Daily Derp: Extra Chipderpotle

Let's kick things off with a joke from the Far Side:

"OK, we have a motive and a murder weapon. Now all we need is the time of death."



"Week by week, as he gets closer to the finish line, it’s becoming clearer that Barack Obama is more of the president I hoped he could be back when I was blindly in love with him. This has felt especially true as he’s been taking on violence in many forms, countering a lame duck narrative by battling for peace, from Iran to incarceration to the intimate violence of rape.

The year before I became a professional journalist, I was so hard up for him that I spent the autumn of 2008 living in dinky Doylestown, Pennsylvania and volunteering on his campaign. In wanting to do everything I could to ensure Obama was our first black president, and because of the Electoral College, living among that town’s 8,337 swing residents was more important than being among New York City’s millions of reliably democratic votes."

That's solid intellectual journalism right there.

The Guardian's Steven Thrasher is my new crush. How can he not be with gems like 'blindly in love with him' (no, not a cult at all) and "In wanting to do everything I could to ensure Obama was our first black president (no, not racial at all).

This guy exudes rational and objective journalism so much it punches you in the face.

Jesus these people are pathetic.

I'm watching you Steve. Keep 'em coming. Especially those vapid and envious, left-wing screeds against the rich.

I love those.


Whenever I see stories like these where someone idiotically squanders their money only to blame others for their mistakes (in this case a student blows 90k and blames her parents, this is the sort of profile the government considers whenever it talks about student debt.

I would love to know what the percentage of people railing against debt are like this economically and financially illiterate, self-entitled dolt.

Here are a couple of (remarkable) quotes from the article:

Maybe [my parents] should have taught me to budget or something. They never sat me down and had a real serious talk about it.”

Yes. Parents should do this but I wonder if she feels the same way about, say, sex?

My point is exercising financial prudence is something that can be self-taught. She knew damn well she was a spendthrift or else she wouldn't have tried to justify to herself he trip to Europe with money meant to go to her education. At 22 years-old, if you need mom and dad to tell you it's wrong, then you're a brat who lacks common sense.

When I started working at 14 in hard ware store and then construction, I opened a bank account and immediately understood the importance of saving. 

“[My parents] said there was nothing they could do for me. They’re not being honest with me saying they don't have [money] because my dad has worked for like a million years and they have a retirement account.” 

Wow. Like, she's in university, like, for real? She's, like, actually basically saying this,  um, for real in public?

Soooo, she messes up and expects her father to bail her out?

I lost 25k in the stock markets and never thought to demand my father pay for it. It's a hole I dug (and still digging out of. I still haven't found China).

"...Eventually, it does seem as if Kim starts to get the message. Her parents refused to cosign a loan to cover her tuition shortfall unless she got a job. She called the show on Thursday to give her fourth and final update: She has come to grips with the fact that she will, indeed, have to get a job. We almost felt a bit sorry for her when she started explaining how difficult it has been to find a place that will hire her because she has no job history.

“I feel like I’m back at square one,” she said. “I’m hustling to do this and to make this work.”

The parents are parenting responsibly. They absolutely did the right thing not co-signing for her. The only time you should consider co-signing for someone is A) when the person you're backing up is solid and responsible and B) you have the coin to pay up should something go wrong.

Kids today.

/shakes head.


Poor Greece. The punchline to jokes these days.

Random austerity generator.

I might have mentioned this about austerity but I'll say it again.

The problem with the way people view austerity is that it's not really austerity. It's more of an adjustment; a reckoning if you will.

The average Greek was getting about $2500 euros a month on benefits in one of the poorest countries in Europe. No one pays taxes while corruption is high.

On what planet and in what galaxy with a functional economic system (there are aliens out there but that's for another time) do people think a country with high unemployment, little or no growth or industry can generate enough cash flow to offer such luxuriousness?

And they couldn't indeed afford that's why they borrowed and over extended their means.

Now, so I read, they get about $600 after the austerity measures. But this probably reflects what they realistically could afford since the $2500 should never have been given in the first place.

Hence, an adjustment. Painful I know for people but next time don't vote for free shit and then expect someone else to pay for it.

That goes for the entire West.


The SJW will over play their hand and jump the shark. The hysteria they bring can't possibly have staying power lest we truly hasten the race to the bottom:


The U.S. is not the only one with a victimless crime epidemic where people are thrown in prison despite not being convicted or posing any real threat or harm to others.

"On any given day in Canada, there are more innocent people in prison than guilty ones.
By “innocent people,” we mean those who have been accused of a crime and are being held on remand, awaiting a bail hearing or a trial. Across the country, 55 per cent of prisoners in provincial and territorial jails are not behind bars because of a conviction."

"...In most cases, the accused are minor offenders: drug users, people with mental health issues accused of non-violent crimes, first-time offenders. Twenty years ago, they would have automatically gotten bail. Today, “low-risk individuals charged with minor offences have their bail matters put over numerous times on account of the increasing reliance on sureties as a condition of release, along with other delays,” says the John Howard Society of Ontario’s 2013 report.

The result? “Less people are being released on bail, less quickly, and with more conditions, during a time of historically low and still-declining crime rates.”

"...Is there a politician in Canada with the courage to take up the cause? Someone who won’t pander to fears whipped up by the tough-on-crime crowd, but will instead build a better system based on evidence, enlightened self-interest and a genuine respect for the right to liberty? Or will we continue to be a country where two out of three people behind bars haven’t been convicted of anything?"

Not at the moment in my opinion. I don't expect the conservatives to make any meaningful changes given they want to appear 'tough on crime'. Problem is, all parties want to be tough except for the NDP. Unfortunately, a move into the proper direction may have to come from them.


In any event, mass incarceration has led to more crime in the USA.

They not only needlessly turn people into criminals for petty crimes, they make career criminals out of people who would otherwise be productive members of society.

"...Would-be criminals respond to incentives like everyone else. If they sense the cost and risk associated with crime has increased in a meaningful way, they are more likely to obey the law. That’s why an effective deterrent is increasing the perceived probability of being arrested."

I would add introducing legislation increasing minimum wage also hurts such people. No one will pay them $15 an hour. Which only goes to show the state doesn't think things through beyond their little 'one size fits all' belief system.

Remember this whenever you talk to some 'tough on crime' dipshit.


Wind turbines can negatively hurt the brain?


About the Iran deal. Much has been made, with justification, about the U.S. not asking for the return of four U.S. prisoners held in Iran. It's usually the first thing nations negotiate whenever looking to improve relations. It's seen as a good will jester. Americans shouldn't expect a forthright explanation why they didn't but they can expect plenty of smug and defensive quips from Obama as we saw with journalist Major Garrett who had the temerity to question Black Potsie about it and his outrageously arrogant assertion with Jon Stewart about how Americans don't understand how tough his job is.

Poor him. It's not necessarily about how difficult it is in as much as how you deal with the public in the face of such stress. In my view, he's the worst President - shoot I'll expand it to include  Prime Ministers-  on record when it comes to dealing with such things. Every time he's met with a chance to act like a statesman he fails. But that's just me.

What happened to bringing our boys home 'full stop' anyway?


There's a clause in the deal that got my attention. It goes something along the lines that Iran would be given a 24 day heads up regarding inspections. I don't know. Maybe I'm old fashioned but aren't the best inspections the ones that are unannounced? I mean, I have to deal with this in fricken daycare and so do restaurant owners so why are the Americans giving so much rope to the Iranians? Which I should remind is still a fanatical theocracy.

In any event, I highly doubt Saudi Arabia, Israel and Jordan will tolerate a nuclear armed Iran. They are not going to abide by Obama's legacy piece of paper when their national security is at stake.


Even Slate understands GMO's are not dangerous.

But it won't stop Chipotle from banning them.

It doesn't bother me a private company takes the decisions they do. They probably know their customer base (and who knows maybe they too believe in the quackery) believes in pseudo-science and look to capitalize on it. It's good business for their model.


A view from Iran on the U.S.-Iran deal:

"...In reality, Iran and the United States have overcome the most important reason for tensions in their relations by clinching the nuclear agreement on July 14, 2015. The two countries have different viewpoints on other issues such as the human rights, the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, the fate of the Lebanese Hezbollah movement, and regional conflicts in Syria and Yemen, and their differences are severe. However, they have common interests in the restoration of security to Iraq and Afghanistan, and also in fighting extremism, establishing security in the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Aden – by fighting against pirates – and also in scientific and academic fields, taking into account that the United States accounts for 50 percent of science generation in the world. In the world of politics, rivalry and differences are normal. The experience of the nuclear agreement may have caused the two countries to reach the conclusion that sitting at the negotiating table and engaging in serious negotiations is better than exchange of messages or posing threats through intermediaries."



Quick quote:

"That last point is well taken: the Keystone pipeline has been subjected to a more rigorous inspections regime than the Iranian nuclear program. Because what matters to Obama is preventing Canada getting a pipeline, not Iran getting a bomb."

Mark Steyn

Pipelines are a bigger threat than Iran!


Apu knows The Civil War:


Think Obama is fixing the VA?

Think again.

Truly pathetic, embarrassing and inhumane. Cocksuckers operating in a governmental Byzantium hell hole.

And it's no damn better in Canada when it comes to mistreating veterans.


Economic illiterate quote of the day belongs to Governor Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania:

"...But Wolf’s explanation of his decision was audaciously counterintuitive. “During consideration of this legislation,” he said, “it became abundantly clear that this plan would result in higher prices for consumers. In the most recent case of another state that pursued the outright privatization of liquor sales, consumers saw higher prices and less selection.”

What kind of Marxist gibberish bull shit is that?

And lies I might add.

Since when has government monopolies A) ever served a market better than a private entity and B) offered better prices? Shit, the mere fact they have to pay benefits blows that nonsense right of the water.

Who are these jackasses that think this way? How disconnected from reality does one have to be to believe such crap?

More here at Reason.

Warning: Wolf has a punchable face.

And here at Forbes.


Reduction of solar activity expected.

Climate change we can believe in!



Eugenics and progressives.


Did you know there's an International Pasta Organization? Of course you did! Because pasta is the best.


Canada has a bad habit of taking on big projects before setting a proper course on the domestic front when it comes sports.

Take soccer. We want to host tournaments. Problem is, our program is simply not good enough to participate in such endeavors. It would seem to me, before you put in such a request you at least build your soccer program to make you competitive so as to avoid falling on your face.

The 'Montreal And Calgary Olympics' fiasco syndrome if you will. We bid and got two Olympics only to come up with 0 gold medals before the world.

The men's soccer program is so backwards, it will take a Herculean effort just to make us reasonably competitive on the world stage. Look at it this way. In the 1980s, Canada and the USA were pretty much on par. Today one is ranked 110th and never really went better than 73rd while the other has cracked the top 10, is considered a competitive side and has generally been a top 20 team despite its recent 34rd ranking. The point is Canada's program basically went the way of a person being thrown off a treadmill while the USA has meticulously designed and implemented a system that's slowly showing results. It took them about 26 years to achieve this. Which means Canada is essentially 26 years behind just to catch the United States!

Which is unfortunate because we have incredible talent and resources here.

I'm not interested in pitting blame (I still can't believe there is no real coordination between the CSA and our big three soccer provinces in B.C., Ontario and Quebec. It's an embarrassing joke. One in which, I feel, we should rectify before going out promiscuously making bids), but one thing is for sure, we need better coaching, scouting, development and coordination. And none of that matters if you don't have passion and determination.

Canada has no #9 or #10; that is creative players. And none in the pipelines as far as I can see. We still have horrifically hilarious wrong headed notions about creative players often seen as 'selfish' here. Which is why you often see dumbass parents and coaches alike conspire to suppress the development of such players.

Never mind about how naive our tactics are.

I'll stop here because it's the same broken record over and over and over.


Can't put my finger on it (yet) but True Detective is not grabbing me like the previous season.

Last season's was visceral and intense. This year just feels forced and disjointed. Never mind everyone seems to talk too low and the plot too difficult to follow.


The whitest privilege: 

"...In this the so-called progressives are joined, as they traditionally have been, by brutish white supremacists and knuckle-dragging anti-Semites, who believe that they discern within the Nordic peoples the last remnant of white European purity and who frequently adopt Nordic icons and myths, incorporating them into an oddball cult of whiteness. American progressivism is a cult of whiteness, too: It imagines re-creating Danish society in Los Angeles, which is not full of Danish people, ascribing to Scandinavian social policies certain mystical tendencies that render them universal in their applicability."

Oh dear, quoted for truth. Quebec is delusional in its obsession with the Nordic model.

I don't see what the fascination is - aside from the fact the left always cites Scandinavia as proof that 'balanced socialism' works often, naturally, conveniently overlooking stats and factors proving to the contrary. Never mind these are homogeneous places with tiny populations making it much easier to turn people into boring sheep.

But that's changing with immigration. And not for the better as they're learning.

We don't need to copy Scandinavia.


Hero of the day.

Hint: Not a cop.


Former CNN anchor tells gun control activists to fuck off.


Behold the commie casinos of Canada.

"...Ludwig von Mises pointed out the flaws of government-run non-profit organizations by saying, "In the absence of profit and loss the entrepreneurs would not know what the most urgent needs of the consumers are. If some entrepreneurs were to guess it, they would lack the means to adjust production accordingly."

This is so 'duh' it's remarkable it needs to be stated. 

Peter Wolf Disagrees.

Of course.


Found on Hillary's email server.

Sparkling political masters.

These people make and take serious decisions.


De Blasio is a socialist parasite who is fighting a losing battle against Uber.

I mean, it was mentioned in Bojack Horseman! If that's not proof of its importance I don't know what is.

If jurisdictions coerce Uber out of business they only serve to hurt business growth and innovation.

A left-wing specialty as it were.

They just can't stand when the market likes things they disapprove of.

Like I said, parasites.


It's my belief companies need to take a stronger stance against politicians who look to shake them down or SJW's who harass them for not toeing the SJW line.

What's the best way to deal with bullies?

That's right. Stand up to them. Sometimes you need to punch them too.


Steyn's take on Trump's questioning McCain's (aka Cotton Hill) heroism. 


Yeah. About that Iran deal.

Iranian douchebag Imam calls for 'Death to America'.

Not in 1979. Not under Bush.

This was on July 18, 2015.

I'm gonna have to go ahead and admit I have little or not confidence in the tag team duo of John Kerry and Barack Obama. They exude so little confidence it's bizarre.

The High Energy of diplomacy!


21 straight years of no global warming.



But global warming created the deranged ISIS!


"If Donald Trump ever wants to build a hotel in Boston, he’ll need to apologize for his comments about Mexican immigrants first, the Hub's mayor said.

“I just don’t agree with him at all,” Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh told the Herald yesterday. “I think his comments are inappropriate. And if he wanted to build a hotel here, he’d have to make some apologies to people in this country.”

Oh shut up and get out of the ECONOMIC way you self-righteous wind bag.

God, the nerve of these people and their demands for apologies.

Yet, in a recent poll Trump was leading by a significant margin.


White House lowers flags...after criticism.

None of the victims looked like Obama's son I guess.


Know what? Stephen A. Smith deserves a ton of credit for speaking eloquently and like a man over the bizarre fall out of O'Malley's 'all lives matter' comment.

Good for him.

As for people who booed and hissed at O'Malley, there's some seriously wrong with their moral compass.

Where are we at when we can but wonder what parallel universe we've entered where a prominent progressive candidate makes a humanistic statement only to be met with such vitriol?

Progressives eat their own as we know.


Not to say anything but anyone who works for something creepily called 'White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault' is not exactly expected to think straight or critically but to toe the narrative.

The sort of person who takes such a job wants to believe and her or his or its boss demands you believe.

Seriously. There's such a task force.

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