Word To David Lametti: I'd Worry

 It appears Justin's lunacy can spread like a virus.

If you are weak you are vulnerable to his psychopathy.

Enter David Lametti.

In an interview on CTV News, when asked about going after people for donating to the truckers, he said 'I'd worry'.

A more blatant act of aggression and violence upon a free people I've never seen in Canada.

If this is the prevailing psychological mindset in the Liberal party, we're in a very bad place. This is precisely how the purges of Stalinist Russia operated.

Notice how it was to end the 'illegal blockades' and coyly shifted to going after people for engaging in a LEGAL activity (until Justin declared it illegal like a tin pot loser that he is).

These people sicken me. I despise them.

Lametti looks like the little rat who would turn on Anne Frank.

May God have mercy on his shameless soul. 

I'd worry David. This can't possibly end well for your stupid, shallow, pathetic career. 

You ARE a Nazi. Don't you get it?

1 comment:

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