What The Emergencies Act Did; Trump Was Right

Time and again we learn to never base decisions on lies, faulty premises and panic. The invoking of the Emergencies Act will perhaps go down as one of the dumbest decisions in Canadian political - and social - history. There was no justification for it on any grounds (and Justin making it about a non-confidence vote only adds to this fact) which makes one ask why was it done at all?

Has to be tied to the Digital ID plan which can then be turned into the social credit score. 

These things need to be done slowly and clandestinely. You distract Hansel and Gretel with candy before you cook them. 

You first soften people up with fear, get the used to soul crushing habits like mask wearing and passports, all along making sure they're told who to hate. Hint, not the government but truckers and the unvaccinated.

It's a game plan that isn't even a conspiracy and one in which the World Economic Forum is clearly behind  and making public.

We need to heed the threat.

The world is divided between globalists and populists. The former want a neo-feudalist society governed by a cabal of elites in global institutions like the UN and...WEF. People are to rescind their sovereignty in exchange for a 'safe' life where the powers that be will 'take care of them.

The latter are the people who wish to not partake in this game and scam which is essentially authoritarianism and totalitarianism at its most grotesque expression.

That's the point of why there was a truckers revolt. Or Brexit. Or the rise of Salvini (and now Meloni) and Trump. There's a friction between these two points and the populists represent a healthier multi-polar world.

By invoking the EA under such suspicious and ludicrous reasons, all Justin did was expose the plan. Chrystia 'Spazzland' Freeland was getting ahead of herself - almost giddy with maniacal conceit - when she was saying parts of whatever draconian financial measures she wanted made permanent.

Aside from the massive resistance, they didn't expect the Senate to do its job and protect Canada. Imagine how shady you must be when the Senate was concerned. 

So it was killed and this was a monumental miscalculation on the part of Justin and Chrystia. 

I can't stress enough that these two are anti-Canadian and pro-globalists.

Another miscalculation came by way of Jagmeet. By admitting he supported the EA because it would trigger a non-confidence vote, he essentially undermined not just the integrity of the NDP but the essence and spirt of Parliamentary politics. The vote was about the Act and not political survival.

So he may have sealed his fate here. And that would mean one less WEF student in the ranks to work against Canada.

Hopefully, the NDP base O'Toole Jagmeet and nominate a new leader. 

Another issue we need to deal with is the politics of emotion that is reaching a crescendo. This issue was a matter of law - and the Liberals have been delinquents for years now obliterating ethics and ignoring laws - and not emotions. That you think a honk is code for Heil Hitler is NOT an argument to invoke such an extraordinary measure with potentially lasting impacts on the nation.

This short-sighted 'feely' politics is poison to logic and proper governance.

One can hope whatever nefarious WEF demands Chrystia and Justin attempted to implement has been thwarted if not temporarily, for good. But Digital ID is the Holy Grail for the WEF. They need this to complete their conquering of the global population int order to subjugate them to a miserable existence.

Make no mistake about it, what Klaus Schwab is peddling is an assault on human nature and dignity.

He's just a quack. Problem is, a quack politicians listen to.

There's a war. They need Covid to keep going. The countries who maintain mandates are the ones most corrupted by WEF. Canada, Australia, Germany, France and New Zealand specifically.

We need to rid ourselves of the virus.

That being the World Economic Forum.


Trump was right all along about Putin and Russia and handed them perfectly.

He did it by a simple calculus of 'keep your enemy close' while giving them what they desire: Respect and praise.

That's what all that was about. Of course, the media- being the dullards they are - couldn't and wouldn't see this. 

But it kept Putin in check and pointed our attention to where it mattered: That China is the real enemy.

Now the West led by what has to be the most incompetent, inept and disastrous administration in history, has decided to antagonize Russia (as it's done for years). 

I won't get into details here but the idea of NATO courting Ukraine has always been a source of ire for Russia (and rightfully so since it violated treaties stipulating NATO would not do so. It's a little like if the Warsaw Pact would have tried to woo Canada during the Cold War. How would the USA have reacted to that?). Putin isn't a good guy but on this, he has a point and legitimate beef.

Add the fact there are Neo-Nazi elements in the Ukraine army and we have a tad problem.

One theory I came across that this is really about American bio-labs in Ukraine Russia (and China) see as a national security threat. This adds another element to this plot. Basically, the Russians are accusing the Americans for Covid-19. Again, not exactly an unreasonable charge knowing what we know that the virus was indeed man-made through gain of function research. Dr. Fauci, for his part, did the brilliant move of letting the research be done in China and the Wuhan lab that way if things went bad, he (and the U.S. government and media) would blame China.

This isn't confirmed but there it is.

Either way, Trump was wise to handle Putin the way he did like he did the leader of North Korea. You have to assuage egos. It doesn't mean you're corroborating. It means you're engaging in the timeless art of diplomacy.


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