poor use of the generated tax revenues."

Pro-poor. That's a new one in the left-wing paternalist's stupid jargon. Your intellectual masters folks.

/face palm

Something, something unintended consequences. 

/double face palm.

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