Another Day In Bananada

When Justin said in the House of Commons his EA was in line with the Charter, anyone with a functional brain knew that was a lie and it was a matter of time it was going to be shown to be one. 

Chilling judgements from Canada: 

"Tamara Lich was compelled by the court today, and she thus "promised to leave Ottawa by vehicle and give up her advocacy of the protest".

Chris Barber was similarly compelled by the court. He said his “organizing days are over”. He was granted bail on Friday night, with the conditions being that he leave Ottawa within 24 hours, and that he never support the protest again. Barber is not permitted to support the protest verbally, on television or online. He will be under de facto house arrest "until his case winds through the criminal justice system".

Just to be clear: speech has been criminalized—with these "Emergency Measures" that Trudeau swore would not impinge on Canadians' rights and freedoms as protected by the Charter. Trudeau—as usual—has lied once again, and is violating the law again, with the aid of a kangaroo court. The right to speak out is protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the Emergency Measures Act does not cancel out the Charter."

I hope you all understand you're now living in a totalitarian state that fabricated an emergencyto usurp our fundamental rights. This is not about truckers. Get that out of your heads.

Like with Trump, people are shooting the messenger with the truckers and not listening to the damn message. 

The vaccine mandates are outdated, Pointless. The vaccines are not safe and effective and moving forward not likely to do much more. So we're losing our rights for a fabricate emergency AND mandates that should have been lifted! 

Folks, you're living in a banana republic. Once again, the courts are showing themselves to not be defenders of the Charter, police as nothing but tools of tyranny and the media irreparably corrupted and compromised while the medical and scientific class has lost a significant amount of credibility and trust.

Honestly, I don't know how long before they come after online sites. It's what they've been salivating at the mouth like rabid lunatics for some time now.

Canada is in a very bad place. 


Here's how Justin deceived the Canadian population. He dehumanized the unvaccinated. So any protestations from them was going to be met with little sympathy from people who bought into the hate speech. So when the convoy happened, it was very easy for Justin to whip up hate for them because all fools saw was 'anti-vaxx' and they couldn't see the bigger message and the fact martial law was imposed not hem when there was really no emergency. 

This has nothing to do with truckers and Covid.

There's something more sinister in play.

I'm not so sure it's the play of s very stupid snd incompetent individual.

I hope it is.


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