Something VERY Rotten In Canada

This will be brief.

Three very troubling developments here.

1) Obviously the inexplicable invoking of the Emergencies Act. People of the world. There is no emergency. The truckers pose no threat to national security. Critical roads are open and the honking (sigh, yes Canadian Covidians complain about honking) has ceased. The military, for now, has declined to get involved. There was no reason to do this. But we have a petty tyrant who seems bent on dividing Canadians and weakening our institutions while essentially breaking the law. This was a pure political power move. Do Canadians not see this?

2) Parliament defeated a motion by the Conservatives to begin the process of ending the mandates. The vote went along, not surprisingly along party lines with the utterly despicable NDP once again supporting a lawless Liberal party driven by politics and NOT science.

3) Speaking od science, Liberal MPs are getting up in the House of Commons and flat out lying to Canadians. They're making preposterous and unsubstantiated claims about vaccinations (e.g. halting the spread) and mandates working (if b working you mean punitive and coercive). 

This conditions Canadians to believe unethical, unscientific and illegal mandates work. Which they do NOT as multiple studies have shown. Mandates have little impact on mortality. We're but one week removed from a Johns Hopkins University publishing the most recent of such studies showing a .2% impact on mortality.

Does that sound like a good trade-off to you?

The country is now in a 7 day dictatorship with a Federal government seemingly disinterested in moving the country forward punch drunk mad on power driven by lies and incoherence. 

Justin Trudeau has led Canada down one of its darkest path in our history.

He must somehow be removed.


For those of you who can my advice is LEAVE Canada.

And never look back.

We plan to do so as well but it will take time and effort as we're not in a position to just up and leave. But escape Canada one day we will. There is simply no sense of urgency or concern here about what's happening. The courts, police, academia, media - all collaborators and complicit with this idiotic government under this lunatic. 


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