We Need To Talk About The World Economic Forum And Its Influence On Canada

 I've refrained from delving into whether or not the WEF under this weirdo Klaus Schwab has any real influence on and in Canada.

While I've dabbled around it at the periphery preferring to let people with better investigative abilities deal with it, I think it's time to face right before us.

That the WEF does seem to control Justin Trudeau. Chrystia Freeland and Jagmeet Singh. The evidence is all over and staring right in our faces. All the buzz phrases of 'the great reset' and 'build back better' are not conspiratorial imaginings but objectives clearly stipulated in books like The Great Reset and now The Great Narrative. 

I read parts of the former (thinking it was too idealistic and sophomoric to read fully) and currently reading the latter. 

In a nutshell, they want a new-feudalist world. Simple as that. 

Back in January of 2020 a member of the WEF named Benoit declared 'capitalism to be dead. Soon after,  German whack job Angela Merkel echoed the same sentiment. 

It was time to reimagine the world and the pandemic gave them the perfect opportunity to unveil and execute a plan they have been working on since at least the 1970s when Schwab founded the WEF in 1972. 

At this point, all I can do is invite Canadians to look into this. We can no longer afford to ignore this possibility. 

In an interview last year, Schwab bragged he had infiltrated at least half of the Canadian cabinet. The other day an MP asked in the House of Commons about the WEF and whether it in fact has done so. Mysteriously, the audio went out and the question was not answered. Look it up.

Back in 2020, there was an alleged 'Liberal Leak' that emerged revealing what was in store for Canadians. It was declared a fake but I've been monitoring events unfold here and it's disturbing to see the tenets of the leak have come to pass including the Emergencies Act. The end point is UBI and a social credit system. 

In other words, subjugation of the Canadians people to a Chinese style of existence.

The WEF, through its conferences and declarations - one of its most infamous slogans is 'you will own nothing and be happy' - makes it no secret of its admiration for China betting the future global network belongs to China.

Indeed, the United States is the final destination of this war with Canada having been chosen as the place to soften the blow. 

I don't know if it's true but it sure looks, sounds and feels that way.

There is a war.

A war for liberty. Do you not see the propaganda against the truckers? The articles talking about how dangerous freedom is and how obedience is a virtue?

They're playing the Canadian people who are simply not accustomed to being at the centre of such intrigue. A simple and apathetic population was the perfect target.

I have no idea where we go from here. I've tried since the day Trudeau was elected to point out he was setting a charted course for this country that we will all regret.

To no avail of course as he's been elected a stunning three times. 

At this point, the only way Canadians will learn is when they get hurt. Right now, 'icky truckers' are comforting distraction but the purge will come for us all if we do not become vigilant.

An emergency was declared where there is none. We should then ask, then why?

It is not because honking is code for Heil Hitler as one stupendously stupid MP from Ontario said in Parliament about to break down in tears. Showing once again the mentally ill run amok. 

No one with of sound mind and with a properly calibrated moral and intellectual compass could believe such racist poppycock. If you see this but through the prism of race (it's worth noting there were Sikh and blacker truckers involved), then by definition you are the racist.

The point and concern is the WEF needs Canada's economy to collapse. Everything the Liberals are doing seems to be geared toward accomplishing this goal and objective.

Then, it can come in with the 'solutions'. 

The people bought the Covid hysteria and all the lies and non-science superstition that came with it. They now blindly view truckers as a threat. In both cases, they've given up civil liberties (indeed some have become hostile to the very idea of defending civil liberties) for 'security'.

Now the consequence of this is the end game the WEF wants to implement.

The world is now a fight between globalist elites and populists in an increasingly multi-polar world. The globalists have enormous power and wealth and represent a tiny fraction of the world's population. The people are the populists. Not the enemy.

What you saw with Salvini, Brexit and Trump wasn't a threat.

It was our salvation. 

The media inverted this reality.

I don't believe the globalists will prevail. Mother Nature is already spitting in their faces with the man-made virus. People have become aware of their plans and are mobilizing. There will be patriots. They are now seen as enemies but time will vindicate them.

Become the patriot.

Go and read and research it. You will not see any of this in the news because the news is falsified propaganda designed to keep you in fear and ignorance. They can not have an awakened population.


It's that straight forward.

That's what the Emergencies Act is all about.

Are you ready to accept this and fight?

It won't take much.

Stop watching MSM and blindly and uncritically buying their lies. They work for the globalists. Shift your support to the people. The men and women who want nothing more than a restoration of community, country and God.

They want you to believe in yourself. To believe in each other. To not be divided. The division serves as a diversion for their plans. Be united. That's all it takes. 

Just say no.

Be Canadian.

Be sovereign.

Be free.


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