A Permanent Stain Quebec Will Have To Accept

A good barometer to judge a society's maturity is it possesses self-awareness.

During the pandemic, Canada has emerged as one of the most cruel and restrictive countries in the world wallowing in an absurd vaccine obsessed vortex. Among its most zealous provinces, Quebec stands out as a purveyor of pandemic pandemonium. 

By far.

Already, prior to the pandemic the CAQ under Legault were making cultural and societal waves on the continent with laws like Bill 21. It didn't stop there. Legault has a malicious totalitarian streak in him and since 2018 the province has had to beat back his authoritarian tendencies. It seems like every other month, a piece of legislation more draconian than the last gets tabled by him.

He so badly wants to be a petty tyrant of a tin pot banana republic.

Of which Quebec is.

Since December 30, Quebec has taken foul Covid measures to new heights that can only be matched by a select few Western countries who have all but eradicated any modicum of democratic civil liberties. Second-rate countries like Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Belgium and Italy for example.

They not only failed to handle the pandemic with any thought to ethics and morality but they simply failed their nations; their people.

Canada is in this group. And as mentioned, Quebec holds a special black spot.

On that day, it was announced by The Grinch New Years was canceled (the only jurisdiction to do so in North America) and a curfew imposed as well as a lockdown. For those keeping score, that was Quebec's third lockdown and second curfew.

Then it was announced they were going to potentially introduce a vax tax and expand the passports.

All unique in Canada - and with NO epidemiological or scientific merit. Just manipulated data and good old fashioned scapegoating for a segment of the population who dared not obey. All punitive political nonsense.

Except, they pushed so hard (including irresponsibly pushing boosters on people who don't need it including those who recovered from reinfection and inexplicably attempting to get people to take a first dose! Which, again, makes no sense given the experimental vaccines are designed with a specific spike protein for the original strain long since extinct and had some modest effect on Delta. But Omicron may be displacing Delta and the antibodies produced by the boosters simply don't recognize it. Long story short, Quebec and Canada are going down a very dangerous path where infections will shoot back up, the vaccines may create a more virulent strain, and ADE can become real) that the rest of the continent noticed.

What do we have to show for all this? Along with wasted money and a fractured civil order, we're the worst performer in Canada, while Florida and Sweden free and open both, have better epidemiological outcomes.

Good job Francois Legault and media. You deserve a boatload of accolades for such success. An envy for the world. How no one copies us is a mystery. You should take your act on the road Francois to teach the world how to deal with a pandemic in a civilized and scientific manner.

Bah. Quebec has a special talent for making the rounds. 

So far we've been featured or mentioned on More, Rubin, Jones, Rogan, Tucker, and Russel Brand (who covered some Quebec star named Julie Snyder and her disgusting Nazi-esque propaganda using kids as props to spew hate on unvaccinated people) . These aren't small channels, shows or podcasts. These media groups and shows have tens of millions of viewers. 

Quebec needs to learn to get out of its own parochial bubble. Language doesn't shield them from their stupidity. If you act stupid, you will be mocked.

Naturally, Quebecers will fall back on the thin-skinned excuse of 'anti-Quebec' sentiment. 

But it's not.

It's anti-stupid sentiment.

And Quebec at the moment is acting stupidly. 

This province will not be able to overcome the reputation it has earned during this crisis. But look for the silver lining. There is one thing Quebec offers the world. It's teaching the West on NOT what to do during a challenging over blown crisis.

They wanted to politicize the pandemic, now they will have to pay whatever consequences that come of it.

Indeed, there will be consequences.

One may be an exodus. 


Quick word on corporate Canada.

You have proven yourselves to be enemy of the people.

The scenes I'm seeing from Costco and Wal-Mart aren't just shocking and disgusting as idiotic people show passports.

They're heartbreaking.

Now there are rumors Tim Hortons are denying services to truckers but I have to verify this.

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