Losing The Plot On Illegal Immigration

Always pay attention to shifting language for it's there you see many truths. A good place to see this unfold in real time is with climate change. Terminology shifts as needed to keep in line with the narrative. It's hardly scientific but more literature.

Same with American immigration.

Remember the shift from illegal aliens to 'undocumented workers'?

It was a semantic trompe d'oeil designed to downplay laws were being broken. It's all part of the conflation of anti-illegal immigration as being the same as being anti-immigration.

New terms absurdly include 'unauthorized immigration" or "undocumented citizen".

Dress it up all you want it's still illegal alien. 

Or that people entering America (and Canada) somehow needed a 'sanctuary city' as if our established laws were inhumane?

It's all so strange how people are advocating for the acceptance of ignoring existing immigration laws.

It's to the point they claim screening illegals for diseases is unfair or racist. Or the handing over of driver's licenses and free education to people who have not paid a single dime into the system. What happened to earning one's dues?

How is that responsible to the taxpaying citizens of the host country?

Few are saying "stop all immigration" - though the President as intimated in the past to temporarily stop immigration from certain countries but that's for the Muslim refugeee crisis which isn't part of the "illegal alien" calculus which is a different issue).

This isn't a moral question. The morality comes into play after the law has been broken and people have entered the country. What do then can be viewed as a moral one.

Before all that, however, it's a law & order one.

And the Americans better start showing integrity and dignity for their country's border and the laws that govern immigration.


  1. There's no such thing as an "illegal immigrant"
    ...either you immigrated here, or you've either overstayed your VISA or have managed to sneak in under the radar and shouldn't be here in the first place.

    With all the clinical and perfunctory procedures one goes through to be able to immigrate to another country (in essence, change their citizenship from being under one government to being under another) it's impossible to "not belong here" and still be an "immigrant"
    ...just can't happen.
    They're screwing with the terminology for the purpose of committing sophism. As usual ....

  2. Good point. As usual.


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