The UK And Its Messed Up Priorities

The UK let Alfie - an infant - starve to death. Mostly because he was costing the government too much money I reckon but also likely as a warning to the masses that NHS rules over them. If NHS deems a child to be incurable then, well, you must bow and accept their masters decision. You are not free to go abroad and seek second opinions because this would reflect poorly on the glory that is NHS.

But $45 million of tax dollars (Canada gifted them $50 000 of our tax dollars! All under the guise of 'tradition' you see) was spent on a Royal wedding on an illegitimate son (he does seem like a decent chap though) and a divorcee actress and all the Brits lined the streets to celebrate them.



As an aside, there were quite a few black people at the wedding. I wonder if they think white privilege is a thing. Or that 'white supremacy' is on the wane? Lol. 

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