Quebec: No, It Was Not The Same In Other Places

Quebecers, being parochial with a dash of misplaced arrogance, don't seem to be paying close attention to how other jurisdictions on the continent have behaved since 2020.

There have been heavy-handed measures from blue states like New York, New Jersey, California, Oregon, Hawaii, and Washington but for the most part the United States has reverted back to a state of normalcy to some degree. A few red states as early as August of 2020 and a majority by 2021. Those leading states were South Dakota, Georgia, Texas, Tennessee and Florida. Still more like South Carolina, New Hampshire, Montana, Idaho, Iowa, and Wyoming. 

None of those states surpassed Quebec. One can assert maybe Hawaii and Washington are on par. But that's it. 

As for the provinces, one has to simply line up the measures to see how Quebec stands out.

Here's what Quebec has done other provinces avoided:

-Give police power to enter homes during the first lockdown. This has not been lifted. No other province did this.

-Impose two curfews. First time in Canadian history. No other province did this.

-Impose three lockdowns. More than any other province.

-Longest overall mask blanket mandate.

-Longest running passport expanded into big box stores. No province did this.

-Attempted a 'vax-tax'. No other province attempted this.

-Is now considering adding a 3rd dose mandate to passports. 

-Spending money on harassing citizens into getting a first dose. You read that correctly. 

No other province has done or is doing this.

Quebec is by far the most restricted and has done Justin Trudeau proud.

And what did we get for it? Better services? A reduction in mortality? Did it solve anything?

Of course not. Our numbers remain the worst among big provinces. When compared to Florida, Sweden and Ontario - Quebec is a complete failure. Not only do we have the dubious distinction (distinct society indeed) of having excessive restrictions, those measures have not resulted in better outcomes.

And they can never prove otherwise.


Since August of 2021, it's been a disgusting and endless series of press conferences pounding the population into submission with constant negativity. This has not subsided as this past week the government announced they want more restrictions for another 'wave'! Moreover, once again fearing overwhelming the system. Only this time they say it will be with the kids - which is total and utter bull shit. We already saw this plot play out in the United States. Covid is not threatening the system. Even as I write this hospitalizations and cases are collapsing. Which once again brings up the point, what exactly Legault done to bolster the system? Mr. Businessman has done nothing. A true leader and 'adequate' businessman projects and takes action. Did you see this other than him assaulting nurses and wasting time with passports because he's unhealthily obsessed with the experimental vaccines? 

This incompetent government is just being punitive and hysterical. They're further depressing the population for no damn good reason. They're being, well, assholes.

This while other jurisdictions in the West are ending measures! NO ONE is talking about waves. They're all talking about learning to live with it.

And judging by his ridiculous rhetoric this week, he's not getting the message. 

He's going to have to learn the hard way. Legault has a hard time reading the room. We're gonna have to teach him how to read.

No. It wasn't the same elsewhere. Quebec was the worst. And have nothing to show for it. 

Own it.

Saskatchewan and Alberta have announced plans to end all mandates. It's a matter of time B.C. and Manitoba follow. Ontario is now talking ending the passports. 

Once again, Quebec will be last. They were first in and will be last out. 

Francois Legault gets an  MINUS F.


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