Media Are Enemy Of The Truth; People

"Stop saying we're fake news and just accept our narratives and authority or else our democracy is damaged....because McDonald's and corporations and deplorables are against we the people!"

(Progressive) media logic in a nutshell.

I know it sounds like an exaggeration but it's what I've come to feel observing the headlines and hit pieces.

More than ever, the media is making clear where it stands on issues.

For example, they play along with the fabricated Russia story to maintain and anti-Trump narrative. We saw this under Reagan, Bush II and it's being played out again under Trump.

Or the misleading readers that Jordan Peterson is 'alt-right' because some in those ranks may like the guy.

And now we're seeing in the case of Tommy Robinson they're not going to defend freedom of speech. By constantly tagging - as they do with Trump supporters - as 'far right' you not only do a disservice to reporting the truth, you dishonour the people who are marching to support liberty. Some among the marchers may be liberals for all we know. It's destroying what's left of their tenuous credibility.

Personally, I do not trust a single word the NYT, WaPo and other legacy media outlets report. I read it as a monitor; a barometer of how reality gets distorted as they sell an agenda.

They did the same thing in Italy a few months back when people took to the streets to peacefully protest the immigration crisis. They came from all walks of life but that didn't stop the media from calling it a 'far right' protest. It wasn't and they lied.

It's irrelevant what you think of Robinson because there's a bigger, more troubling issue at play. The totalitarian manner in which the UK arrested him without due process and the subsequent gag order on the press by the Judge.

Robinson was arrested because of wrong think. He's reporting on Muslims behaving badly; a taboo subject among the gutless law & enforcement, political and media classes in Europe. By the logic of the government, they should be cracking down on the protestors since they support him or his right to free speech.

If this is not authoritarianism worth fighting against, I don't know what to think or say to those who disagree.

Good to see The Standard play its part. It's the most honesty, however unwitting, you'll get out of papers like theirs.

You're watching totalitarianism unfold before your eyes.

Lock in on it. Trust your instincts. The media is trying to cast doubt. Don't let them.

Trump was right. There is fake news. And we know who is engaging in it.


Robinson and people like him in Britain and here in North America, are simply exposing some disturbing occurrences in the West. Rotherham, for example, was an unconscionable act of cowardice shown by police, politicians and media all in the name of political correctness.

The raping of hundreds of children took a back seat to ensuring Muslims weren't offended. This is where Robinson enters the picture. That's what liberty is.

People will always seek the truth.

The media then portrays such people are 'riling up the xenophobes' when in fact, it's doing the job the media is supposed to be doing. They tell us Muslim immigration is no different than past immigration but I don't recall Italians, Jews, Irish and Poles raping kids. Or adhering to archaic religious traditions that are diametrically opposed to women and gay rights.

I'm not saying all Muslims act in such a manner, I'm just pointing out it's happening in their religion and not Christianity.

Back in the 1990s it was becoming apparent the gratuitous attacks on Christianity was going to morph into something uglier and manifest itself in new ways. While I didn't know it at the time, who would have thought the lengths the left would go to defend a religion other than Christianity?

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