Blackface Getting Crazier By The Day; World Noticing

This country is being ripped apart by Justin Trudeau (and Quebec).

Yapping with Covid in hiding, Justin only comes out to Tweet and address the corporate media with inane, violent invective unsubstantiated rhetoric completely unhinged, detached from reality. 

Justin is so out of control, whatever he says makes instant international headlines. All eyes are on this maniac. A mentally ill bully of the highest order.

What in the hell is going on in Canada?

Since 2020 the enemies of Canada according to this country are: Small business, children, nurses and truckers.

Only a population living in a bubble of comfort like government bureaucrats and corporate employees could think things are fine and probably even now have new found scorn for truckers who feed their sorry, lazy, scared asses.

Always remember. You had a chance to remove a malignant figure. This country should be moving in the direction of several other countries in shifting the narrative away from Covid fear mongering and attacking the unvaccinated.

Instead, Canadians chose to put this disaster back in power.

No real man votes Justin.

Unfortunately, unless there's some covert investigation linking Justin to corruption - as several journalists and books have linked him o - that could sink him, the only real option is for the NDP to signal they're ready to end this insanity for the health of Canada.

If we had a Parliament with integrity, maybe it could happen.

As it stands, we have gutless lunatics hooked on failed vaccines.

We're stuck.


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